Friday, May 29, 2009

Open Silicon Valley June 13th

Man and woman are social beings. Some just have an innate talent with social media tools over the Internet. Others feel inept, apathetic, or overwhelmed with them. Meet with those who want to share with you a natural fit for success with social media at the Open Forum 2009 Summit June 13th in Mountain View, California at the Computer History Museum, 1401 N. Shoreline Blvd.

Join the networking areas on Facebook and Linkedin. Use the registration link to sign up now. Follow on Twitter at

Conference registration right now well worth $55 includes:

* Access to Keynotes

* Access to world-class professional development workshops & panels, covered in three parallel tracks

* Access to networking sessions with global business leaders

* A three-course, delectable lunch buffet

Check out the full agenda.

Social media causes every entity to cross lines we think we cannot cross. It breaks down categorization of companies, people, and ideas. It opens new worlds of possibilities. You're a natural. See you at Open Forum 2009 Summit June 13th.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Valdi Talks to His Car Via SpeechPhone

Valdi Tchakalsky of SpeechPhone, who provide soip, mandi live, virtual receptionist and international DID coverage, gives a live demonstration of the power of Speechphone. I start the conversation off with a silly suggestion that of course, SpeechPhone is already on! Speechphone gave demos at the DIDXchange booth at CTIA Wireless 2009 in Las Vegas. We are extremely proud of all DIDX telephony service provider members!

Web pages to see more:

Virtual Assistant



More demonstrations

By the way, they have the best bike phone around that comes in handy you wear on your ear (bluetooth), not too big or too small, great sound quality, still can hear everything around you and be quite safe.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tunnel-vision Customer Service and Sales

I laugh so much when I watch some of these FoneJacker movies, but the thing this showcases so well is how each of us in just about any company any where in the world can get in a rut. We think there is only one way to do business, and our way is the right way. We try to sell our product and services and do not listen to the customer. We develop business as if we have no audience who might want to interact, like we are really just developing business with ourselves.

Criticism is hard to take, but it can turn us around into a new and better direction. I receive questions about the way our company does business, where we're all from (Mexico, Pakistan, UAE, and the DEEP SOUTH), the way our ESOL employees write and speak English*, and how our services work, and I'm glad I do.

* I have never received criticism as to how I speak and write Urdu/Hindi.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Buenaventura, Buga, Cartago, Palmira and Tulua, DID de Colombia en DIDX

Buenaventura, Buga, Cartago, Palmira and Tulua, DID de Colombia en DIDX...

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Feel Clueless about Twitter?

Several have asked me how to use Twitter. I'm no expert, okay? But Twitter is appealing to at least three learning styles with information of how to use Twitter with video, audio, and text. Watch the Twitter demonstration video at

1. Set up an account.
2. Decide on and type your message.
3. Find people to follow.
4. Adjust your settings.
5. You can choose to receive Tweets on your cell phone (SMS). You can read and write Tweets on your computer or on the data side of your cell phone. Keep in mind that Twitter does not charge for text messages, but your wireless provider probably does.
6. Customize the appearance of your Twitter profile.
7. You can upload photos and use third party tools to do all kinds of things with Twitter.
8. Check out Trending Topics and use the search option with keywords of your interest.
9. Interested in creating your own app? All these apps were built using their easy-to-learn API.

I am one of the least experience in Tweetism etiquette and language, so don't see me as a mentor, but I do enjoy reading my network's Tweets and at least once per week, Tweet my own thoughts, recommendations, service collaborations offered, and more. Hey, President Barack Obama announced his VP selection via Twitter!

Closing your VoIP Company, Have Some Integrity

FCC says VoIP companies cannot just shut down without reasonable notice. Many are angry about this, believing this is just one more instance where a government department is interfering with the public Internet and entrepreneurship in general, but a quality company, whether VoIP-related or not should do the right thing when they know they have to go out of business; give a notice and even better, help their wholesale and retail clients through the transition as in for example, LNP.

Examples are Digilinea suddenly was not available via phone, email or any method of communication. They appeared to be such a strong company. They had an excellent customer service team. Something must have gone wrong, but when they "disappeared" with no notice, it hurt a few dozen thousand wholesale clients and millions of end-users. There are other companies who have done almost the same, and when we, the IP communications industry tried to port their numbers to other qualified providers, they were not helpful and in some cases, threatened all of us. WT hmm... O?

A company who did the right thing was I3 Networks. Their CEO informed everyone with plenty of advance notice and did everything he could to help all clients to have the smoothest transition possible when it had to close shop. That's integrity.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You are One Heck of Character

Share it with the world and the 140 characters conference, one of the coolest ideas Jeff Pulver has invented. Find easy to follow directions for the contest on the 140 characters conference website.

Jeff and the other characters are looking for inspired people to create video clips that says to anyone who watches the video that “I am a Character.”

Please be sure to mention the 140 Characters Conference in your submission, as they believe the 140 Characters Conference is a great place for others to get to know the character known as YOU. (You might also want to reference twitter in your video.)

To get started, record your video clip (or episode of your Internet TV Show) and then Submit your Contest Entry and be sure to include a link to 140 Character Conference ( in the show’s notes.

tweet the entry (including #140conf) before 11:59PM (ET) on May 29, 2009, and you’ll be entered into the contest.

Winners will be announced around June 2nd and they expect all of the winners will make it a point to attend the 140 Character Conference June 16-17 in New York City. (Winning prizes are not transferable.)

GRAND PRIZE: VIP Access to 140 Characters Conference + Round Trip transportation from any jetBlue or Virgin America city to NYC. (up to US $2,000 value)

SECOND PRIZE: VIP Access to 140 Characters Conference (US$ 1,200 value)

THIRD PRIZE: Full Conference Access to 140 Characters Conference (US$ 900 value)

For more information, please see the “Contest Rules” page.

So, I know that out of 12,500+ DIDX members, the 1000s more who read my TMCNET blog, and over a 1000 in my Facebook network will read this and I want you to know that I believe each of you is a character and what better way to inspire others than to enter the "I am a Character" contest. You're from at least 170 nations, all types of beautiful, inspiring characters. Hey! Do it!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Less than 3 Minutes, BlinkMind Customer Service Fast

... You can join their Facebook group to find out more and read my review on TMCNET.

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Jumping Jack Flash, Is Adobe Open-Sourcing?

BTW, check out an old comparison of flashplayers, and is it true, that Adobe really is open-sourcing flash?

Keep singing, Robbie...

I was born in a cross-fire hurricane
And I howled at my ma in the driving rain,
But it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas!
But it's all right. I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash,
It's a gas! Gas! Gas!

I was raised by a toothless, bearded hag,
I was schooled with a strap right across my back,
But it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas!
But it's all right, I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash,
It's a gas! Gas! Gas!

I was drowned, I was washed up and left for dead.
I fell down to my feet and I saw they bled.
I frowned at the crumbs of a crust of bread.
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I was crowned with a spike right thru my head
But it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas!
But it's all right, I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash,
It's a gas! Gas! Gas!

Jumping Jack Flash, its a gas
Jumping Jack Flash, its a gas
Jumping Jack Flash, its a gas
Jumping Jack Flash, its a gas
Jumping Jack Flash

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Protect Children from OR in Cyber Space?

Dozens of bloggers, young and old, have responded with their ideas about ITU's World Telecommunications and Information Society Day's theme, "Protecting Children in Cyberspace" via video, after our company Super Technologies, Inc. invited them to do so! I'd like to thank Jehan Ara, president of PASHA, for helping me get the word out. We're showcasing a few here...

Even I toggled between "Protect children from cyber space," like the gentleman at and "Protect children in cyber space." But much good collaboration takes place on the Internet where young people can gain important career skills and social networks quite safely. At the same time, there are some people who use the Internet in ways that may harm others, especially children, adults toward and even children toward children. The latter usually involves net bullying. A pretty serious topic itself! (Mohammad Nawaz is a technology consultant and blogger.)

The young lady at emphasizes to teach parents first and secondly the children about the Internet. But what? First, help children to understand that they are not anonymous while surfing the Internet. Whatever they share publicly on the Internet... is public. Potential Internet predators search for as much information as they can about the "victim" they have interest in. Parents need to keep the lines of communication open so that children can talk to them about what happens when they are using the Internet. (Farihan Akhtar, she's the one whose been active with Live Blogging at various events these young men and women in total have participated in recently.)

The gentleman with the glasses like mine shares on the home computer should be in a location where all family members can view it at the same time even, if they wish. He says parents should talk to their children. (Jamal Ashiqain is a photographer, blogger, and active socialite.)

At, you will hear the young man discuss the fact that With new social media, there is an opportunity to interact with adults and young people all over the world for meaningful, positive, safe communications, but there is also a potential for harm to children. Parents should become familiar with using technology and social media themselves. (Anmar Yasir is co-founder of

The Internet is a common place for seeking education and information, but many children have too much freedom with says the blogger at (Munir Usman owns a small software development firm.)

Start a campaign in the schools where teachers, parents and children learn how to become aware of how the Internet can be used says this guy at (Talha Izhar owns a software development firm.)

Anyone can participate in this particular discussion of how to protect children in cyberspace by creating a video and uploading it to or and tag it with World Telecom Day, Protecting children in cyberspace and not just on May 17, 2009, but anytime.

And thanks... Jehan very much for showing us the site that does a pretty good job of sharing information, awareness and tips on this topic.

All videos will be added in a special playlist on Viddler, Youtube and

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Typo in Email about Cluecon, Make up with Party!

Suzanne apologizes for the typo on the announcement sent to Super Technologies' DIDX and Virtualphoneline members on May 15, 2009. Please look for a new email with correction this weekend.

Suzanne takes the blame for the typo on the email. She says she will make up for this by sponsoring a party the first night of Cluecon with plenty of pizza, beer and soda. Check your email and call +1-877-742-2583. Give your account number with Super Technologies and mention Suzanne and Rehan sent you. The venue is Aug. 4-6, 2009 at the Wyndham Hotel, Chicago, Ill.

ClueCon - is an annual 3-Day Telephony User and Developer Conference bringing together the entire spectrum of Telephony from TDM circuits to VoIP and everything in between. The presentations and discussions will cover several open source telephony applications such as Asterisk/Callweaver, OpenSIPS/Kamailio (formerly OpenSER), Bayonne, YATE and FreeSWITCH. Other great projects that will be discussed include OPAL and Woomera. DIDXchange is a media partner for Cluecon 2009 and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to participate!

We Want You to be a Part of the Video Archive to Protect Children in CyberSpace

Super Technologies, Inc. and several of its industry friends in Pakistan, India and the USA invite you to participate in ITU's World Telecom Day with the very important theme of Protecting Children in Cyberspace in a unique manner that will last for decades, online video. The invitation video is at and blog directions at

We are looking for those who are participating in World Telecom Day in Islamabad and other cities in the world to record video of themselves, the Ministry, their government officials, other companies, families, parents, entrepreneurs, and other individuals about Protecting Children in Cyberspace and then post the videos to or and be sure to tag the videos like this: world telecom day, protecting children in cyberspace. Let us know at or via comment at the Youtube video invitation, what you do so that we can publicize further via blogs and press release.

May 17 is World Telecom Day, but we can continue through May and onward. Let's work together!

Fring and Symbian,, Twitter, and iPhone iPod Touch

Let me share some new fring versions. Several of this blog's readers use Fring and others are interested, so...

Symbian version 3.37: Following users requests and feedbacks, a new & smoother fring.

New fringAdd–on takes music social.

Twitter 2.0 for Windows Mobile & Symbian devices – taking Twitter mobile s just gotten even easier

iPhone iPod touch new version with Always–on add–on makes sure you will be there for your friends, always!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Credit Atiq Rehman with Neologism 'multichannel netvertizing'

Dear Atiq Rehman of Ecommerce Gateway who produce and manage 15 global conferences and exhibitions including the world celebrated ITCN Asia where 40,000 - 70,000 attendees mix with 125 exhibitors,

As an ex-English teacher, I love playing with words and combinations of words (also known as neologisms) in any language, and 'multichannel netvertizing' is a good one you created and shared with us today on email. We can't wait to start promoting ITCN Asia. Past ITCN Asia events have given many wonderful lifetime memories and business relationships.
Check Youtube...
18 videos created by me and others at the 2007 and 2008 event showcasing university technical and medical studies and inventions, Sami Ullah on call forwarding services, Jehan Ara's inspiration for Internet start-ups; Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Urdu; switching from not so lucrative termination to very lucrative and empowering origination, Nortel's Aadil on Being Green, and more.

Meeting face to face at an event like ITCN Asia is worth the travel cost,
Suzanne Bowen

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Completely Standing Beside Myself

Wasn't it Apu from the Simpsons who said, "I'm completely standing beside myself"?

I laugh, but it is one of the hardest things in the world for me to stand beside or outside of myself. Isn't that what makes us human beings different from the rest of mammals?

My parents asked me on Facebook, why do I have so many Pakistanis and Israelis in my network?

I checked to see if it's true, and yes, out of around 1200 in my network, which I value the quality of and not the quantity, the three top areas in my network are Pakistani, Israeli, and Silicon Valley. Why? Does it matter?

I remember in 1994, I first heard about the Macarena dance from a Pakistani girl who I had made friends with on the Internet. It became popular in the United States around 1997. Everyone who knows me, knows I love to dance. I want to thank her.

In 1995, I met a few Israelis over the net who showed me the Internet Phone by Vocaltec. The base of the Internet Phone, the invention of Alon Cohen and Lior Haramaty, was something named the "Audio Transceiver". It managed the dynamic jitter buffer that was critical for achieving adaptive lower possible audio latency along with handling packet loss, packet re-ordering, and receiver transmitter sample rate adjustments. I used this on my Tandy in the middle school classroom in Century, Florida where I taught English, Civics and Internet Research. We used this to realize the importance of speaking standard English with those who speak English as a second language. I want to thank Alon and Lior.

In 1997, I believe that's the correct date, I traveled to Karachi, Pakistan to see Rehan Ahmed marry Saima. He would soon become my business partner in which we would start up Super Technologies, Inc. in 1999. The wedding dress was red. The bride was a Barbie doll. The family and wedding guests were warm and welcoming to me. I was thrilled to be able to be a part of this beautiful event. I want to thank the families of Rehan and Saima.

Today, I do have friends, family, business partners, suppliers, clients and colleagues all over EARTH, and many times some of them are a combination of several of the above. I am a very lucky lady to have so many to think with, work with, laugh with, cry with, invent with, and grow with from Pakistan, Israel, Silicon Valley and about 170 nations in the world especially because of our world communications changemaker called DIDX.

Everything that I have ever accomplished is because of the diversity of my global circle, one of quality. I want to thank you all and ask you and myself to not judge anyone on the basis of nationality, religion, ethnicity, life style, hair color, skin color, hair length, financial status, education level, technical knowledge, and other what you might call characteristics or idiosyncrasies.

I bring up hair length because I recently cut most of my hair off, so that it is shorter even than my husband's. It will grow back but meanwhile I am experiencing the world from a different view, outside of myself. The stories I could share of the prejudice that some people feel against women with short hair, would raise the hair on your arms. ;-) Aw, it's lovely.

To me, to you: Stand beside. Stand outside. See what it's like. Don't be afraid.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

DIDX Wholesale Clients Need Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa Phone Numbers

Yes! It's a double-post, but we want to make sure to get the word out.

DIDX clients need Alaska, Hawaii and Iowa DID available to buy this week. See for more information.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

GulfTel will redirect to CenturyTel June 1, 2009

Beginning June 1, 2009, will be redirected to GulfTel location is in Foley, Alabama, not too far from Pensacola, Florida.

CenturyTel offers high-speed Internet, digital television, voice, bundles and more. The voice component gives the option to leverage existing data network and phone systems with IP-Based solutions, hosted voice, and choices of long distance calling.

I'm looking forward to getting together with some of the group in the south Alabama area at a future monthly workshop or ITEN WIRED summit or meeting. Is ITENWIRED down? It's not loading today as of 10 AM CST May 11, 2009.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Free e-Book: How Peers are Tackling the Questions that Matter Now

On The Hotseat: How Your Peers Are Tackling the Questions That Matter Now!

Sage has introduced an eBook, On the Hotseat: How Your Peers Are Tackling the Questions That Matter Now. Developed with FORTUNE magazine and Time Inc. Research & Insights, On the Hotseat uncovers the issues businesses, like yours, are experiencing with their software, offering solutions to simplify processes and drive growth.

This timely guide can help your company avoid common pitfalls by simplifying processes with a single software platform.

FREE Ticket to the ITEXPO when you download TODAY!
Download this free informative e-book today and you could go to the ITEXPO on us.

It only takes a minute and you'll be automotically registered to win your ticket to the ITEXPO, a $1,895 value. A winner will be selected every week in May.

The ITEXPO is the World's leading communications conference held September 1-3, 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA.

How your peers are tackling the questions that matter now?

Download this FREE e-book now.

Remember, every week in May, a drawing will be held for a free full ITEXPO West 2009 conference pass will be given away by TMCnet. You enter by downloading the e-Book.
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Thursday, May 07, 2009

4G is a Popular Item, Want to Exhibit, Speak, Sponsor?

4G World is set for Sept 15-18, 2009. The YankeeGroup and Trendsmedia is quite busy making sure that exhibitors are prepared and planning for success. I just received a comprehensive update for exhibitors. To sign up to exhibit your services and products, register at 4G World. If you are already signed up for a booth, read on to make it a success and get the best ROI!

Exhibitor Newsletter - May 7, 2009
Dear 4G World 2009 Exhibitor:
Welcome to Trendsmedia's 4G World 2009 Exhibitor Newsletters. In these newsletters we will update you on some of the upcoming deadlines and provide you with show updates and news about special events. See below and note KEY UPCOMING DEADLINES, READ BELOW AND $AVE!

General Updates
Exhibitor Manual: Your manual will be sent to you by June 1, 2009 by our Official Show Decorator.

Logo Submission: Please provide Erin with a high resolution version of your company logo. The preferred logo format is an .eps file with all fonts outlined. If the logo was not created as a vector image, a .tif file saved at 300 dpi is also acceptable. Please avoid jpgs or other files with compression.
Expo Floor Plan: The expo hall floor plan is updated frequently and can be found on our Event Website, in the ‘For Exhibitors’ section. Please contact Erin Healey,, with any questions.

For Exhibitors (informational web page): The YankeeGroup and Trendsmedia have created a web page specifically for its sponsors and exhibitors. This is a “one stop shop” for all information that its clients will need to ensure a successful event.
• Website:

Program Updates
4G WorldTM is the first conference and expo covering the entire landscape of next generation mobile networks including anywhere Internet access, mobile content, applications and transactions. To reflect the scope of the 4G ecosystem, WiMAX WorldTM, Mobile Internet WorldTM, and the 15th Annual International Symposium of the Wireless Communications Association International (WCAI) will be co-located at 4G WorldTM.

4G WorldTM will feature keynote presentations from industry leading 4G network operators who will examine the business and technical challenges of 4G network evolution, including the roles of mobile WiMAX, WiFi, HSPA and LTE technologies, and the rollout of new services and applications. Senior executives from leading network technology and software vendors, as well as other independent experts, will also present their views on the current state and future of 4G and the mobile Internet. Additional information is available at

WiMAX World
Mobile Internet World
4G Femtocell and Picocell Network Summit
4G Network Backhaul Summit
GDC Wireless Broadband in Emerging Markets Summit
WCAI Broadband and Wireless Policy Summit
WiMAX & LTE Certified Training
175 thought leading speakers
250+ Exhibitors

High Profile Sponsor & Exhibitor Opportunities
The 4G World 2009 exhibition will showcase hundreds of companies, products and services serving the emerging 4G and mobile internet ecosystem. Over 8,000 qualified buyers will attend and will be looking specifically to develop new relationships and evaluate new products and solutions. If you are looking to differentiate your company and help extend your messaging and visibility throughout the event, and to the entire 4G World audience we have developed a number of high profile opportunities for you. Take advantage of these excellent branding opportunities to maximize your investment and exposure at the event.

Remaining opportunities include:
- Official Evening Reception Sponsorship - Exclusive
- Power Breakfast Sponsorships - (2) available
- VIP Attendee Lounge Sponsorship - Exclusive
- Official Registration Sponsorship - Exclusive
- Solutions Theatre Presentation - Limited Opportunity
- Official Show Guide Ad (Full page) - Limited Opportunity
- Corporate Banner Hanging - Limited Opportunity
- Sponsored Meter Boards
- Private Meeting Rooms - Available Upon Request
..............and much more.

For more details on any package, or to discuss custom options, please see your original event prospectus or contact John Sellazzo, VP of Sales & Business Development at or 1-617-259-2316.

Official Show Decorator – Champion Exhibit Services
To support your needs for exhibiting and shipping your freight to WiMAX World 2008, we have contracted with Champion. Please contact Exhibitor Services Department (1-508-923-5200).
Champion Exposition Services
139 Campanelli Dr.
Middleboro, MA 02346
Tel: 800 723-1123
Outside U.S.: 001 508-923-5200
Fax: 508-946-1019
Exhibitor Services Department

Please note that key deadlines are coming up. Here are some additional guidelines and information based on questions that we have been receiving from our exhibitors to date:
Please note that you ordered floor space only. No separations, electricity or cleaning are included in this rate. All these services must be ordered additionally and are charged separately. If you do not intend on bringing your own booth, then you must contact our exhibitor to arrange for a standard booth setup.

If you need Electricity at your booth, you must ordered it through your exhibitor manual.

On move-in, there are strict end times of 6pm. If you need to arrange for additional time, you will need to coordinate this with our decorator directly (additional charges may apply).

Carpet is mandatory and an order must be placed for it through our decorator. If you plan on bringing your own carpet, please be sure to send a written credible fire-proof certificate to our decorator.

Please place your orders through Champion before August 31, or additional surcharges will apply.

Hotel Information
Hyatt Regency McCormick Place Chicago
2233 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.
Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: (800) 233-1234 or (312) 567-1234

As a 4G World Conference & Expo participant, you can take advantage of a specially discounted nightly hotel rate of $259 single room. You must indicate your affiliation with 4G World, Mobile Internet World or WiMAX World, when making reservations.

Availability is limited so please book your hotel reservations early. We cannot guarantee these rooms will not sell out, or that this special rate will be available for long. Early departure fees or no-show fees may apply; please inquire when making reservations.

Important Deadlines
Exhibitor/Sponsor Branding Materials – Deadline – 1 week after contract is signed
Once your signed contract has been received, please send your company logo (hi res eps formats), write up, and hotlink to be posted on our event website to promote your participation at 4G World 2009. Send these items to Erin Healey at

Logo Specs:
Please provide me with a hig resolutions version of your company logo. The preferred logo format is an .eps file with all fonts outlined. If the logo was not created as a vector image, a .tif file saved at 300 dpi is also acceptable. Please avoid jpgs or other files with compression.

Corporate Descriptions: Strictly adhere to the counts below or you will be asked to resubmit!
• Corporate Host: 100 words max
• Premier: 100 words max
• Platinum: 100 words max
• Gold: 50 words max
• Contributing Sponsor: 30 words max
• Exhibitor: 30 words max

Please send the url that you would like your logo to link to from our sponsor site
Note: this will also be the url included in your show guide listing

Meeting Maker Categories – Deadline – 1 week after contract is signed.

The 4G World Attendee Scheduling System has been designed to help attendees determine which solution providers they would like to maximize direct time with while at the event, to allow attendees and sponsors/exhibitors to interact prior to the event, and to schedule direct (face to face) meetings. By participating for this networking and meeting scheduling service, you will enable your company to pre-schedule appointments directly with qualified 4G World 2009 attendees with a contact and scheduling tool developed through our 4G World registration system.

Please choose up to 5 categories in which you can list your company as a solution provider, to further help attendees:
• Antenna’s
• Backhaul Solutions
• Base Stations / Towers
• Billing / OSS
• Carrier / Operator
• Chips / Chip sets
• Components
• Consulting
• Distributor
• Equipment Manufacturer - Mobile Devices
• Power
• Research
• Security
• Semiconductors
• Service Provider
• Site Management / Operations / Services
• Spectrum
• Software
• Systems Integrator
• Testing

Speaking Opportunity – Deadline – Monday, April 6th
If you have a speaking opportunity (Keynote, General Session, Track Session, or Panel) included in your sponsorship package, please confirm your session with Angeline Alexakos-Snow (contact details listed below). You will also need to submit the speaker information listed below to Angeline by Monday, April 6th. If you are unsure of what is included with your sponsorship please contact Angeline Alexakos-Snow ASAP.

Info Required:
• Speaker Name & Title
• Speaker Bio
• Headshot
Angeline Alexakos-Snow
Director of Program & Content
(T) 617-598-7217

Advisory Board – Deadline – 1 week after contract is signed
If placing an executive on the event’s industry advisory board is part of your sponsorship, please submit this person’s name and title, along with their photo and bio to, one week after sending in your signed contract.

Cooperative Brochure Mailing – Deadline – June 18th
If you have a cooperative brochure mailing included in your sponsorship package, you will need to submit your database of customers and prospects to our printer by June 18th. This is a great way to promote your presence at the event and also to invite your customers and prospects to attend the event at a special discounted rate.

Please contact for the printer contact information, should you choose to take advantage of this opportunity.

Solutions Theatre Presentations – Deadline – June 22nd
If you have a 20 minute Solutions Theater Presentation included in your sponsorship package, please submit your speaker, speaker title, and presentation topic to Erin Healey at . A wireless microphone, LCD projector, screen and table for your materials will be available on site for your presentation at the Solutions Theater in the expo hall. Be sure to have your presentation pre loaded on your own laptop.

Info Required:
• Presentation Topic
• Speaker Name & Title
• 25 word description
• Power Point Presentation will be collected and distributed to all attendees. Please send this file to me once finalized – NO LATER THAN 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO EVENT (September 1, 2009)

Show Guide Ads - Deadline – June 29th
If a Show Guide Ad is part of your sponsor/exhibitor package, please submit your ad artwork (according to spec) to Erin Healey at

Wireless Demo Registration Form – Deadline – July 15th
All exhibitors are required to register wireless demonstration devices not on a public network and not in the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz unlicensed bands. No sponsor will be permitted to set their exhibit space if this REGISTRATION FORM is not returned. If any Exhibitor is found to use unregistered frequencies on-site, Show Management will be required to CLOSE Exhibitor display until this order form is filled out and fees are paid to Comsearch. Please note tha submission of this form does not guarantee availability of spectrum. This form is located in your exhibitor manual, if you have any questions please contact Naveen Raghavan,

Lead Retrieval Discounted Rate – Deadline – July 18th
If you plan to order a lead retrieval system from our registration company, please do so prior to July 18th so that you are able to utilize the discounted rate. The order form is located in your exhibitor manual. For questions, please call Exgenex Customer Service at 781-821-6734.

Sponsor HTML Campaigns - Deadline – August 3rd
Each sponsor and exhibitor will be provided with an email invite and priority code to use for co-operative marketing, to your own databases. This will be to promote your presence at the event and to offer a special discount on full conference attendance, or a free expo pass, on your behalf. Your email template will be emailed to you by July 10, 2009. TM recommends sending these invites NO LATER than July 17th.

Complimentary Passes - Deadline – August 31st
Please be sure your passes are registered by August 31st to allow proper time to book travel and hotel. Just click on Register on the 4G website and see your choices, free expo passes, great deals on conference sessions and special activities.

Hanging Banners
Please refer to your prospectus to be sure you are provided the benefit of hanging a banner(s) at the event. All banners are to be supplied by the sponsor, and are not to exceed 4’ x 8’ in size.
• Not to exceed 4'H x 8'W (Horizontal)
• one sided
• 4" pole pockets at the top and bottom of banner
Banners must ship to Advance Freight Warehouse by August 24th. Address banner shipments as follows:

Shipping Address/Instructions:
Champion Exposition Services
4G WORLD 2009
Exhibitor Name
139 Campanelli Drive
Middleboro, MA 02346

Once this material has shipped please send me the tracking information so I can check this in once on-site.

If you cannot supply your own banner and wish to have TM produce and ship banner(s) for you, please contact Erin Healey,, for cost and production information, NO LATER than June 29th. Artwork and payment must also be ready at this time.

Press Announcement Guide – Deadline – September 1st
To be included in the on-site Press Announcement Guide, please send your press releases to Erin Healey, in PDF format.

Conference Proceedings - Deadline – September 3rd
Each sponsor / exhibitor receives the opportunity to submit info for the 4G World online proceedings site. This is another opportunity for to get your corporate message out to the attendees. These will be included in the sponsor proceedings section of the proceedings that will be emailed out to all full conference attendees at the end of each day’s conference program.

• Format: pdf
• Page Limits:
-Corporate Host: 10 pages
-Premier: 10 pages
-Platinum: 7 pages
-Gold: 5 pages
-Contributing: 3 pages
-Exhibitor: 3 pages

• Note: most companies will submit a corporate or product brochure, white paper, etc.

SHOW DAILY – Space Closes – September 5th

Wireless Week is proud to be the Exclusive Publisher of the Official Show Daily for 4G World 2009. For more information on advertising in this digital show daily, please check your exhibitor manual or the contacts below.

West Coast
Holly Hoffer
East Coast
Maureen Mushinsky

Press List
This list will be sent out to the main contacts of all sponsors/exhibitors approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the start of the event. Weekly updates will follow leading up to the event.

Press Kits
If you would like press kits distributed in the Press Room we recommend 100+ kits. Please have them shipped to your booth and bring to the designated Press Room for 4G World located at the McCormick Place.

Additional Sponsorship Items
• Badge Sponsor – logo due May 26th
• Tote Bag Sponsor – logo due May 26th
• Lanyard Sponsor – logo due May 26th
• Meter Board – artwork due August 10th

Additional Contact Info
Trendsmedia Contacts
Client Services Manager
Erin Healey
John Sellazzo

Champion – The Official Show Decorator
Champion Exposition Services
139 Campanelli Drive
Middleboro, MA 02346
Tel: 800 723-1123
Outside U.S. 001 508 923-5200
Fax: 508 946-1019
Exhibitor Services Department

Chicago Restaurant Partners
c/o McCormick Place
Attn: Beth Scranage, Catering Coordinator
2301 South Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60616
Tel: 312 567-8164
Fax: 312 791-7280

Audio Visual

Focus One
c/o McCormick Place
2301 South Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60616
Tel: 312 791-6113
Fax: 312 791-6159

As of May 7, 2009, four months prior to the actual conference, there is already a very healthy, exciting list of exhibitors, which is another reason to exhibit at 4G World...
Exhibit Hall Hours
September 16: 12:30pm - 7pm
September 17: 12pm - 5pm
Exhibiting Company Booth #
Acme Packet 623
ADC 329
Aeroflex 110
Airpoint Co., LTD. 639
Alcatel-Lucent 411
Alianza 432
Aperto 622
ARC Wireless 445
Argus Technologies, LTD. 245 * Meeting Center
Asentria 430 Mobile Internet Pavilion = MIP
Axxcelera Broadband 428
BCI Communications 227
Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc. 213
CelPlan 439
Comsys 633
Connectronics 100
Digital Receiver Technology 438
DragonWave Inc. 622
EDX Wireless 106
Exalt Communications 417
Forsk 335
GCT Semiconductor 539
Gigaset Communications 523
Huawei Technologies 729 *
Hutton Communications 711
IEEE Communications Society 629
InnoPath Software 104
IntraISP 326
Juni America 217
Juniper Networks 522
Laird Technologies 330
Metropolitan Area Networks 728
Mobile Mark 738
Motorola 501
MTI Wireless Edge 222
NDK 809
NEC Corporation of America 435
Nokia Siemens Networks 301
PCTEL, Inc. 805
Phazar 634
Proximetry 431
Qualcomm 705
Redline Communications 511
ReliOn 535
Rohde & Schwarz 517
Samsung 201
SEQUANS Communications 423
Southwold 234
/Tally Communications 332
TDK Corporation 813
TESSCO Technologies 538
Third Screen Media MIP - A
Times Microwave Systems 112
Trango Systems 440
TRS-Rentelco 531
Vecima Networks Inc. 644
WiChorus 223
WirelessLogix 427
ZyXel 532

Our company's DIDXchange media channel is a non-traditional media partner for a non-traditional and quite popular conference and exhibition, 4G World!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Jim Collins is Right, Get the Best People

Me? I just cannot get over what a lucky person I am to be surrounded by family, friends, team members, customers and vendors who inspire, care about, and challenge me every second of every day. One of my goals for this year is to showcase the fantastic talent among the Super Technologies, Inc. team. Dan and I discussed his one year anniversary on the SuperTec team as of May 5, 2009 on the DIDX podcast area.

We take to heart Jim Collins' quote, "If I were running a company today, I would have one priority above all others: to acquire as many of the best people as I could. I'd put off everything else to fill my bus. Because things are going to come back. My flywheel is going to start to turn. And the single biggest constraint on the success of my organization is the ability to get and to hang on to enough of the right people."

... browse some of our team's other blogs at and You're welcome to comment, contribute, and collaborate any time.

Bandwidth vs Applications on Mobile, 4GWE

I just received this interesting analysis and offer from Carl Ford via email and want to share it with you.

As communications evolve to the next generation of wireless broadband, the customer’s device selection seems to be more about bandwidth than the applications. With RIMs return to prominence as the leading smart phone, customers are choosing a device for reasons beyond simply the applications.

We can assume then, that bandwidth matters.

But this is not where the story ends. The story is evolving. With new phones coming from Google and Palm, the market is surely going to expand.

When it does, what is the case for the new versus the old, and how can a carrier
support the growth? As a leading wireless carrier, Verizon has had to face the
realities of working with device manufacturers to maintain its’ leadership role.
What decisions can carriers make to retain their existing customers in a saturated
market? What device will help retain and keep customers happy? Is this device all
about the applications, the bandwidth? How does a carrier ensure
that the network can support a device’s broadband applications and what are the business case issues to support the deployment of advanced wireless broadband devices?

At 4GWE, you will get answers to these questions and more as we investigate new applications and business models for 4G devices and services, MID device adoption, MID impact on 4G demand and more.

Register NOW, don't miss the opportunity to engage in the discussions that will help you and your company solidify your wireless strategy.

Reserve your place, and receive early bird pricing.

... browse some of our team's other blogs at and Check out conferences and tradeshows we believe are "must attend" at You're welcome to comment, contribute, and collaborate any time.

Blackberry Numero Uno for 2008

Though Apple Inc.’s iPhone topped Research in Motion Ltd.’s BlackBerry as the domestic smartphone leader for the last half of 2008, RIM has climbed back to the No. 1 position. The BlackBerry Curve was the No. 1 selling smartphone in the United States in the first quarter of 2009. Get more info.

Digging into my archives of case studies and articles on innovative members, I found DIDX Members Leverage the Blackberry.

"One recent client SACS, an international steel trading company with 14 locations worldwide and 200 business clients, already had a Cisco unified communications backbone for their IP PBX with integration of RIM (Research in Motion) Blackberry MVS (Mobility Voice Suite)."

... browse some of our team's other blogs at and You're welcome to comment, contribute, and collaborate any time.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

El Salvador Cell Phone Service Requested

Hello to you, highly valued readers, with more expertise in the following areas that I can even imagine,

A friend is looking for a system where people can call in from a cell phone line in El Salvador. Their call would be answered by inputting a PIN #.

Then they could have an option to listen to voice mail prompts--questions or multiple choice, respond and playback their recording. If these files could be saved as .wav files that would be best.

A second option would be to be put through to someone else on the line to speak to directly, i.e., have a conversation.

Much of this technology is already used in call centers, except for the conference calling feature (being able to talk to one or more people at the same time). Again, conference calling technology exists and most likely uses VOIP.

They know that the readers of this blog, various companies offer all of these things and the DIDX lines (for El Salvador), right? Looking for your comments and directions! You can comment on this blog, on my Facebook page, email, or call me.

Bunch of Eeyores Watching Your Success

Yesterday, we had minis, maxis, word processors, car phones, Tandy 1000 HX, digital diaries, Gayfers, Trader John's, measles and SunRocket.

Today, we have slouchy layered shirts, baggy shorts, netbooks, smart phones, unified communications, voip* layered with everything you can imagine, eBay, Craigslist, virtual Facebook parties, swine flu and viruses infecting space station laptops.

While I planted my vegetable, herb, and flower garden under the rising sun around 6 AM, I kept think about how we tend to not appreciate what we have right this second.

Humanity, our industry (IP communications)... We keep ignoring today and waiting for something cool to happen tomorrow. We mope because we don't have a job. We complain because we have one. We talk about how we don't work for anyone, not even ourselves. We hate those "other people" who are not like us. We talk about how no one is innovating as if we are all clones of Eeyore himself. (There's plenty of innovation around VoIP. I hear about the innovation every day from DIDX members. VoIP itself is nothing. It's what we do with it.)

We read the rules in order to use a service on the web. We click to agree. When a rule has to be applied to us such as a penalty fee, commission, minimum... we scream on the bleeding edge of voip murder.

We reek with fumes of revenge against those who we blame for every failure in our lives. We talk about how like to clean, but we don't clean. We don't say thank you to those who are there for us, helping us. We won't even take turns taking out the trash. We don't pay our vendors. And we expect our clients to pay us?

We just complain and watch others ...
make up,
make decisions,
pay bills,
solve problems,
and succeed.

I'm no one special, but I love today.