Thursday, March 27, 2008

Network in Beautiful Dubai, United Arab Emirates May 21-22, 2008

Wow, we and our 9000 partners as well as global telecommunications companies and other interested parties have the opportunity to visit with colleagues, partners, and potential customers in beautiful Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the 2ND TELECOM FINANCE MIDDLE EAST and AFRICA Conference. We hope this includes YOU!

DIDX is proud to be a media sponsor and wants you to be involved. The event is scheduled for May 21-22, 2008 at the world renowned Madinat Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. You can sign up at

The 2ndTelecom Finance Middle East and Africa event has announced the theme of this year’s event will be the search for growth – international expansion, investment and consolidation. The event takes place 21-22 May 2008 at the prestigious Madinat Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai (

Telecom Finance Middle East Africa 2008 continues to build on its reputation in the region as the foremost networking opportunity for players engaged in the sector, providing high value content and market insight, an information exchange and learning experience. The program will include high calibre speakers from financial institutions, service companies, as well as leaders of telecom organizations among others.

Combined with a ‘who’s-who’ delegate profile, the 2-day event has an academy of more than 40 speakers and experts, hosts the annual TMT Middle East and Africa dinner, and is positioned as the premier networking hub for senior executives at telecom operators and supplier organizations, who will meet with financiers, private equity investors, investment bankers, legal advisers, and other professional intermediaries focused on the sector. For further details please
email the event coordinators at

Written by one of the Super Technologies, Inc. and DIDX Care Team! We hope to meet with you at this exciting telecommunications and finance conference. Other events DIDX sponspors are listed at

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Telecom Industry with a Running Problem ;-)

Michael Coffee and Alex Adams with Commetrex at VON.x Spring 2008 in San Jose. We discuss Peachtree 10K in Atlanta we should run together sometime. (Me and all my wows, gotta change that! My DIDX team tells me I say that 50 million times a day.) Maybe some scuba diving? We definitely want to organize some morning runs during telecommunications conferences for all of us telecom industry members who have a running problem. ;-) Let's start a group Telecom Runners or hmmm... got any ideas for a cool name for the group?

It would be a great way to share with each other the races we plan to participate in and to organize morning runs during conferences... Besides most of us have to sit at a desk all day on a PC, cell phone, and voip phone. We need to run!

NXTcomm08, the DNA for all Things Broadband (Code DIVS)

That's what people are saying, the tools inside the nucleus of broadband communications industry that carry the all-important genetic information of innovation.

Las Vegas is the location for NXTcomm08 JUne 16-19, 2008. (Two times in one year for me... I'm in LV Mar 30 - Apr 5 for CTIA Wireless!)

So why did DIDX decide to be a media sponsor for NXTcomm08?

Why? We know we will be in touch with those who have expertise in the following areas that we and our DIDX partners are interested in:

* Mobile marketing and advertising tactics
* Lifestyle devices
* Enabling technologies
* Internet video
* * Entertainment and business applications (Oh, you mean technology can actually accomplish something? ;-)
* Triple and Quadruple Play
* IPTV ... (Thanks to my friend Karen Campagna of Cisco, I'm a little educated on this now.)
* High-grade VoD
* Value-added services
* Licensing
* User generated content
* Digital Rights Management
* Content creation
* Digital Cinema
* Green products and technologies and the Green Pavilion
* Billing, fulfillment, customer support, service delivery and network management in the OSS/BSS area

A free exhibits plus pass entitles You To:
* The entire NXTcomm08 Exhibit Floor
* Every single NXTcomm08 keynote speaker
* All NXTcomm08 programming(special free conference sessions each day, that's great!)
* Each NXTcomm08 Special Interest Session
* The entire InfoComm08 exhibit floor (Cool! Two shows in one!)

The free exhibits plus pass is available through June 15, 2008 when you enter the code DIVS. ($195 after that) So please don't wait. You might as well go ahead and register yourself now at with the DIVS code.

As media sponsor, Super Technologies, Inc. shares information about the most exciting events around the world that we believe our 9000+ wholesale communications partners on DIDXchange are interested in. Members receive the information from us via event logo, events page, weekly newsletter, daily portal announcements, Facebook events, blog posts, press releases, and video and pictorial recordings during the events.

P.S. See you next week Mar 30 - Apr 5, 2008 at CTIA Wireless. We're at booth 7035 for DIDX, representing our 9000+ global wholesale partners who buy, sell and trade direct inward dialing phone numbers. CLECs, voip companies, wireless operators, and more, you're welcome to join at

Monday, March 17, 2008

Business Value for SMEs of 3d Virtual Worlds

Muy interesante, Lee! Check out what's cooking for Lee Hopkins as he progesses with his PhD... business value for SMEs of 3d virtual worlds such as Second Life at And he needs partners for this research project. The requirements on his web page.

Sales Manager Position in a Hot Mobile Service Company

Do you believe you have what it takes to fill this position in a company of a friend of mine? The company is hot!!!! If you think yes! ... then, message me on Facebook or call 1 850 439 3332 and leave your name, phone number, email address and that it's about the sales manager position. It will help if I know you and have at least spoken to you once or more in person! ;-) I’m at VON.x and Digium Asterisk World(booth 539 of DIDX and running around a lot in meetings, etc.) in San Jose this week through Mar. 21 Friday.

Job Title: Sales Manager
Description: Reports to Director of Business Development

Position Description
• Responsible for achieving the annual sales goals
• Develop and execute sales strategies that result in the closure of new Sales for cellular phone service (ip) products
• Manage the sales cycle from lead to closure including the preparation of:
1. Demos
2. Presentations
3. Proposals
• Lead deal negotiations with customers
• Collaborate with Delivery, Product Marketing, Product Management as required

Skills & Experience • Telecommunication sales experience North America– At least 5 years- Mandatory
• Experience selling to Telecommunications, Fixed network operators, Service providers, Calling Card providers, MVNOs . and large companies in the Communications Industry
• Strong understanding of the wireless industry: handsets, networks, new technologies and services.
• Deep Knowledge and Rich Experience in sales via Distribution channels – Mandatory
• Experience closing large deals
• Experience with building strong business relationships with Clients at the Sr. Executive level
• Deal maker and deal closer personality
• Must be willing to travel at least 50% of the time
• Working from home office

B.S. Degree or Higher required

Audio Coding Should Fit the Natural Sounds of Local Language

Anders Carlius CEO of TerraNet, Sweden shares his inspiration and makes some excellent points about doing business in developing nations. It's only rewarding when it is geared exactly for their specific needs. For example the audio coding should fit the natural sounds of the local language, choose familar technologies. (Terranet makes phones that are especially for a specific geographic area of the world.)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rethinking Technology, Is it Really Me against You?

Jim Van Meggelen made several interesting points and redefined a few items for us at Ecomm 2008. He is one of 3 authors of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony (found on Google Reader, Amazon, in your local library and more). He takes you into the mind of an SMB who is generally not as turned on as you are by new technologies nor taking risks but needs what will work to meet his needs.

He describes the typical IT department, often no one or the son of the owner. ;-) This is just a piece of the presentation. I learned much more from him and his partner Joel over dinner Friday night, but even more fun, we kind of became a new collaborative think tank for each other.

The company he represents serves SMBs with phones that don't lock them to one vendor, services that feel like the old stuff but better, with commoditized platforms, more flexible and scalable than they ever dreamed of.

Last, I grabbed a memorable quote: "If we don't hang together, we will hang separately = Co-opetition." Kudos to Jim! (I taught English for 16 years and always enjoyed the coining of new words to help the listener/reader to understand more the speaker/writer's thoughts. )

And besides, it's exactly one of DIDX's reasons for existing! Co-opetition. Throw out the "we are better than you," "change for the sake of change," "we are cooler than you are," and "fill in the blank _______ is dead" = the digitally smugs' attitude. How utterly claustrophobic. Ditch the digitally smug peer pressure and let's gather the best value in all of us from the past and present, the telco and the rethink, the incumbent and the web 2.0, traditions and innovations. Entities previously perceived as competitors cooperating with success for all.

Jim is the President and CTO of Core Telecom Innovations, a Canadian-based provider of open-source telephony solutions. (See everyone on Facebook and in person at VON.x in San Jose!)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Turn a Webpage into a handset: Rethink at Ecomm 2008

I'd been reading Tim Panton on the Asterisk-biz list and met him in person at Ecomm 2008. A refreshing positive communicator. Not one to dis every other poster. Really impressed with his knowledge and decided to record him describing what he's up to.

He's turning the web page into a handset, by embedding a lightweight cross browser softphone into web sites and mashing it up with the rest of the site.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ITGulfcoast Alan Woods DigitalFX International Streaming Media

PENSACOLA, FL - ITGulfCoast, an Information Technology Association for the Gulf Coast, will hold their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, Mar 26th 2008 at PJC Downtown. Alan Woods, representing DigitalFX International will discuss how businesses can utilize streaming media to increase their sales, to strengthen relationships, decrease advertising and marketing cost.

Multimedia & Streaming Video Technology for Today's Business

Small business are looking for ways to use streaming media to increase their sales, to strengthen relationships, and to decrease advertising and marketing costs. Alan Woods will discuss some important issues for entrepreneurs who are seeking to grow their business with streaming media.

How do you effectively and efficiently market with video?
How do small businesses thrive in the YouTube world?
Why do some videos soar and others crash?
What are some of the guiding principles to a good video?
Speaker Information

Alan L. Woods is a media consultant representing Helloworld and DigitalFX International. He has been in real estate acquisitions and a small business entrepreneur for over 20 years. His love for technology applications was born in a college basics programming course and he has been utilizing it in marketing and sales since 1985. Alan is a designated e-Pro, has been awarded the Rising Star award for innovative marketing and sales. He is a past member of the Pensacola Association of Realtors Business Development Committee. He consults with and trains Realtors and small business owners in streaming media marketing techniques.

DigitalFX International, Inc., operates as a digital communications and Web-based social networking company. Its products include Video Mail, Video IM, Live Webcasting Podcasting. The company also hosts and markets, a Web portal that provides subscribers with a spectrum of streaming video content, as well as an integrated suite of consumer-oriented streaming media applications, including video email, video chat, and live Web-casting; and offers Web 2.0 communication tools that enable users to create, transcode, send, manage, and store various forms of digital media content.

Meeting Details

This meeting will be held at the PJC Downtown Center The meeting starts at 11:30am and ends at 1:00pm. The cost for lunch is $12 per person. Cold lunches will be provided by Aegean Breeze.

Register for this Event
To register for this event, please visit click the Register Now button. Payment can be made by cash or check (made out to ITGULFCOAST.ORG) at the event or in advance by using Paypal.

The meeting is open to all ITGULFCOAST members, guests and to the public. For more information call 850-932-4713 or visit the organization's website at

(Suzanne Bowen is the outgoing chairman of ITGulfcoast and now an at-large board member.)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Presidential Campaign Everything oIP Proposals Requested

Have you noticed how successfully the Obama campaign has used the internet to win votes and finances? We have a request for the same approach for a central African presidential election scheduled for 2011 when the requester's candidacy will be announced.

The particular country where the election will be ... does have internet and mobile phones. But these tools are used by the intellectual few (10 Million, 3 million active/daily).

He knows that open source technologies make what was once formidably expensive, now quite affordable, scalable and flexible. He would like to start talking to companies now so he can make his decision soon and have his network up by 2010. Please message me on Facebook with your name, company, website address, email address, and phone number, so I can introduc you to this team.

We realize that there are several members as well as those not participating in, but are well-respected in the global telecommunications over IP industry, who are capable of putting together a comprehensive, easy to use, affordable Internet package to make this a reality. Let's get you introduced to the presidential candidate's team. Alternatively email, attention: Suzanne Bowen re: Presidential Campaign Internet Solution Request.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pulvermedia and Digium to Produce AstriCon Sept 23-25 Arizona

Wow, this is so cool. I remember my small seat on the Open Source Round Table at IEXPO West 2005 with Alan Percy of AudioCodes, Charles Studt of VoEX, Ron Lott of Sun Microsystems, William J. Rich of Pingtel Corp., Chris Lyman of Fonality and Mark Spencer of Digium. I had to drive the highway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles in a rental car with an automatic transmission. (My cars have always been manual.) I had just learned I'd be speaking on this panel that day and was composing my thoughts about everything over IP. When I arrived in L.A., I understood why the car wasn't moving up hills very well. The emergency brake was on all the way. Hmm... What's so cool? Check this out.

Pulvermedia has partnered with Digium to produce their annual gathering of the Asterisk Open Source Telephony community, otherwise known as AstriCon. Now in its 5th year, AstriCon 2008 will take place in Glendale, Arizona on September 23 - 25, 2008.

Some may feel a bit digitally smug and insist that paying one's employees a salary and paying your bills do not mix with open source, that it's only for geeks. What's a geek? Tell me what they look like. They look like me and you, and I being of the non-digitally smug am realistic. I want to do it all; get the payroll to the SuperTec team, pay the bills, and be a part of empowering the world with exciting communications opportunities that are possible because of open source.

If selling or buying products or services and mixing/mashing up in the exploding open source IP telephony market is part of your company´s growth strategy, you'll want to tap into and leverage the audience that will be at AstriCon.

Please visit the AstriCon 2008 web site to learn more at

Today marks the official opening of the event floor, for companies who wish to reserve space, sponsorships and event marketing opportunities. Don´t miss this limited opportunity to join us in September; space and sponsorships are in short supply so please contact Christopher E. Erb, COO of Pulvermedia Events to take active part in AstriCon 2008.

This time, I'll take the emergency brake off. See you at Astricon. DIDX will participate and build community at this gathering, for sure. We can't wait!