Sunday, August 30, 2009

Conference Swag that Lives on, Mobile Purses

Mobile Pouches are a Hit for Advertising

Believe me, our company has tried all kinds of swag conference giveaways from DIDX or Virtualphoneline booths at conferences around the world. Top 4 with the first one as the most popular to least.
1. Mobile pouches, useful, look great!
2. Coffee mugs
3. T-shirts
4. Pens

When we have success in any way in business, we at Super Technologies, Inc. are ready to share the idea, process, plan, or whatever it is. We believe in the open source type sharing and contribution by and among all. So... we offer to you the opportunity to order mobile pouches from our connection at Handycrafts. They are $2.99 (USD) each, but if you place the order and say that you want them to say real tiny somewhere "powered by DIDXchange" and that you heard about it either on Suzanne's Blog or the DIDX blog (say which please), then we'll cover the $2 cost and your final cost will be only $.99 cents (USD) each. They are beautiful.

You can order at If you don't get an answer within one business day, message me on FACEBOOK. Click my Facebook profile in the upper-right corner of this blog.

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Treat Yourself to Paul Dunay and Bonaventure Brewing Co.

Monday, August 31:
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm, Paul Dunay talks about social media and the social future, sponsored by Avaya, at Westin Bonaventure, 404 W. Figueroa, must register at this link to get in: You also need to be an attendee. Get a free signed copy of Facebook Marketing for Dummies and after the presentation, enjoy handcrafted on the rooftop patio of the Bonaventure Brewing Company.

Thursday, September 3:
2:00 pm - 2:45 pm, Suzanne Bowen interacts with the audience on Global Collaboration via Social Media and Marketing for Business.

New online media and marketing tools have made showcasing your innovative IP communications technologies and services a breeze. Or have they? It moves some out of the comfort zone and others in. Resources like Blogger, Facebook, Linkedin, Podcast, TelecomYou, TMCnet, Twitter,, Youtube, QIK, Viddler, Ning, Orkut, Myspace, and others. What ... Read Morethey have in common is they offer a way to market products and services in much more interactive and customers-centric ways than ever before. Some espouse cookbook methods; others whatever is most natural or most in vogue at the moment. So, do you mix them up or stay true to a few?

This session will not be a lecture but instead an interactive session. It will leave participants – whether geeks, marketeers, intellectuals, developers, CXOs, early adopters, or other interested parties – confident to set their own goals and start acting on making global business collaborations via social media and marketing.

Sign up to attend at

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Share your thoughts on Mobile Myths

Go to Linkedin to take part in the conversation. BTW, we recommend* participating in some great wireless-related conferences such as 4G World, CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment, and 4G Wireless Evolution, all taking place in the USA in September and October 2009.

Myths to support or debunk:
1: Users want power and aesthetics. Features are everything.
2: What we really need is a Swiss army knife.
3: Focus groups and other traditional market analysis tools are the best way to determine user needs.
4: If it works in Silicon Valley, it will work anywhere.
5: Every application on the planet will be accessible via mobile devices.
6: The industry is converging on a UI standard.
7: Highly usable systems are just around the corner.
8: One underlying operating system will dominate.
9: Mobile devices will be free-or nearly free.
10: Advanced data-oriented services are just around the corner.
11: Shrink your fingers, big buttons and screens are going away

Very interesting question added by Anthony Dubidad of Akendi company.

Come meet with us from DIDXchange at 4G Wireless Evolution and ITEXPO West, Sept. 1-3, 2009, booth 125.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Years of Dell Purchases by Super Technologies May End

Our company is a frequent buyer of Dell products. You'll find netbooks, XPSs, Inspirons, Vostros, and more all over our global offices. We've probably spent around $50,000 at least in the past ten years with Dell. Very disappointed today when I gave one of mine to my colleague who works mostly in Karachi and Dubai. I followed the correct protocol to transfer ownership to my colleague.

Dell replied the following, while we know that XPS can be serviced in Pakistan, so I think we will not purchase from Dell again in the future:

"Dear Valued Customer,

Good day to you.

With regret, this is to inform you that your request to transfer your
Dell system bearing service tag: (number deleted to protect the writer) to Pakistan was unsuccessful as
Pakistan does not support XPS 1530 models.

However, should you be traveling back to US or nearby countries such as
Hong Kong, Malaysia or Singapore and need any technical assistance,
please do not hesitate to call Dell Technical support in the respective

Hong Kong
Desktop Standard Tier Main Line Phone number deleted to protect the writer
Notebook Standard Tier Main Line Phone number deleted to protect the writer
PowerEdge & PowerVault Main Line Phone number deleted to protect the writer

Desktop Standard Tier Main Line Phone number deleted to protect the writer
Notebook Standard Tier Main Line Phone number deleted to protect the writer
PowerEdge & PowerVault Main Line Phone number deleted to protect the writer

Desktop Standard Tier Main Line Phone number deleted to protect the writer
Notebook Standard Tier Main Line Phone number deleted to protect the writer
PowerEdge & PowerVault Main Line Phone number deleted to protect the writer

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused."

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Machine 2 Machine Technology at CTIA Wireless and I.T. Entertainment

I admit, I didn't know what M2M meant when I first noted that CTIA Wireless and I.T. Entertainment Conference will have a zone titled with that acronym.

Have you noticed the increasing plethora of wireless positioning technology in 3G networks? Note the mash-ups with global navigation satellite systems, "telematics are re-emerging to offer savings, efficiency, and environmentally sustainable solutions in all major industries."

So, the questions may be... how can this benefit your company and if it is worth it, how do you get started? Berg Insight analysts "estimated that from 37.5 million in 2008, wireless M2M network connections will grow at a compound annual rate of 37.9 percent during the next five years, reaching 186 million connections globally." That is no small number.

Just like in any new technology, you may currently need to buy from a variety of suppliers to put together the big picture. It is causing businesses who never thought they would ever work together to do so such "as fixed, mobile or satellite operators, short-range wireless systems (e.g. ZigBee, Bluetooth, or RFID), hardware (e.g. chips, antennas, modules, and sensors), and software applications that interface with location data and mapping technologies. But as the technology matures, some winning companies will emerge with turnkey solutions."

Gather information about "Smart Telemetry can automate interaction between your assets and your operations.

Topics to include:

•The role of SIM cards and SmartSIM in vehicle and asset management
•Mesh networks, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE & the promise of ubiquitous connectivity
•Maintaining client privacy and security in supply chains
•Measuring return on investment in industrial technologies"

Our DIDXchange is a media partner for CTIA Wireless and I.T. Entertainment scheduled for Oct 7-9, 2009 and other conferences listed at

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Les Paul and the Media Server Industry

Need input on this Linkedin discussion! Carl Ford has posed this discussion question, and I know that over a 1000 on my Facebook network are in the IP communications industry are qualified to discuss plus thousands of DIDX members. Several hundred of my connections are in the music industry, too. So please login to your DIDX account and participate.

The question is ...
Besides the electric guitar, Les Paul was a the father or dubbing and overlaying voices and sounds, the impact was to create media mixing, which directly relates to what we do in telecommmunications.

Does any one have more direct ties to that history, they would like to share? Answer on Linkedin.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Secretary Clinton Uses VOIP To Exchange Greetings With 1000 Rural Women

Rural Gujarat, India women artisans show Hilary Clinton how they communicate via voice over Internet with each other. She in turn shared hellos with thousands of women the same service out of Mumbai. The photo is listed here on Flickr.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From Asterisk-Biz List on the Term "Unlimited"

R, your answer is awesome. Bret is sharp, too. I admire both of you for what you do in educating and sharing information and content in a fair and professional manner in the telecommunications industry. Check below and read the complete thread on the Asterisk-Biz list in the Free DID discussion.

>> Today, as you all know, 'unlimited' never means anything other than
>> "limited to an arbitrary amount of resource usage that we can
>> reconcile with our business plan". IOW, service providers need to make
>> money on the accounts, not just provide a service.

> that is not true, that is only true from providers that want to lie to
> customers and claim they are unlimited when they have no intention of
> providing what they advertise.

You're missing one thing: "unlimited" is totally impossible to prove,
ever, by definition, except using infinity as a factor, so I stand by
my definition. :) Unlimited is like saying "the most beautiful...",
it's unprovable.

There are only three true certainties in life: death, taxes and thread
drift on this list.

Join us sometime to talk about it:

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Free Webinar on Hosted SEO with Rich Tehrani

Free Webinar, register now!
Hosted SEO: The Winning Formula
Are you getting the high organic results you want on major search engines?

Wednesday August 19, 2009, 2:00 pm EDT / 11:00pm PDT

Do your keyword terms come out on top of search engine results pages? Hosted SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can drive your company’s keyword terms up in results pages, even garnering the top spot. In the long run, Hosted SEO can deliver more cost-effective results than paid keyword ads or internal efforts.

Join TMCnet on August 19 to learn how Hosted SEO: The Winning Formula works. Discover the benefits hosted SEO delivers, such as achieving high organic results for your keyword terms, outsourcing your SEO initiatives, and leveraging the expertise of a leading media partner. SEO as a service can make your marketing efforts flourish. It offers a more powerful and flexible content management system than what you may currently be using.

They’ll discuss how using news is a successful driver for SEO. Relevant, frequently updated news allows you to benefit from enhanced credibility and increased brand recognition in your market. If you have questions about offering news, the ROI of hosted SEO, how to get started, etc., this Webinar is the ideal forum to get these and more answers.

What You’ll Learn:
Why use Hosted SEO
How your keywords can quickly achieve high
rankings in SERPs
The benefits of cross-linking
Why news draws traffic to your Web site
The flexibility and power of an outside content
management system
What a 3rd media party can offer

Who Should Attend:
CMOs, VPs, Directors and Managers of Marketing
SEO & SEM strategists
Public Relations, Corporate Communications executives
Brand Managers

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Monday, August 17, 2009

My Boss is Me and I'm Not Slowing Down for Her

Age. What images are created in your mind when you hear that word? I recently heard someone say they were worried about what their boss was going to do as they age and slow down.

Age and slow down? Is there such a thing? I can't speak for others, but I can speak myself and my husband will vouch for me. I used to work Monday - Friday about 6 AM - 6 PM and then start back about 8 PM - 10 PM and I would work another 16 hours or so over the weekend, averaging 80 hours a week. I very rarely complained, and when I did, it only irritated others. But ah! yes! Muaah!

We finally hired more qualified personnel, and I was able to relieve myself of tasks that do not come natural to me and pass to those whom they do. More than ever, I am enjoying our work at Super Technologies, Inc. because I have more time for my family and friends. In addition, the work I do now is what I am good at doing: publicity, marketing, writing, speaking, developing business.

I am definitely not slowing down. The time I used to spend poring over financial records and trying to solve technical problems I didn't understand, I am now reading more, taking my time to *research before writing. I am getting to know the fantastic and inspiring entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world via podcasts, video interviews and face to face at conferences and as a result, delivering content people are actually interesting in!

I finally have the chance to do the things that I always thought are important in business: showcasing the utter veracity, innovation and intelligence among men and women who are our clients, suppliers and vertical or horizontal "partners" in our IP communications social media "industry." I couldn't be happier in profession and career.

When I'm not working, I'm running, biking, doing yoga, playing with grandchildren, discussing books with daughter-in-law, herbal gardening, experimenting with eBay, working on a couple books that I may never finish, checking on all my adopted sons and daughters who work with me.

*Regarding research before writing... people think that writing is not work. If you love it, it doesn't feel like working, but it takes work to produce a piece worth reading, content worth passing on. Which reminds me, I have two very important pieces of writing that are taking much research and thought so that I wish I could work with no interruption for at least 3 days in a row to get them done:

1. The white paper/case study on Fax over IP DID and the demonstrations of this at the ITEXPO West Sept 1-3, 2009 conference, specifically at the DIDXchange booth 125

2. The speech or presentation I'll give at ITEXPO West 2009 in Los Angeles where we are a media partner and exhibitor, basically about "The Natural Fit of Social Media and Business" or something like that

My boss is me, and I'm not slowing down for her. ;-D Next race goal is the Mardi Gras Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon in New Orleans on Feb. 28, 2010.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

A Star-Studded Speaker List for IIT's VoIP Conference

Discussion topic on Linkedin for the 5th Annual IIT VoIP Conference and Expo scheduled for Oct. 28-29, 2009...

As planning continues for this Fall's Conference, the 5th Annual IIT VoIP Conference and Expo is excited to announce several outstanding additional presenters to the previously announced confirmed list of speakers. This is shaping up to be a truly incredible conference!

Additions include:

Henry Sinnreich, Adobe
Jose De Francisco Lopez, Alcatel Lucent
Alan Johnston, Consulting Member of the Technical Staff, Avaya
Brian West, FreeSwitch
Pat Lustig, Jackson County, IL. Emergency Telephone System Board
Brian Rosen, NENA
David Beering, Morgan Franklin
Greg Nemec, NEC Sphere
Anne Lee, Alcatel Lucent
Gary Oswald, Motorola
Vijay Gurbani, Alcatel Lucent
David Staub, NESS
Don Monte, IIT
Tom Grill, Verisign
Paul Salva, HSBC
Peter Thermos, Palindrome
Carl Herberger, Evolve IP
Paul Sand, Salare Security
John Nix, InCharge Systems

The tentative agenda including presentation titles, abstracts, speaker bios and time slots will be available soon. While a few speaking slots remain, the agenda is quickly filling. Anyone wishing to propose a presentation is encouraged to do so quickly by visiting the official conference website here:

Our DIDXchange is a media partner of IIT's VoIP Conference.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Smart Grid Summit at ITEXPO including Energy Management in the Home

Feel like conferences you attend have the same people and showcase the same technologies? Not ITEXPO. Smart Grid Summit at ITEXPO, Sept 1-3, 2009 is a hot new area that is driving massive participation. Check

Grid Interoperability & Standards
As reflected by The Energy Independence and Security Act, the need for a common grid architecture, where all aspects of grid communications and control are standardized uniformly is of central importance to a proper functioning Smart Grid infrastructure. In this panel, members of various international and national standards bodies spanning the full spectrum of the communications industry, together with leading solutions providers will share their insights.

Energy Management in the Home
Home energy management will be a significant opportunity brought on by the Smart Grid. There are various issues which have to be addressed in this space: if real time-time data access is needed, device interoperability, the impact of regulations on a competitive landscape, issues of who controls devices and owns the data they generate, consumer privacy.

Emerging Opportunities
When the Smart Grid is connected to the Smart Home, we will have the required infrastructure to expand past energy management into many other fields enabled by real-time two-way communications. This session will explore emerging opportunities and business models that come with ubiquitous broadband, smart metering, and critical steps to reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

Utilities and Their Smart Grid Visions
Smart Grid is a broad concept, and being so new, utilities have various visions and deployment plans. Some of this is driven by regulatory and policy issues, some is based on local market dynamics, and some is based a particular vision about sustainable or green energy initiatives. This session will explore a range of visions and best practices from utilities in various stages of Smart Grid deployment.

Demand Response on a Communications Enabled Grid
In industrial settings, Demand Response services play a central role in the efficient use of energy. Looking beyond this niche, the automation and real-time gauging of Demand Response applied to consumers in general will be, among other things, both essential to a grid supporting renewable energy sources and paramount to a reliable energy grid. This panel will include thought leaders from the leading DR service providers, DR technology vendors, and researchers to explore the new opportunities of demand response on a Smart Grid.

(Copied from the original website above.) DIDXchange is a media partner for ITEXPO West.

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Specific Critique for ITEXPO Conferences, Flat Planet Phone and VoicePulse

Specific and truthful critiques like these of IP communications related conferences are what we are looking for. Check out the ones from Moshe Maeir and Ravi Sakaria, especially. (To sign up to participate in ITEXPO West Sept. 1-3, 2009 go to

ITEXPO East 2009 was a breath of fresh air. Despite beginning to feel suffocated by the endless rhetoric of a worsening economic climate and a decrease in buying power, what VoicePulse experienced at ITEXPO was a real world example that businesses are in fact ready to buy. As a Voice over IP service provider, the amount of booth traffic VoicePulse received and the qualified leads generated from ITEXPO only reassured us in our belief that the market is truly ripe for a serious commitment to VoIP. When it comes to IP telephony, what were once only business concepts have now matured into specific business models that are reshaping the communications market. Not suprisingly, VoicePulse was able to witness that first hand at this conference.
Ravi Sakaria, President & CEO, VoicePulse

The qualified leads we received at the show were beyond our expectations. It was the one of the most focused shows we have been at in years!
Greg Hamburg, Director of Sales, Voipswitch

A whopping 61.5% of the attendees fit our customer profile. Resellers, VARs and Service Providers who offer Hosted PBX services
to the SMB market. We went home with piles of solid leads. ITEXPO is the show that brings in real buyers.
Moshe Maeir, Chief Flattening Officer, The Flat Planet Phone Co.

Well what a surprise I got! When I arrived on Tuesday the whole place had a buzz about it. Everyone I met was upbeat and energized. At every exhibition session we took received leads in volume as high as we have ever seen at ITEXPO.
Chris Gravett, Sales and Marketing Director, Aculab plc

It was absolutely awesome and we did fantastically at the show. Get me a good spot for September!!!
Don Palmer, CEO, SIP Print

Our DIDXchange is a media partner for ITEXPO West 2009. I believe that this conference offers a chance to do any of the following...
1. Gather information and conduct research
2. Develop business and find new ideas for new business ideas
3. Connect with IP communications software developers and "monetizers" for a healthy and versatile idea of where you want to go next
4. Socialize with people in your industry to get to know them better
5. Attend the paid conference sessions which are well worth it
6. Get certified in different areas
7. Learn about voip, foip, hd communications, 4g wireless and more and how you can use any of them for your business, home, or entrepreneurial mashup

for any of the following...
1. Consumers and families
2. Developers
3. Monetizers
4. Entrepreneurs
5. Carriers wired and wireless
6. Social and business community portals, media, and marketing groups
7. Students and professors
and more!

See you there.

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Irfan Ahmed from Yahoo and Suzanne Bowen from DIDXchange Overview of eMarketing

Karachi- 13 August,2009:-Ticker:- “Int’l Conference on eMarketing” commenced today in conjunction with ITCN Asia 2009. President, Pakistan Software Houses Association was the Chief Guest. – Ecommerce Gateway.

News:- Int’l Conference on eMarketing at 9th ITCN Asia 2009 Int’l Exhibition and Conferences was inaugurated by Jehan Ara President, Pakistan Software Houses Association on 13th August,2009 at Level 1, Karachi Expo Centre.

The conference was co-chaired by Sohail Aziz, Vice President, Marketing Association of Pakistan. S. Masood Hamid Ali, General Secretary, Marketing Association of Pakistan.

Yahoo, Eyeblaster and Mobilius in collaboration with Google and DidXchange are the sponsors of the conference.

The Speakers of “An Overview of eMarketing” were Dr. Irfan Ahmed, Yahoo – UAE and Suzanne Bowen, DIDXchange USA. (You can listen to Suzanne Bowen discussing with Neil Christy and Sarah Dawood a successful example of eMarketing of Cafe Headlion with Facebook on DIDX podcast. A copy Suzanne's virtual video presentation will be available on Youtube soon.)

The Technical Session 1-A “Internet Marketing via Online Content” included Badar Khushnood from Google, Asif Iqbal of 5iCreations, Salman Abedi of Tuesday and Syed Ammar Yasir of Tea Break. The Moderator of Panel Discussion on “Effective use of Internet to Generate Business via Online Content” was Dr. Irfan Ahmed, Yahoo – UAE. The panelists were Musadiq Sanwal of Dawn Internet, Mushtaq Ahmed of Business Recorder, Monis Rehman of, Salman Khalid of SMEDA and Syed Ammar Yasir of Tea Break.

The Speakers of Conference of Technical Session – 1B “Internet Marketing via Online Advertisement” will include Dr. Syed Anwar Ali Shah, Country Manager Sales & Marketing, Eyeblaster Pakistan, Monis Rehman,, Ali Raza Merchant, Synergy Advertising, Umair Mohsin, eMArketing Consultant. The panelists of Panel discussion “Effective Use of Internet to Generate Business via Online Advertisement” will be Dr. Irfan Ahmed, Yahoo – UAE, Atif Hameed, Eyeblaster, Ali Raza Merchant, Synergy Advertising, Mohammad Ifrahim, Manhattan International and Asma Aziz, Intel.

The Speakers of Conference of Technical Session II “Marketing via Mobile & Converged Technologies” will include Raza Saeed, Mango, Qazi Fakhir, Converge Technologies, Abid Naseem, Mobilius and Mohammad Ifrahim, Manhattan International. The Moderator of Panel Discussion will be Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed, Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan.

Conference will end at 16:30 p.m.


G.M. Communications & Media

Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

... compliments of the Super Technologies, Inc. team and Suzanne Bowen

Monday, August 10, 2009

VoIP Runners Invite to Mardi Gras Rock 'n' Roll Race in New Orleans

Go sign up at Then add yourself to the Facebook event networking area. Run the whole marathon, 1/2 marathon (that's my race) or the 5K with 100s of IP communications industry entrepreneurs and team members. You don't have to be fast, and it will give you a goal to train for.

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List of Asterisk Supported VoIP Services

This list will be updated as I gather more of the Asterisk supported VoIP services. You can message me on Linkedin or Facebook with your suggestions. Be sure to point to this blog article. with over 12,500 wholesale members to buy and sell among 60 countries with a free UK and USA DID for testing.
MyDivert with USA and international call forwarding, each DID with zero setup fee.
SuperIVR with connection to Facebook and opp for a free USA phone number.
VoIPSWITCH for ip-pbx, switch, voip solution and even a Vippie mobile app!

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From VON to DIDX to Cluecon - Meet Bill Sandiford

Bill Sandiford is a DIDX member since 2005, and we can thank a 2005 VON show for our first meeting. Bill shares with us at Cluecon how he found out about DIDX and his excitement of being at Cluecon 2009 in Chicago. Bill is with Telnet, an early adopter and innovator!

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

ITEXPO West 09 Helps Exhibitors Color Coordinate

It may seem silly for me to make a big deal out of this, but I think this is smart of ITEXPO West set for Sept 1-3, 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Check out their exhibitor quick refenence at They state right at the top that the carpet is blue and the curtains around the booths are white and blue.

Another great best practice of ITEXPO! You can sign up to exhibit, sponsor and participate in many ways, but I would say hurry because it's filling up fast and will be bigger and more meaningful for business and technical development, more than ever.

(DIDXchange is a media partner for ITEXPO West and also an exhibitor at booth 125 where you watch live demonstrations of DIDX signups, interop testing, and ... DIDx now supporting T.38!)

We ordered blue carpet and table skirts for our booth this year. For once, we'll match! :-D

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

How to Keep your VoIP Vendors Happy?

Very simple. Pay them on time, not even one day late, with the payment method your vendors prefer. The word will and does get around to those who do and those who do not. I hear every day from 1000s of 170 nations about those who do not pay their vendors on time and/or who insist on not paying in the method that the vendor prefers. Unhappy suppliers can look elsewhere.

Odd, huh? Much of the time, we hear ... the customer is always right which I tend to agree. Our customers are extremely important to us, so this post has nothing to do with our customers. This topic was discussed among IP communications industry persons on a teleconference call early this week.

Check out what the government of United Kingdom is doing about it at Prompt Payment Code.

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