Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jeff Pulver Shares Facebook with 10,000+ at Fall VON 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stick a Fork in H323 except Video - Fall VON 2007 Day 1

The SIP trunking panel discussion rocked! Broadsoft, McLeod, Ingate/SIP Forum, Global Crossing, Avaya, Level3 and I didn't get the last company name. Can I get some help? Who was it?

SIP trunking vs SIP peering... TDM-based or IP-based... not just service providers but even larger enterprises are bypassing service providers in this model... Public peering vs private peering ... advantages of both... it's not just about voice but data and video too... no longer are people satisfied with a PDF set of instructions or description but need to see it on video... real time control, flexibility, cost savings... "SIP trunking is arbitrage"... increase your ARPU (something everyone on DIDX is after and getting it)...

ENUM... who will rule? Global Crossing rep said possibly the MSOs will hold the default. Avaya's Anne Coulumbe said this may be true in North America, but other countries have already set up ENUM and so let's learn from the best practices. Another panelist, can't remember which... mentioned the problems of managing dial plans, phone numbers vs SIP URI, should appear in a peering model, and if call is IP, more can be done. Private peering vs public peering arose again!

What they don't want to see!!! GC rep states don't let Microsoft setup a codec and make everyone pay for it. Need transparency across session border controllers. No IMS. No minutes. "Put a fork in H323... except for maybe video."

Avaya's Anne Coulumbe summary... Not just one large company running the whole thing. Not just certification needed. In 5-10 years social networking will be layered on most communications, flattening the way we all do business. Now, that's my summary of her comments. I say, it's already here and I love it.

Level3's Tucker... Centralized for contact centers, disaster recovery, call routing...

See documentation of some of Fall VON 2007 at my Youtube video playlist and my Picasa photo gallery. As of Nov 9, 2007 I have many more to add... time...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Digium Announces 2007 Innovation Award Winners

"The 2007 Digium Innovation Award winners are truly redefining the VoIP industry through revolutionary and inspiring open source deployments," said Mark Spencer, CTO of Digium and creator of Asterisk. "We continue to be impressed with the ways in which developers, partners and customers are using Asterisk to tackle business...

read more | digg story

Thursday, October 25, 2007

VON Magazine Innovator Award - Apply Now

Award Recognizing Products and Services Advancing IP Communications;
Both Public and Privately-Held Companies Can Apply

Pulled from the web... just now! Apply if your innovative service is rolled out in 2007.
BOSTON, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Fall VON -- VON Publishing, the
publishing arm of Pulvermedia, today announced it is now accepting
applications for the VON Magazine Innovator Awards. Applications are being
accepted on-line at and will be accepted through December 15, 2007.

Building on the legacy of the Pulver 100, the VON Magazine Innovator Award has evolved and now recognizes all companies that represent the future of IP communications. Companies will be judged on the new products and services they have introduced and shipped during the 2007 calendar year. Submissions will be judged by a panel of VON Magazine contributors and Pulvermedia's VP of Content and Community Carl Ford.

"The two key differences between the Innovator Awards and the Pulver 100 are that any company -- public or private -- can apply and we're going to have between 25 to 50 Innovators, depending on the quality and number of applications we receive," said Doug Mohney, Editor-in-Chief of VON Magazine. "If you look at the iPhone, it's pretty clear exciting things are coming out of publicly-traded companies such as Adobe, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Nortel. We want everyone to put their cards on the table."

Winning companies will be notified under embargo in mid-January 2008 and honored at the 2008 Spring VON Conference and Expo in San Jose on March 17, 2008.

About Pulvermedia: Pulvermedia is the leading integrated media company, building communities and providing ready marketplace access through its unparalleled blend of trade shows, publications, web channels, and progressive cutting-edge media. And as the foremost integrated media company, Pulvermedia is ideally poised to deliver a vast range of messages to a wide variety of audiences, including technology buyers and sellers, government regulators, industry analysts, luminaries, pundits and bloggers.

For more information, please visit

Contact: Todd O'Keefe
617-262-1968 X 100

See you at Fall VON 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts. The DIDXchange booth is 1263. All wholesale companies with Internet Protocol-based communications needs are invited to sign up at our booth at the Fall VON conference and expo.

To the global VoIP, anything over IP industry, thank you!

In return we at Super Technologies, Inc. and DIDX (DIDXchange) can't wait to give away 2 free conference passes to that are good for the Nov 6-8, 2007 Interop Berlin and Nov 5-8, 2007 Web 2.0 Expo also in Berlin.

Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin is the place to learn, network, and engage in the European Web 2.0 community.

Join your colleagues at this must-attend event and tap the power of Web 2.0 through:
* A comprehensive 5-track conference: Design and User Experience, Development and Web Operations, Fundamentals, Marketing and Community, and Strategy and Business Models
* Keynotes from thought leaders influencing the future of the web
* An Expo showcasing Web 2.0 services and technologies
* In-depth Workshops to get you up to speed
* Web2Open, an Open Space event for all delegates, where the audience become the speakers
* Great networking events designed to celebrate the Web 2.0 community

Interop Berlin

Conference Exhibition Event Highlights

Conference: Learn how key technologies work together to drive your business. Key topics include:

* Application Interoperability
* Baltic Broadband Day
* CIO Crash Course
* Data Center & Server Systems
* European Government
* Infrastructure & Services
* IT Security
* Network Access Control (NAC)
* Reseller Forum
* Voice Over IP
* Wireless & Mobility

This is the place to tap some of the Web 2.0 and Interop power. It's a chance to meet, network, partner, hire, invest, and more with European companies. CONTACT ME ASAP on Facebook or email. Hurry, hurry. We must not waste them!

See you next week at Fall VON, the exciting Voice, Video, Vision, Vigor, Victory over the Net in Boston, Massachusetts. I'll be at exhibit 1263. You can sign up by clicking on the URL ...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Comments by Jeremy McNamara about DIDX

Jeremy McNamara is a highly respected member of the global Asterisk business community. In fact, I remember him being highly praised at the 2005 Astricon in Garden Grove, CA. I was proud to meet him.

He has posted his opinion concerning DIDX's being chosen for the Digium Innovation Award for service providers 2007. I've responded on his blog and will also copy my comment here.

Dear Jeremy,
We should not have announced the award early. We should have left that to Digium itself and we apologize for doing so. It was just so exciting!!! We don’t abuse those who use We do our best to serve them with their needs to buy and/or sell DID. Some time in 2005, I believe, we bought a few DID from your company and resold them to our consumer and small business customers on via our servers in Houston and Tokyo. We did not sell them to DIDX members. We routed them only through DIDX to our own Virtualphoneline consumer platform not for sale to other DIDX members.You accused us of selling to them to DIDX members and refused to see the facts.

We pay a total of 100’s of thousands of dollars to those DIDX members who sell DID on DIDX now. In turn those DID that are sold are made available for sale to the DIDX members. The members include governments, CLECs, wireless operators, business consultants, social community portal providers, and other entrepreneurial and/or nonprofit organizations. We are a business helping other businesses, paying salaries for 30 or so very hard working employees, and doing our best to promote DIDX.

We already settled the mistake we made with you Jeremy McNamara in 2005 and 2006. Jeremy, please don’t do this. We never speak bad of you nor of anyone. We just would never do that. It doesn't make you look good.

Suzanne Bowen
Vice President, Super Technologies, Inc. and DIDXchange

Friday, October 19, 2007

Muslims Jews Christians Atheists Buddhists Collaborating?

Copied directly from refreshment for souls tired of people using religion as a front for committing crimes against each other...

"Please Tell Us An Interfaith Success Story!
It started as a joke yesterday - but like most jokes it has a ring of truth.

I received a volunteer award from the YMCA - so I was telling my kids.

The Young Mens CHRISTIAN Association gave an award to an Orthodox Jew for teaching a course to a class of mostly Moslem students.

While teaching at the Y - I read a community paper for the Moslem community, articles included families, making a living, dealing with secular influences, extremists, the wider communities opinions . Anybody who has read a community paper recognizes these articles. Change in a word or two and the articles could have appeared in the Jewish Community paper.

Today's newspaper had an article about a fellow at U of T wanting a Halel food for Moslem students. While U of T created a restaurant that served Halel certified food - it also served Alcohol in the same location. The fellow made the point that kosher restaurants serve kosher and Alcohol; it would serve both groups.

LinkedIn has people from many different countries. Many of these countries are at war or significantly distrust each other. I bet that there are people within these countries that are connected - and others trying to find ways to connect.

There are many more stories of people of deep religious convictions finding common ground.

Please share your stories here.

---- Background ----
I take these LinkedIn answers to create a regular series "Success Stories" on to assist people in their journey through life.

If you want to be quoted please answer publicly, if you want to answer and your name not used, answer privately.

To find previous postings select Success Stories from the categories on the right.

I have run out of invitations - so if you would like to connect to me - you need to invite me, even if you have the Best Answers. (Hint - I always say yes)

Zale @"

And what does this have to do with VoIP? I've shared Zale's Linkedin Q with several of my friends and colleagues around the world via many forms of voIP... Google Talk on my cell phone, Skype, Gizmo Project, Vonage, Jaxtr, etc. so that'll work. What scent would this post be over the Internet? Defnitely... peppermint candy!
Join the Linkedin Group Interfaith Networking. Make a positive difference.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Can we Handle Death? How?

After our rainy run last night two miles out and back from CaptnFun's at Pensacola Beach, I was pulled into a conversation that compared and contrasted voice over Internet with cell phone and landline. These runners are ages 20 - 70 with the average about 40. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much they really do know. One girl said she had tried using Google Talk on her PC and cell phone to have a voice conversation with someone. Even I haven't tried Google Talk on my cell phone.

I started this conversation today with you about VoIP, true. But last night, the talk moved to something called Ataxia-Telangiectasia and many young who lose their lives to it. One couple really lost their little girl, and when they did, their world closed in on them and they couldn't breathe.

Does anyone remember the "bat child found in a cave" article in one of those gossip rags? (Good, that means you don't waste your time like I do gawking at their headlines in the grocery line.) This picture was of a child who had Ataxia-Telangiectasia.

Ataxia-telangiectasia, or "A-T," is a progressive, degenerative disease that affects a startling variety of body systems. Children with A-T appear normal at birth, and the first signs of the disease usually appear during the second year of life. These first signs are usually a "wobbly" lack of balance and slurred speech caused by "ataxia," which means a lack of muscle of this date, October 18, 2007, there is no cure for Ataxia.

The point is when we lose someone we care about to illness, homicide, or suicide, we are depressed. We feel there is nothing we can do. A lady who recently lost her son has spent every night in the cemetery sleeping at his grave and playing the loud rock music her son used to listen to. The church she is associated with is trying to figure out how to help her. My opinion is that they can not let her go on like this, but they cannot just forbid her from the cemetery and expect everything to be just perfect. No, they need to help her channel that emotion and energy into something in her son's memory.

Death is so difficult to deal with. I remember my generous mother, our precocious 40 year old friend Junmi, her tougher than nails husband Jim and his car covered with ultra-conservative political stickers, and many others.

What should the church do? What should the lady do who lost her son?

The AT Children's Project has several ways of helping those who've lost loved ones to Ataxia-Telangiectasia. One is Tim Borland. He is attempting to run a marathon a day for two months ending with the New York Marathon. This coming weekend he'll be at Pensacola Beach, and a bunch of us including the couple I spoke of earlier will be there participating. By 12:30 PM Sunday Oct 21, 2007, Tim and the other runners will meet us at their last 5K at Fort Pickens at P'Beach. Some of Emerald Coast Racing Team and CaptnFun will run with him, others will tailgate, and others will be cheering along the way.

The funds we raise will go to the AT Children's Project.

The answer is: We want to make a good difference in the world in the memory of our friend's daughter, and so, we are trying in small ways to do that. Try in your own small way to make a good difference in the world in memory of that loved one, and let me know how it goes. I really care and want to know.

(VoIP by Association)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

DEG Telecom, Young VoIP Startup Making all the Right Moves


Efrain Betancourt, CEO, and Danny Argudo, CTO, young professionals with the new voice over Internet startup DEG Telecom, serve Mexico, Ecuador, and other Latin American countries as well as ex-pats, students, families, and small businesses around the globe. They were at Fall Comptel 2007 to meet with several carriers all in one place. They're not afraid of new ways of doing business, i.e. social/business media avenues.

So refreshing and fun to talk with these young startup professionals face to face after months of instant messenger conversation about their use of DIDXchange! We are excited to have them on board at DIDXchange, and look forward to their company's success.

* I'll be glad when my blog feed to Facebook stops showing embedded source code as that and starts showing as in this case a link to Youtube TV.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

INFO's Josh Snow in AllTel's Tire Changing Contest

Indian Nations Fiber Optics' Josh Snow (Network Provisioning) almost beat the AllTel's Tire-Changing Record by 1 second at Fall Comptel 2007, and Suzanne Bowen of DIDXchange was the lucky one to catch it on camera. is his website. booth at Comptel really rocked!!! And I can't wait to find out more about the Indian Nations Fiber Optics business. Hope to see him and you at Fall VON Oct 30- Nov 1, 2007 in Boston, MA. Other events we sponsor and will participate in are listed at Interop Berlin, Mobile Business Expo, International SIP Conference & WIMAX Summit 2008, and NXTCOMM 2008.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

First Female VoIP CEO

At Fall Comptel 2007, a CLEC vice president greeted me with a warm handshake, said she loved my DIDXchange shirt with "Sept 10, 2007, Free Hugs Day" on the back and then said, "I admire you for being the first female CEO of a voice over Internet company in global history."

Me? I googled away on my b-berry with key words "first female voip ceo" to see if there were any before December 1999 when we officially incorporated the business. My vanity was racing at full speed.
Here's what I found...
First, Google asked me, "Did you mean: first female voice ceo..."

1. First Woman, Arlene Harris, Inducted Into Wireless Hall of Fame

"The co-founder and CEO of GreatCall, Inc., Arlene Harris, became the first female innovator ever inducted into the RCR Wireless News Hall of Fame. Announced last Saturday, the Hall of Fame honor recognizes Harris' significant contributions to the development and advancement of wireless communications, including innovation of the first automation to manage paging as well as mobile telephone and cellular businesses in the fledgling wireless industries, starting as early as 1973."

2. Ruckus Wireless CEO First Women to Win Industry Statesman of the Year
"Ruckus Wireless, Inc. announced that its president and CEO, Ms. Selina Lo, was honored as the "Industry Statesman of the Year" for a privately-held company by Light Reading magazine at its prestigious Leading Lights annual awards program in New York City. Ms. Lo becomes the first woman to win the award."

3. Several links to Meg Whitman, CEO of eBAY...

Okay, so then I tried "female voip ceo" which led me to ...
1. Another top female CEO calls it a day... "Maori Queen, as well as the CEOs of major companies such as sharemarket leader Telecom"... at which is a broken link at this second in history.

The others URLs in the list were way off from what I was looking for, "female voip ceo."

Next, I gave in a little and got more general, tried keywords "female voip." What did I find?

1. The phrase The VoIP Girl which linked to Tom Keating, CTO, VP, and founder of TMC Labs as well as journalist report for Internet Telephony magazine. The gal has been blogging about VoIP since mid 2006! The picture looks like Sandra Bullock stretched out in front her laptop. (48 Hours is one of my favorite movies.)

I clicked from there to read the VoIP Girl blog and browsed her thoughts on the Truphone (David) and T-Mobile (Goliath) story, LCR and AvantiMobile, Jajah Says No Headset is Best, and Gizmo Project Problems. (I must review Gizmo Project myself on this blog because it is one of my favorite voIP services.)

2. This was followed by The VoIP Connection Asterisk Superstore :: Accesories :: 50 Pin ... 50 Pin Amphenol Female/Male Telco Cable ideal for use with 24 Port Telco Patch Panel and2400 series Digium Card. Stop laughing!

3. Voip Software - Female Voices - MorphVOX Add-on, Male Voices ROFLMAO!

My conclusions. is good at finding and promoting every tidbit of global voIP news. Meg Whitman is the covergirl of female-owned business. I'll start reading VoIP Girl. Got in my favorites in a few places. And really it doesn't matter whether I am or am not the first female CEO of a voIP company. Who cares if the VoIP company is run by a male, female or bot? Who cares who was first? As long as the users are getting what they need. The Supertec Team is thinking of the global entrepreneurs, CLECs and wireless operators it supports via DIDXchange even in its sleep!

But I do thank the CLEC VP who made me feel kind of full of myself for a moment.

Monday, October 08, 2007

MetroOne's Linda Hurd, Nancy Palacios, Women at Work in Telephony

MetroOne provides call centers onshore only with live operator services, automation... they also talk about why they love Comptel... ... video taken by Suzanne Bowen of global wholesale phone number exchange ...

Cowboy-Topped Bostonian Richard Koch, RNKTEL, Explains Why Comptel

RNK Communications is a USA industry leader in telecommunications, a member of DIDXchange since 2005, and a member of Comptel since 2002. Suzanne Bowen interviewed him at Comptel Fall 2007 in Grapevine, Texas at the RNKtel booth.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Communications over IP Show off on Video (DIDXchange and also telx)

Suzanne Bowen (that's me) from global phone number exchange of 7000 Internet Telephony Service Providers is not the only one filming video interviews of conference attendees at events such as Comptel Plus Fall Convention & Expo in Grapevine, Texas area Oct 6-9, 2007 and Fall VON 2007 in Boston Oct 29 - Nov 1, 2007, but also telx!

Get interviewed by both of us, DIDXchange's Suzanne Bowen and telx's Jennifer Sauer. Look for me Suzanne Bowen at Comptel and Fall VON 2007 (the one with the black polo and red embroidered on back and also at booth 1263 at Fall VON 2007.

We invite you and your Communications over Internet Protocol company to take advantage and showcase your company on video. DIDXchange's Suzanne Bowen will put you on Youtube and where the those interested in voIP and everyone will see.

Below is the message sent out by Telx...
telx is on the road again and this time we will be in Dallas. We would be delighted to spend some time with you while we're there. Please schedule some time to meet with us, here is where we will be:
Event: COMPTEL PLUS Fall Convention & EXPO telx will be holding meetings
on: October 8th & October 9th Time: 8:00am - 7:00pm
Location Details: Gaylord Texan Convention Center
telx Meeting Suite: Fort Worth 5, 3rd Floor, Ballroom Level
You still have not been interviewed for telxvision? Now's your chance!

Date: telx will be shooting interviews & customer commercials on October 8th ONLY

Time: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Location Details: Gaylord Texan Convention Center telxvision
Suite: Palomino 1, 3rd Floor, Lone Star Tower
For more info on scheduling a telxvision interview please contact Jennifer Sauer at jsauer @

To learn more about how telxvision can benefit your company click here
Click here to view our recent telxvision interviews.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions about VON to Suzanne of DIDXchange

Not that Suzanne! The other one you know from Linkedin, video interviews, Youtube, Facebook, running, DIDxchange, etc.

Q: Everyone is asking, who will be exhibiting at Fall VON (VOICE, VIDEO, and VISION on the NET) in Boston, Massachusetts Oct 30 - Nov 1, 2007?


Q: How can you sign up to attend the conference sessions, visit the exhibits, hear the keynote speeches, attend Jeff Pulver's VON party, and network at all the receptions, lunches and breakfasts and other social events? Are there discounts and free passes?


Q: Suzanne, do you work for VON? Why do you always talk about VON, ITEXPO, NXTCOMM, GTM, PTC, Wimax World, Gitex, VON Europe, VON Mexico, ITCN Asia, and the other voIP and IT conferences?

A: No, I do not. I do have great respect for the VON team, especially Joanne Varello. Our company Super Technologies, Inc. believes that there are several advantages to meeting in person in one location to develop business.
1. Save money, i.e., spend it one time on lodging, flight, etc. to meet with several.
2. Save resources such as paper, electricity, etc. (Think green and stop waste.)
3. Pool the brightest minds to one location to save time.
4. Educate yourself.
5. Share your expertise in one location.
6. Meet several 1000 to develop business and possibly form new friendships. (Example: I've made 100s of new friends in the voIP by discovering the runners among the industry. We meet and run early in the AM and talk shop but also about life.)
7. We often sponsor these events as an association sponsor and daily recommend the events to our global wholesale direct inward dialing marketplace of as of Oct 2, 2007... 7000+ ITSPs of all types from over 100 nations in the world because of # 1-7.

See you at booth 1263 at Fall VON 2007! Schedule now an appt for a video interview showcasing your company's services and why you are attending VON. If you're a runner, contact me to run in the early AM. I need encouragement, too.

DIDX DIDXchange QoS (36 hours Delete) global wholesale phone number exchange enables traditional and web 2.0 type telcos to buy and/or sell DID direct inward dialing phone numbers. Part of Qos is the ability to delete a DID you are not happy with ... within 36 hours of the initial purchase and have the original invoices automatically deleted from your company's DIDX dashboard ledger.