Friday, May 15, 2009

We Want You to be a Part of the Video Archive to Protect Children in CyberSpace

Super Technologies, Inc. and several of its industry friends in Pakistan, India and the USA invite you to participate in ITU's World Telecom Day with the very important theme of Protecting Children in Cyberspace in a unique manner that will last for decades, online video. The invitation video is at and blog directions at

We are looking for those who are participating in World Telecom Day in Islamabad and other cities in the world to record video of themselves, the Ministry, their government officials, other companies, families, parents, entrepreneurs, and other individuals about Protecting Children in Cyberspace and then post the videos to or and be sure to tag the videos like this: world telecom day, protecting children in cyberspace. Let us know at or via comment at the Youtube video invitation, what you do so that we can publicize further via blogs and press release.

May 17 is World Telecom Day, but we can continue through May and onward. Let's work together!

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