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Software Engineer Apoorve Dubey on His Book Flight of Ambition

Let me invite you to connect with Apoorve Dubey on Facebook and continue sharing with the world his book 'The Flight of Ambition.' I first met him when I was testing Skype and different recording software like Pamela, PrettyMay and CallBurner. Enjoy his latest interview by FlipKart.

Q1. Ambidexterity is a garb of the gifted. You are a proficient software engineer and a renowned author too. How do you strike a balance?

I became a writer by chance and an engineer by choice. I work as a software engineer and write in my spare time. But I love both these roles. I want to live fully and enjoy everything that I do. Whether it is social activities, writing, engineering, or entrepreneurship, I want to make a difference. I believe you get only one shot at life. Why not make it the best?

Q2. ‘The Flight of Ambition’ has helped many professionals cope with the ups and downs on the professional front. Tell us more about the book, its aim, target audience and source of inspiration?

I am overwhelmed with the response so far. The book has been received well. Writing gives me joy. It is a powerful medium, which allows me to express myself. The book has started touching the lives of people in a positive way. I receive emails from CEOs to students, praising the book. The book is making a contribution in their lives and that delights me.

As I said earlier, I am writer by accident. I have often repeated this story about the source of inspiration behind ‘The Flight of Ambition’. But every time I narrate this story I feel inspired to do more.

The story goes back to my IIT days. It was one of those casual mornings when I woke up late as usual. During our hostel days, the alarm in my mobile woke up the neighbors in my wing but not me. I was a sleepaholic. I rebuked myself once again for waking up late. It was a practice I religiously followed. After that I rushed to cafeteria for having a brunch. It was there that I met my friend who took me to a house in Velachery near our campus.

The house had nearly 20 children between ages two and 14 years. While most of the kids were playing; some of them were studying and others were just curiously staring at us. The kids addressed the couple as 'amma and appa'. My friend revealed that apart from two of those kids, all others had been adopted. They lived like a happy family. Muthukumar and Kala loved each kid as their own. This visit left an indelible impression on my mind. The selfless living of Muthukumar and Kala inspired me to write, 'The Flight of Ambition.' I was determined to make a contribution in the lives of people around me. The returns from the book will serve as a means for achieving the same.

Q3. Most writers are avid readers too. Have you been inspired by any particular author?

I am not much into fiction, but my favorite author is R.K. Narayan. I adore his books. The settings and the ambience created by R.K. Narayan is immortal. The simplicity, effortlessness and charm in his writing instantly strike a rapport with the readers. The depiction of his characters is majestic. When you read his books you can visualize everything scene by scene and that is the power of writing. You meet each character as if he is speaking to you. After reading R.K. Narayan, I was encouraged to write fiction and I am working on a novel now.

I am also fond of the books by Swami Vivekananda. His writings penetrate your being and instill courage and fearlessness. His remarkable persona is immortal and acts as a beacon of light for all who aspire to live selflessly.

Q4. Are there book/books that you would like to read time and again, and why?

Books, there are so many of them that I would like to mention. I used to be a vociferous reader, but these days I don’t get much time to read. I like to spend my free time reading and writing. Here are the top three books that come to my mind.

Bhagvad Gita is the ultimate guide of wisdom. I love reading it time and again. Every time I read it, I feel nourished and rejuvenated. It is an infallible source of wisdom and energy. Amazingly the book was written zillions of years ago yet it conveys a message that is pertinent in our times.

I have lost count on the number of times I have read Swami and Friends by RK Narayan. This book captures the innocence of childhood and takes you in to a world of its own. The mischievous acts, the impeccable characters and the ambience of the fictional town of Malgudi are simply exhilarating. How can anyone not love this book?

Every second Counts by Lance Armstrong. Every time I read this, I get inspired to push myself. A must read for everyone.

Q5. Since your book speaks of self-help and motivation, I am tempted to ask, if you believe in destiny.

Yes, I do. When I was in school, I wanted to get in to the defense services. I was selected in the NDA entrance exam. I was determined to be an army man. However, the day I was supposed to attend the SSB interview, I met with an accident. The accident did not prevent me from attending the SSB interview. The SSB interview takes around five days. I was in pain but decided to fight it out. I cleared the screening test and inched one step closer to my ambition.

Two days after the accident, I was unable to walk. The pain had become unbearable. I did not know what to do. It was one of the turning points of my life. A voice came from within and told me, ‘this is not the right place for you.’ And I decided to quit.

After coming home, I went for a medical examination and the x-ray revealed three fractures on my right foot. When I reflect on the decision, I think it was correct one.

I believe in destiny and think that “It is the road you take that decides your destiny and not your destiny that decides the road you take.” Your destiny is created by your actions. What you think of yourself that is what you make yourself. You have the power to choose who you want to be.

Q6. Tell us more about your book and the genre that interests you the most?

More often than not we have the ability to achieve much greater things, but we get caught in the mediocre things in life and waste our potential. When there is nothing higher to be achieved all energies are simply scattered in the ordinary and mundane pursuits.

What if your life ended today? Would you be happy and satisfied with what you have achieved? Are you following your passion and the things you love? You must find what you love and gives you fulfillment. Don’t be afraid to make a new beginning. You must explore the possibilities. ‘The Flight of Ambition’ is a book of possibilities. The motto of the book is to inspire people and bring out the greatest, grandest and the best in them.

As far as my own reading is concerned, my interest keeps fluctuating between different genres. I usually prefer to read autobiographies, management and inspirational kind of books. I like autobiographies of great people. These books offer an insight into the lives of great people. It helps you know them better. It is a great learning experience. Sometimes, I read fiction as well. Who doesn’t like a good story?

Q7. What are your thoughts on Infibeam.com promoting your books (national & International)?

I am grateful to Infibeam.com for promoting my book. There is nothing more endearing for a new author than to see his books being promotedJ. I wish all the very best to Infibeam.com and hope they continue to promote young talent.

Q8. We know you are an ace motivational writer. Is there a special motivational quote that is close to your heart?

"If you don't have the courage to walk alone others will not have the courage to walk with you." -- Apoorve Dubey
Be fearless and live your dreams. No one else can do it for you, unless you march forward. Life is too short to hold back on what you love. If you do not follow your dreams, who will? Don’t compare yourself with anyone. You are unique and here to live a grand life. Courage is to back yourself against all odds even when no one else does. A tiny bird trusts it ability to fly and it flies for thousands of miles at a stretch crossing the biggest oceans and keeps moving with faith in its wings. The bird keeps saying to us,
"You mustn't be afraid to do what you are born to do."

Q9. Do you have any special message for your fans?

I would like to end by saying that Know yourself, you are unique, priceless and a gift to this world. “Your time is the most valuable asset you have; invest it where you get the best returns.” Do not confine your life to yourself. Make it big. “Your Life is a gift that is unveiled when you expand it by touching the lives of others.” Remember, anything is possible if you try. I am waiting to read your success story. Begin now.

You can hear Apoorve and me talk about his passion and work on audio podcast, too.

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SMS Mobile Marketing Platform from Vive Mobile

Mobile marketing has a few main forms. One is marketing on or with a mobile device. SMS mobile marketing is an example and is considered horizontal telecommunication convergence. The SMS industry as a whole tends to be trending towards opt-in only systems in which subscribers give consent to receive messages from a desired organization. Vive Mobile is careful to assist your business to comply. Text messages get more responses than emails, and ask anyone which do they use more ... SMS or email, and most will say the first. Times have changed and it is time for business to change how they market.

Visit http://www.vivemobile.info and email yes@vivemobile.info to sign up. 
Feel free also to call 1-888-928-0004 or 1-305-830-9403.

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PFE Thoughts on Microsoft Buying Skype

(Proudly Found Elsewhere is how I describe where and how I gathered opinions and facts from known and unknown people and organizations to write this blog post.) On the second Tuesday of May 2011, the planet’s biggest software business noted it would buy the Luxembourg-based entity who created possibly the Internet’s most-used and known Web-based voice service ever. What price did Skype go for … to Microsoft? Eight point five billion!
Results of a survey of various people from different walks of life regarding the new decade’s most exciting online purchase:
Michael Bowen, who is in the human performance technologist industry based in Florida, says, “My knee-jerk response was unprintable. I guess it lets them play in the VoIP ‘game.’ $8.5B seems steep for an entry into the market; no worse than $50K for a Hawai’i Ironman entry on auction. Yahoo reader mentioned ‘kiss free web-based phone calls good-bye.’ Doubt that, but expect a mash into MS Office/IE.”
Sohaib Alvi, CEO of Sage Consultants based in Pakistan and UAE ponders, “I just wonder what they will do to justify this price and what strategy they could possibly have to make money out of this? Must be something of technical value or some synergy that will save them billions over the next few years. I mean, eBay bought it and then dumped it at some 2 billion dollars loss. Wonder what Gates & Co are up to here? Don’t know much about technology back-end but maybe they’ll offer Skype free with their OS.
At the moment some Skype services are chargeable. Remember OSes are becoming redundant as every app begins to get incorporated into the browser. Or maybe they launch a browser with Skype in it for the mobile users. I think Skype knows something too because they refused Google and Facebook who were also offering them around 5 billion, I read.
I think something has happened that has suddenly made the service that Skype offers the next big thing coming that most of us do not know about.”
Alok Saboo, popular VoIP blogger in California, shares, “Past is not always a good predictor of the future. The amount that MS paid for Skype is open to debate, but, we must realize, that the value that MS paid for Skype, depends on the potential synergies (which is difficult for outsiders to evaluate completely). In addition to the technology and reach that Skype brings, it also provides a great way to engage with the ‘hip’ crowd.”
Joshua Alfrejd, a gadget reviewer from Michigan for Techistan magazine and other online sites relates, “Microsoft has the power, the money, the experience and the respect. Skype is cool. It’s kind of like Level 3 and Amazon have the power, the money, the experience and the respect while DIDX and Pandora Radio are cool. I hope that Microsoft does thinks like MTV is … mixing voice, video, and 3D for music concerts and other kinds of events. Also maybe they can leave the free service as is but also make available a premium service that can be embedded into the current business suite that Microsoft offers. Great move by both parties, and both stand to reap advantages in popularity and new revenue.”
Ayesha Ambreen, Business Analyst at Clary Business Machines in Washington, D.C.,

“Microsoft is already sufficient in communication technologies. They don’t need Skype. Microsoft Lync is far more capable in terms of communication. This is rather a defensive move by Microsoft. I think the acquisition is to prevent Skype’s merger with Facebook – birth of a compelling rival in unified communications. The core of Microsoft strategies is unification, and I doubt Skype will fit now or in future. Microsoft is either going to kill Skype or will put Lync’s cover on Skype features. $8.5 Billion spending is anticipated to standout and bring boost to Microsoft unified communication initiative, with no contention and competition in near future. Expand the scope of near … till Facebook or Google will produce a competent communication tool.
Whether incorporated on Browser or Mobile, OS is fundamental. Microsoft Azure is the cloud OS for browser-based communication and is already compatible with Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Communication suite.”
Bryan Capouch from UK counters, “I laughed out loud when I heard it was going to go down. Skype is the Afghanistan of dot-com companies; it will suck life out of Micro$oft just like it did eBay. Eight years now and they’re still not making money!”
Ayesha Ambreen adds, “lol! You are underestimating Microsoft then! Microsoft is known for its well informed and apt decision making. Despite continuous threats from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and numerous other, Microsoft is the leader because of its strategies that are made for long run and not just impulsive as of eBay.”
Bryan Capouch, states, “Time will tell. Microsoft hasn’t ever innovated anything, starting with their ripping off various other DOSs which morphed into MSDOS. Windows = Mac, Explorer = Netscape, Bing = Google, the list is endless. They were really lucky, and all that’s keeping them going now is the flywheel effect. I’m willing to bet a nickel the world will come around to my point of view on the Skype purchase to anyone who cares to take me up on it!
I will say Skype is a perfect fit for Microsoft in that they are inimical to standards and openness.”
News about Skype: http://skype-news.tmcnet.com/Default.aspx
Social network for Filipinos everywhere and those who love the culture to call free, grow business, get jobs and make friends: http://www.pinoykubo.com 

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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Using Video to Share Expertise and Review on Filipino Social Network PinoyKubo

My daily car trips around town now are much more interesting  because satellite radio and a particular station Book Radio. I get bits and pieces of books, interviews, debates, and stories. My favorites are the Twilight Zone and Harry Miles episodes, but I also am introduced for the first time to the series by Kathryn Stockett The Help. The characters are good at different things and have points of views that are definite conversation builders. While listening, I keep thinking about how everyone is so good at unique and different tasks, has opinions and reactions I want to hear, read and know about especially in regards to The Filipino experience in 2011 around the world.

I convinced this young man to do exactly that but in particular about his experience so far with the PinoyKubo social network. He likes the fact he can see anyone anywhere in the world via PinoyKubo video over Internet and talk with them and show them how to do different things.

A transcript follows:

T = Tagalog E = English

T: Sawang sawa ka na ba sa Facebook?
E: Are you sick and tired of Facebook?

T: Puro notifications nalang ba ang nababasa mo doon?
E: Are notifications all that you get to read there?

T: Lumipat ka na kasi.
E: Just move to a different website already.

T: Saan pa? E di sa Pinoy Kubo!
E: Where else? Pinoy Kubo!

T: Magandang araw mga kaibigan, ako po si David at ikinagagalak ko pong ikwento sa inyo ang mga magagandang bagay na naghihintay para sa ating mga Pilipino, dito sa Pinoy Kubo.
E: Good day my friends, I'm David and I am thrilled to tell you about the wonderful things that are waiting for us Filipinos, here at Pinoy Kubo.

T: Ang Pinoy Kubo po ay isang social networking site katulad ng Friendster, Facebook, at Twitter, kung saan nagtitipon ang libo-libong mga Pilipino.
E: Pinoy Kubo is a social networking site like Friendster, Facebook, and Twitter, where thousands of Filipinos gather and meet with each other.

T: Ang isang magandang bagay po dito sa Pinoy Kubo, ay masmaraming mga Pilipino ang makakarehistro dito dahil tapat na tapat ang Pinoy Kubo sa wikang Pilipino.
E: One beautiful thing about Pinoy Kubo is that more Filipinos can register here since Pinoy Kubo is dedicated to the use of the Filipino language.

T: Ang Pinoy Kubo po ay isa sa mga pinaka-unang social networking site na Pilipino ang gumawa. 'Di lang po siya ginagamit bilang libangan, kundi na rin para sa negosyo.
E: Pinoy Kubo is one of the first social networking sites created by a Filipino. It can be used not only for leisure, but for business as well.

T: At dahil kakasimula pa lang nito, kung gusto niyong makilala o sumikat, e, pwedeng pwede niyo po gawin yan dito sa Pinoy Kubo.
E: And because it's still quite new, if you want to get noticed or become famous, Pinoy Kubo is the place you're looking for.

T: Kung 'di niyo naman po kayang iwanan ang Facebook, wag po kayong magalala dahil ang Pinoy Kubo po ay ginawa upang makipag tulungan sa Facebook.
E: If you have no intentions of leaving Facebook, don't worry! Because Pinoy Kubo is designed to complement Facebook, and not to compete with it.

T: At baka manosebleed na po ako sa kakaTagalog e, sumali nalang po kayo!
E: And because my nose might bleed from speaking in Filipino too much, just join already!

T: Ako po si David, para sa Pinoy Kubo!
E: My name is David, for Pinoy Kubo!

(Love for you to join the Karl Ramirez musician, activist and songwriter Fan Page on PinoyKubo.)

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