Wednesday, February 28, 2007

DIDX invites you to check out DEBI Institute's Digital Ecosystem Simulation

Digital ecosystems... I didn't call it that in early 2005 when our company Super Technologies, Inc. started the beta of DIDX... but check out this interactive simulation of digital ecosystems from DEBI Institute in Australia. Love it!!! Have fun.

A digital ecosystem was discovered in August 2005 when a few incumbent telcos and voice entrepreneurs of Australia, UK, Poland, Pakistan, and USA chose the disruption of Super Technologies, Inc. CTO Rehan Ahmed's invention DIDXchange. Determined to meet the needs of their customer bases, realize new revenues in the competitive communications market, and add practical VAR, these few Don Quixotes believed, took advantage and helped to build the "phone number" exchange to a successful and mutually empowering 4700 member conglomerate.

The diverse population components of IP communication service providers exchange DID (direct inward dialing) over SIP, IAX2 and H323. They complete a simple 7 step interop to embrace the instant inter-connect among the DIDX open-standards environment. The DIDX members ... ILECs, CLECs, calling card operators, instant message providers, contact centers, mobile operators, and enterprise consultants are proactive personalities. They are the DIDX environment that transcends traditional centralized, closed environments into an open, flexible, demand-driven one that spells survival for all who participate.

In addition, systems integrators, applications service providers, managed and hosted service providers tap the DIDX complimentary buyer and seller API to increase the value of their software solutions. They manipulate the code to show only the DID with the feature set that the ASP's customer's market requires regarding quality, price, NPAs, calling card use allowed, number of channels, and more. Agileco of USA and OpenMind Communications of South Africa are just two the many who harness the power of the DIDX API plugin to enable their customers to grab niche markets not possible before.

DIDX's unique business model of on-demand DID exchange of blocks from 1 -10,000+ DID makes it easier for IP communication entities to grow their customer base from local to global, proven by the case studies of startups GlobalVON (Latin America and USA), Comm4US (Middle East) and and trend-setting SIPPHONE (USA). DIDX charges no membership fee, all wholesalers are welcome, and no company is barred from participation as long as terms and conditions are followed.

DIDX members avoid hiring new staff to conduct business on DIDX because Super Technologies, Inc. developed and designed the complimentary DIDX automated processes including wholesale billing, CRM, CDR, and DID testing from the ground up by the company CTO and its research and development team based in its USA, China and Middle East offices.

Wholesale IP companies are running away from stagnant, traditional, centralized, closed models and into the robust demand driven interactive DIDX community that offers cost-effective sale and purchase of phone numbers from 50+ nations. It open platform and mutually rewarding growth and trade grabs the largest and remotest IP communication entities away from doing business as always to business collaboration, cooperation, and competition simultaneously, enhancing each other's success in the global market.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Snickers Marathon Team and DIDXchange

SnickersMarathonTeam and DIDXchange have something cool in common, I see... opportunities to participate in truly disruptive and empowering ecosystems.

I must say that I'm proud my husband Michael Bowen was chosen to be among the select 300 of fast, dedicated marathon runners on the team 2007. He's currently the RRCA rep for the northern half of Florida, coaches the Emerald Coast Racing Team of which I am the caboose at best 26 1/2 minute 5K PR and 2 hour 1/2 marathon PR. That shows you the difference between me and him. He can run a 5 K one and one half times and come in the same time I do. ;-) I'll add his PR's on here soon.

1500 meters - 5:15 (Deming, NM - 1980)
Mile - 5:20 (Pensacola, FL - 2004)
4 miles - 23:43 (Make-it-to-the-Line 4-Miler, Perdido Key, FL - 2006)
23:45 (Veterans' 4-Miler, NAS Pensacola, FL - 2005)certified course
5000 meters - 17:42(NW Fl YMCA Jingle Bell Run, Pensacola, FL 2005) certified course
10000 meters - 37:08 (Azalea Trail Run, Mobile, AL - 2006) certified course
15000 meters - 59:05 (Double Bridge Run, Pensacola, FL - 2007)certified course
Half Marathon - 1:24:37(Country Music, Nashville, TN - 2006) certified course
Marathon - 3:56:48 (San Diego Marathon, San Diego, CA - 2004)certified course

May the 4700+ IP communications companies participating in DIDX and the 300 members of the Snickers Marathon Team continue to kick cola! Boom shakalaka!

--- SnickersMarathonTeam wrote:

> Subject: Acceptance documents for 2007 Snickers Marathon Team
> Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 17:02:26 -0800
> From: "SnickersMarathonTeam"
> Dear Snickers Marathon Team Applicant Michael Bowen:
> Congratulations - you have been selected as a member of the 2007
> Snickers Marathon Team! Selection for the 2007 team was based on the
> following factors: overall leadership and athletic skills, frequency
> of
> participation in events and competition, sphere of influence within
> training circles, primary sport of competition, 2006 greatest
> accomplishments and overall dedication to the sport. Further
> standards
> as set forth by the sponsor were taken into consideration.
> Below is a list of the attached documents and actions needed by you
> to
> complete your membership with the 2007 Snickers Marathon Team:
> 1. Athlete Agreement - Review full agreement. Upon completion,
> sign and date page 3. You may sign the Agreement electronically in
> order to e-mail the document to
> You
> may also print the Agreement to sign, then either scan and e-mail to
> the
> above address or fax the Agreement to 858.964.3978 with a cover page.
> 2. 2007 Tentative Race Schedule - Please fill out your 2007
> tentative race schedule (include at least six events) and return with
> the above Agreement. The form has been formatted to allow you to
> fill
> out each cell electronically. We're aware that race plans are
> subject
> to change, but please fill out the schedule to the best of your
> knowledge.
> 3. Media Incentive Rewards Program summary - Review summary in
> full. You are automatically enrolled in the program when you submit
> your
> Athlete Agreement to Active Marketing Group.
> Athlete Agreements must be received no later Monday, February 26,
> 2007.
> But don't delay - get your paperwork in as soon as possible to secure
> your spot. Agreements not received by the due date are automatically
> void. Please contact us at with any
> questions.
> Again, we look forward to a successful and exciting season. Once
> Agreements are received, you can expect to receive your athlete
> welcome
> kit by early March. Please add to
> your
> contact list - this is our primary way of keeping in touch and we
> don't
> want you to miss out on any of the communication!
> Best regards,
> Snickers Marathon Team management
> Active Marketing Group

Monday, February 19, 2007

Denial of Application to IP Communications Ecosystem Voice Industry Disrupter by VoIP Fraternity

From: The guy who has to give the bad news
Date: Feb 16, 2007 2:45 PM
Subject: Re: (Fwd) (Fwd) Denial of membership in the voIP Fraternity
To: Innovative Communications Disrupter
Cc: Your dog Rubin


We had a chance to discuss your request and we regret to inform you that we will not be able to accommodate your company to participate in the VoIP Fraternity.

We believe your IP communications ecosystem of wholesale telco from 151 countries who trade DID over SIP, IAX2 and H323 is not a fit for the VoIP Fraternity nor for any of our activities at this time. Though it is true that the DID (phone number) is one of most crucially important pieces of the identity of an enterprise, smb, consumer and non-consumer, the DID ecosystem does empower both small VoIP entrepreneur and converged applications providers as well as the most powerful incumbents and instant message providers to meet their needs, you just don't fit our mold.

Should anything change in the future, we will keep in touch with you.

Thank you and appreciate your understanding.


The guy who has to give the bad news
VoIP Fraternity, Inc.

Monday, February 05, 2007