Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tunnel-vision Customer Service and Sales

I laugh so much when I watch some of these FoneJacker movies, but the thing this showcases so well is how each of us in just about any company any where in the world can get in a rut. We think there is only one way to do business, and our way is the right way. We try to sell our product and services and do not listen to the customer. We develop business as if we have no audience who might want to interact, like we are really just developing business with ourselves.

Criticism is hard to take, but it can turn us around into a new and better direction. I receive questions about the way our company does business, where we're all from (Mexico, Pakistan, UAE, and the DEEP SOUTH), the way our ESOL employees write and speak English*, and how our services work, and I'm glad I do.

* I have never received criticism as to how I speak and write Urdu/Hindi.

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