Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You are One Heck of Character

Share it with the world and the 140 characters conference, one of the coolest ideas Jeff Pulver has invented. Find easy to follow directions for the contest on the 140 characters conference website.

Jeff and the other characters are looking for inspired people to create video clips that says to anyone who watches the video that “I am a Character.”

Please be sure to mention the 140 Characters Conference in your submission, as they believe the 140 Characters Conference is a great place for others to get to know the character known as YOU. (You might also want to reference twitter in your video.)

To get started, record your video clip (or episode of your Internet TV Show) and then Submit your Contest Entry and be sure to include a link to 140 Character Conference ( in the show’s notes.

tweet the entry (including #140conf) before 11:59PM (ET) on May 29, 2009, and you’ll be entered into the contest.

Winners will be announced around June 2nd and they expect all of the winners will make it a point to attend the 140 Character Conference June 16-17 in New York City. (Winning prizes are not transferable.)

GRAND PRIZE: VIP Access to 140 Characters Conference + Round Trip transportation from any jetBlue or Virgin America city to NYC. (up to US $2,000 value)

SECOND PRIZE: VIP Access to 140 Characters Conference (US$ 1,200 value)

THIRD PRIZE: Full Conference Access to 140 Characters Conference (US$ 900 value)

For more information, please see the “Contest Rules” page.

So, I know that out of 12,500+ DIDX members, the 1000s more who read my TMCNET blog, and over a 1000 in my Facebook network will read this and I want you to know that I believe each of you is a character and what better way to inspire others than to enter the "I am a Character" contest. You're from at least 170 nations, all types of beautiful, inspiring characters. Hey! Do it!

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