Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Todo to Tada Friends are Deeply Appreciated

While sharing wine and green tea gelato with my ANA flight neighbor 
Earthlings have more in common than they have in difference. One of the commonalities is the wish to set goals and reach them. "Todo" is a task that a person hopes to complete. "Tada" is a task that has been completed.

Left-brained, extroverted people tend to be great todo tada people because they are super organizers and team players, and they are able to turn more todo into tada than most of us because they do this with us. That is what someone said to me while I was in flight from Tokyo to Houston yesterday.

Do you agree? Or does that skill take another combination? What does each type of person bring to the table to turn the items on the "to do" list into items on the "tada list?" Who do you call to help you move "Todos" to "Tadas?" What form of communication do you use most to do this?

Todo to Tada industry and personal friends are deeply appreciated
In my work with DIDX, book editing and marketing, Suzahdi custom design leather jackets and such, I call Eric Klein of Purple Toga Publishing, Phonebnb, Greenfield Technology; Peter Dunkley at Xura, Gavin McMilan of Sippy Software, Muneeb Iqbal, Jenny Callicott at MakeItSo, Daniel-Constantin Mierla of Kamailio, Michael Bowen, Rich Tehrani of TMCnet, Kelly Branchal of Elegant Group Inc, Soosaiya Anthreas, book author of "The Dance of the Sea", and  respected guy at Samsung; Rehan Allahwala of DIDX and Rehan School, Ahsan Saleem of DIDX, Brea Lombard, a medical student and my niece... I call or message their VoIP DID phone number, cell phone number, Skype, Whatsapp, TringMe, Google Hangout, or Facebook, whatever is most convenient for them. 

(I am careful to not ask too much too often from them.)

My husband Michael Bowen first used "Todo Tada" phrase in 2004, and he still does on a regular basis to describe my daily challenge to move "Todos" into "Tadas!"

This blog post was my first "Todo" for today. Next "todos" to turn to "tadas," I will run 5 miles, clean up, check my schedule, write press releases, call new DIDX customers and vendors, write more articles for Techistan, TMCNet "Monetizing IP Communications"; do follow up from CommunicAsia, start planning for Cluecon, call and thank latest Suzahdi leather jacket customers, meet friends at Cantina Grill at 4 PM, meet husband and friends for trivia contest and dinner at Dick's Grill...

It's a positive thing!

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