Thursday, December 08, 2011

One Life for Every Lie ... Lays Bare Child Prostitution and Child Trafficking

After 8 years managing fitness centers, 15 years teaching middle school English and Gifted Studies, 15 years as a small business co-founder and co-owner in the telecommunications industry, and at age 52, I've decided to focus attention, effort, and time on research, analysis, and showcasing of global problems that people want to pretend are not real. "One Life for Every Lie" is an independent film that is my latest discovery that needs help and attention. It does not have the backing of MGM, Disney, Pixar, or other well-known movie companies. It lays bare an issue that people do not want to talk about that is bigger than drug trafficking and oil wars: kidnapping, child prostitution, sex trafficking, and illegal organ trafficking.

When people stop ignoring the reality of this global underworld evil and start confronting it to stop it, the future will be brighter, much brighter and promising for our world's children especially.

Comment by Graceland: "It has always been a matter of policy within Graceland never to use our wallets when we can use our brains. However, with the project all but finished, there is a number of costs that - while we have worked hard to minimize - we are ultimately unable to differ. Fundraising through this community-modeled online campaign will go towards finalizing Graceland's color and sound mix and creating the costly deliverables - such as DCP transfers - necessary to bring the project to festivals and the public more broadly.

The project has been fortunate to benefit from the contributions of a many talented artists and technicians along the way, who have worked tirelessly to make Graceland a reality.

We thank you for your support and encouragement as we work to bring this crucial project to a broader community."

Learn more about human, child and sex trafficking and what each of us can do to stop it, even small things we can do, like contribute the IndieFilm about it on Kickstarter and read more at

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