Thursday, May 21, 2009

Feel Clueless about Twitter?

Several have asked me how to use Twitter. I'm no expert, okay? But Twitter is appealing to at least three learning styles with information of how to use Twitter with video, audio, and text. Watch the Twitter demonstration video at

1. Set up an account.
2. Decide on and type your message.
3. Find people to follow.
4. Adjust your settings.
5. You can choose to receive Tweets on your cell phone (SMS). You can read and write Tweets on your computer or on the data side of your cell phone. Keep in mind that Twitter does not charge for text messages, but your wireless provider probably does.
6. Customize the appearance of your Twitter profile.
7. You can upload photos and use third party tools to do all kinds of things with Twitter.
8. Check out Trending Topics and use the search option with keywords of your interest.
9. Interested in creating your own app? All these apps were built using their easy-to-learn API.

I am one of the least experience in Tweetism etiquette and language, so don't see me as a mentor, but I do enjoy reading my network's Tweets and at least once per week, Tweet my own thoughts, recommendations, service collaborations offered, and more. Hey, President Barack Obama announced his VP selection via Twitter!

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