Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Todo to Tada Friends are Deeply Appreciated

While sharing wine and green tea gelato with my ANA flight neighbor 
Earthlings have more in common than they have in difference. One of the commonalities is the wish to set goals and reach them. "Todo" is a task that a person hopes to complete. "Tada" is a task that has been completed.

Left-brained, extroverted people tend to be great todo tada people because they are super organizers and team players, and they are able to turn more todo into tada than most of us because they do this with us. That is what someone said to me while I was in flight from Tokyo to Houston yesterday.

Do you agree? Or does that skill take another combination? What does each type of person bring to the table to turn the items on the "to do" list into items on the "tada list?" Who do you call to help you move "Todos" to "Tadas?" What form of communication do you use most to do this?

Todo to Tada industry and personal friends are deeply appreciated
In my work with DIDX, book editing and marketing, Suzahdi custom design leather jackets and such, I call Eric Klein of Purple Toga Publishing, Phonebnb, Greenfield Technology; Peter Dunkley at Xura, Gavin McMilan of Sippy Software, Muneeb Iqbal, Jenny Callicott at MakeItSo, Daniel-Constantin Mierla of Kamailio, Michael Bowen, Rich Tehrani of TMCnet, Kelly Branchal of Elegant Group Inc, Soosaiya Anthreas, book author of "The Dance of the Sea", and  respected guy at Samsung; Rehan Allahwala of DIDX and Rehan School, Ahsan Saleem of DIDX, Brea Lombard, a medical student and my niece... I call or message their VoIP DID phone number, cell phone number, Skype, Whatsapp, TringMe, Google Hangout, or Facebook, whatever is most convenient for them. 

(I am careful to not ask too much too often from them.)

My husband Michael Bowen first used "Todo Tada" phrase in 2004, and he still does on a regular basis to describe my daily challenge to move "Todos" into "Tadas!"

This blog post was my first "Todo" for today. Next "todos" to turn to "tadas," I will run 5 miles, clean up, check my schedule, write press releases, call new DIDX customers and vendors, write more articles for Techistan, TMCNet "Monetizing IP Communications"; do follow up from CommunicAsia, start planning for Cluecon, call and thank latest Suzahdi leather jacket customers, meet friends at Cantina Grill at 4 PM, meet husband and friends for trivia contest and dinner at Dick's Grill...

It's a positive thing!

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Scott and Haven and the Rail Sing I Found Love in a Thrift Store

My son and my granddaughter sing a song that my son wrote on Chesapeake, VA TV. "I Found Love in a Thrift Store" is the name of the song. You might not be able to watch it unless you are using Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you can't watch the embedded version below, click on "sing a song" above.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catch Me If You Can Age-Graded 5K (Pursuit) Benefit Run - First in Pensacola

The course for Pensacola's first Catch Me If You Can Age-Graded 5K (Pursuit) Benefit Run starts and ends at Fairchild Park, 2029 Fairchild Drive, Pensacola, FL 32504. It starts at 8 AM on Saturday, August 17, 2013. For now, sign up at Active.com. Sign up at IMathlete.com. Sign up at SignMeUp.com. Facebook event page is at https://www.facebook.com/events/119207428279422/?directed_target_id=0.

Age/gender groups get 30 second staggered starts with typically slowest average pace going first and fastest going last. This means, for example, that females 70 plus will start around 8 to 9 minutes before males age 18 - 37. ;-) Sounds pretty motivated for everyone. We have a fun party scheduled for afterward including complimentary massages, hair foil twists, and nail art and polishs for paid bibbed participants. Volunteers who fulfill their promised work detail and sponsors will receive cool perks also. Thank you to all involved.

We need you, too.

Our sponsors include:  Pensacola Harley Davidson, Edward Jones - Matt Peacock (Langley Ave), Running Wild. Anytime Fitness - Downtown Pensacola, Ozone Pizza Pub, Frank Hughes Law Firm, Fortis Institute, Winn Dixie 9th Ave, Walmart Creighton, Measurement Integrity LLC, Elegant Group Inc, Robert Thompson, Lee and Carole Wright

We welcomedonations, volunteers, runners, walkers, sponsors and your willingness to help us publicize.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Politics and Taxes, Don't Confuse me with the Facts

Would we rather bull-doggedly hang on to one political candidate and party or the other even when faced with the facts that reality is not about either one but instead, it's about knowledge or the lack of it? Many are feeling extreme emotions regarding Mother Jones' leaking the contents of a recent Romney speech. It portrayed the 47 % of those in USA who do not pay taxes as feeling like victims, wanting the government to take care of them and feeling entitled. Not paying taxes is mostly about the knowledge of how not to pay taxes and using that knowledge, and we are all guilty at one time or another.

Who doesn't pay taxes, and can we honestly say they all feel entitled and like victims and want the rest of us to foot their bill?

1. 22 % of the 47 % who did not pay 2011 income taxes were the elderly who were living on social security. Entitled? Victimized? Want the rest of us to take care of them?

2. Over two dozen of the Fortune 500 corporations did not pay income taxes. Entitled? Victimized? Want the rest of us to take care of them?

3. Many of all income levels do not count their income (which may be in addition to their main job or not)  any of the following: yard sale proceeds, freelance work online or in person, mowing lawns, home repair for other people, babysitting, and Amazon and eBay sales. Do you? Don't answer out loud. Just answer to yourself.

4. Around 17 % of the 47 % who did not pay 2011 income taxes were students or low income workers. Entitled? Victimized? Want the rest of us to take care of them? Wow, I remember my first job at McDonald's at age 17. I worked 40 hours a week at $1.20 per hour, and I was also a full-time student at Pensacola Junior College. I paid Social Security and Medicare Payroll Taxes, but always paid very little income tax. Thank goodness, or I never would have been able to transport myself back and forth to work and college. I would have had to quit both.

5. Who else doesn't pay taxes? Read a fair-minded, logical, non-emotional description of those who don't have to pay taxes and other such information:



Quit blaming a political party, a government official and such. Don't get upset about Romney's comments about the 47% who do not pay taxes ... neither agreeing with him in anger or disagreeing with him in anger.  Get educated on what is legal and what is not. Knowledge is power. Share that knowledge like I am here. Stand up on your own feet and take what is rightfully yours by the law. Let us teach each other to question our uninformed preconceptions but with the facts, not conjecture, not blanket statements, and not emotionally-filled insults.

* Source of photo: http://chronicle.augusta.com/news/metro/2011-12-03/downtown-augusta-fireworks-parade-celebrate-christmas-season

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