Friday, August 29, 2008

Here we go YOYO!

Sunday morning worship at Oakgrove church in Walnut Hill. Enter: Dexter Ledkins, a 4 year old boy with Downs Syndrome. Enter: The preacher whose sermons begin with one tone and end in another, to which Dexter gives much attention.

Each character knew his part. The sermon begins. Dexter folds his soft pudgy hands in his lap, and shouts one time, "Here we go, YOYO." He was unbelievably well-behaved Sunday after Sunday between the start and end of each sermon.

When the preacher closes his sermon, his tone takes on a tone of "I have this memorized... I have said the same thing every Sunday." Those are not his exact words, but the tone switches from fresh to rehearsed.

This is Dexter's cue to shout, "Pidda Hut! Pidda Hut!"

His mother promises him lunch at Pizza Hut every Sunday if he would just behave during worship.

So, when I experience any of the following, I silently say to myself "Here we go YOYO!" and looking to shout with joy, "Pidda Hut!"

1. When I'm told by a conference that my speech cannot be anything near a commercial and yet, 90% of all presentations I listen to at the conferences is a commercial for the speaker's company.

2. When anyone refuses to use CTRL F to find answers.

3. When one's company becomes a corporate sponsor and interconnect for ... say ... a softphone/IM, and the website of the softphone/IM does not add your company to its corporate sponsor list, nor to its interconnects' list, and deletes you from their Facebook and Linkedin networks. This really happened to a great company/service I know. Names not mentioned to protect the guilty.

4. When I'm gone for over a month traveling for my company through London, Dubai, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Tokyo. (Don't get me wrong, I love these cities, the people, my friends there, our business clients and partners there, and the food, but I miss my husband, my grand-daughter, my 6 days a week running schedule, and worst of all, the piles and piles of work that grew in my absence that MUST be done.)

5. When it's all about the CEO in anyone's company ... don't worry. I know what it is like to be the CEO. I was one for ten years from 1999 - 2009.

6. When everyone in a business discussion that is VERY important to me (the discussion and the people) is speaking a language I know very little of, and I'm whispering to the person beside me ... what does this/that mean and that mean, and they all look irritated that I'm asking. "Hajimemashite" ... "billcul" (it's a pleasure to meet you for the first time in Japanese... definitely in Urdu.) Quit whining, Suzanne, and learn the language. Ha ha!

7. When someone says, "The food artist gave you the free sample because you were one of the older women, and he thought he would have a better chance with you." - Could it be that it is because I treated the artist like a human being and carried a conversation with him and he was showing me that he thought of me as his new friend? Here we go YOYO. ;-)

8. When you ask over and over to your "blog space provider" how to do something, and they keep telling you click on SETTINGS, and you inform them that SETTINGS is not clickable for you, it is grayed out, and the circle of this conversation just repeats itself over and over and you see no pizza in the future.

9. When your laptop or cell phone battery is about to go dead and there is no electricity around OR when your print cartridge is so empty you could drink water out of it and there is no way to get a new one and you must print this service agreement and fax it because your new vendor or customer is still living in the Dark Age of pre-900 AD and will not accept scan with electronic signature.

Got any more? Add 'em. Talk about 'em. YOYO! Or just tell me, wahh wahh, make it stop! Quit complaining. For not, I'll say "Here we go YOYO!"

Monday, August 25, 2008

Prosthetic Upper Limb and a Ball Cap at ITCN Asia 2008

A previous blog on Bionic Arms, Ministry of IT and Telecom at ITCN Asia 2008, I referred to the wrong university research project (SSUET's). Please enjoy the following video from NUST students!

The hand was actually designed for limb amputees and did not require an actual hand to imitate, it in fact was an attachment for people who have lost their hands. A connection is setup between a ballcap on the head and the prosthetic so that the movement of the head determines the movement of the prosthetic. Another video with more information is at Ali Imtiaz is the person you can contact. He is in my Facebook network of friends.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mobile Internet World's Facebook Pre-networking Group

How can you meet people who will be a part of the prestigious gathering of the most brilliant minds in the global wireless and related community? Sign up for Mobile Internet World scheduled for Oct 21 -23, 2008 in Boston, Massachusetts, and then...

Sign up for the Mobile Internet World Group and "pre-networking" event areas on Facebook. Meet some of the most innovative thinkers who are ready to do business and collaborate in the highly provocative and lucrative mobile Internet business.

Wholesale Issue Regarding End-User Details

We sleep, wake up, leave our bed, get ready for work and use some transportation to work (walk, bike, motorcycle, drive car, take bus...). We do this even though we know there is a chance that we can come into contact with danger and get hurt or even killed. We take chances every second of our lives. I'm talking about you and me.

In my daily work with Super Technologies, Inc. we work with thousands of wholesale telephony companies from many parts of the earth. They in turn serve millions of end-users from their local area and around the globe.

Take for example. Several hundred sell direct inward dialing to make up the 17 million phone numbers from 55 countries available for sale on DIDX to the 10,000 or so who buy. The seller also has wholesale customers it sells directly to outside of DIDX.

My question is... does the wholesale direct inward dialing phone number seller require its wholesale telephony company buyers to give them complete end-user information for every end-user it resells to? No. Of course not.

If there is a problem regarding possible criminal use of the phone number by an end-user who is the customer of the wholesale DID buyer who is a customer of the wholesale DID seller...

The wholesale DID buyer will gather the information responding to any subpoena or similar government request for its vendor the wholesale DID seller.

What I am saying here are a few things:
1. A tiny tiny percentage of end-users use phone number in a criminal manner, but that doesn't mean we quit selling phone numbers. A tiny tiny percentage of the food I eat makes me sick, but that doesn't mean I quit eating food.

2. If there is evidence that shows a phone number may be used in a criminal manner, authorities normally send a subpoena requiring contact information and sometimes CDR, etc. of the end-user.

Super Technologies, Inc. does have a potential abuse reporting process listed at We have automated the ability to upload the subpoena or government inquiry via the DIDX dashboard of each wholesale telephony member.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Meet Ghazanfar Ahmed, Asterisk Pakistan at ITCN Asia 2008

I hope to interview Ghazanfar Ahmed (CTO) and his brother (CEO) of their company on video this week and will add to this post at that time. They have been a part of the global Asterisk development for several years. The first time I heard about Ghazanfar and his brother was when they were in their early teens, very bright.

Joikuspot Turns Cell Phone into Hotspot

JoikuSpot ( installs on a S60 handset with Wi-Fi and, when activated, turns that handset into a hotspot for any, and all, local devices. This first version of the application is being
distributed free in the hope of encouraging people with unlimited data plans to share their connection wherever they go.

Those with truly unlimited plans, I'd love to know their experience with this. When I return home to Pensacola from Dubai and Karachi, I'll check it out myself. Thanks, Bilal, from Vocal Solutions for the tip.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bionic Arms, Ministry of IT/Telecom and IPTV in Pakistan?

At 1:48 AM CST on Aug, 16, 2008, I am revising the post below with this update... i mixed up NUST project of prosthetic upper limb exhibited at ITCN Asia 2008 in August 2008, with that of the bionic hand presented by students of SSUET a year ago. The bionic hand was actually designed for limb amputees and did not require an actual hand to imitate. It in fact was an attachment for people who have lost their hands. The video I created this past week of the prosthetic upper limb by NUST students was created using either my mobile or my business partner's mobile in hall 3 of the ITCN expo center. I am trying to locate that video.

At 1 AM CST on Aug 16, 2008, I added this post.
Not everyone can take time to leave their office to travel the world and learn from others face to face. I'm taking my office with me in the form of my Nokia e61i with its versatile GSM network and capability of using Shozu, Facebook, Youtube, Blogger, Gizmo5, Google Search, Email, and more through the EMEA region. I'm visiting with friends and customers and making new ones of each, too. I'm learning some French, Urdu and Japanese while I'm at it.

One stop is Karachi, Pakistan at ITCN Asia 2008. Let me share with you several of my discoveries... examples: bionic arms, an interview with the secretary of the ministry of information technology and telecommunications of Pakistan, and a presentation by the CEO of PTCL who is rolling out Pakistan's first IPTV service this past week . Please read and watch videos at my TMCNET blog.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where in the World is Digilinea?

Where is Digilinea?

Momina's Youtube English Nursery Rhymes to Urdu

Number 1 of many, we hope... a new project, not much to do with voIP except I met little Momina using voIP (using the old Mysuperphone dialup.)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ethnocentricity De-$tizes IP Communcations... on TMCNET blog

Just wrote a short piece on Ethnocentricity De-$tizes IP Communcations... at my TMCNET blog. Wish I could figure out how to make my post headlines there show here.

SmartBooth™ Tool with NXTcomm08, very effective

Bdmetrics provided the SmartBooth™ in the myNXTcomm portals very effectively. I finally got the chance to view the statistics and to make further contacts with current clients and customers as well as those showing potential interest. It's been madly busy with friends in need and business of DIDX and Supertec.

These companies used the SmartBooth™ tool like I did. I like it. NXTcomm08's goal was to increase the number of quality leads that NXTcomm08 yields and help turn those leads into sales. (The other thing I liked about NXTcomm08 is that they stayed in touch with us DIDXchange as their media sponsor beginning one year before the June 2008 conference and are still in touch. They treat their sponsors whether media or other with respect and appreciation. Another conference that does a great job at this is ITEXPO.)

Click on the Performance Statistics and see:
1. Number of targeted attendees my company reached through SmartBooth: 1,865

2. Number of attendees who included my company on their Event Plans through SmartBooth: 1,592

3. Number of attendees that viewed my company's products and services online through SmartBooth: 1,401

We're flattered, but even more important are excited about collaborating with partipants of NXTcomm08 in together moving our and their businesses forward to ... in the end... make more global end-users happier than ever!