Sunday, May 17, 2009

Protect Children from OR in Cyber Space?

Dozens of bloggers, young and old, have responded with their ideas about ITU's World Telecommunications and Information Society Day's theme, "Protecting Children in Cyberspace" via video, after our company Super Technologies, Inc. invited them to do so! I'd like to thank Jehan Ara, president of PASHA, for helping me get the word out. We're showcasing a few here...

Even I toggled between "Protect children from cyber space," like the gentleman at and "Protect children in cyber space." But much good collaboration takes place on the Internet where young people can gain important career skills and social networks quite safely. At the same time, there are some people who use the Internet in ways that may harm others, especially children, adults toward and even children toward children. The latter usually involves net bullying. A pretty serious topic itself! (Mohammad Nawaz is a technology consultant and blogger.)

The young lady at emphasizes to teach parents first and secondly the children about the Internet. But what? First, help children to understand that they are not anonymous while surfing the Internet. Whatever they share publicly on the Internet... is public. Potential Internet predators search for as much information as they can about the "victim" they have interest in. Parents need to keep the lines of communication open so that children can talk to them about what happens when they are using the Internet. (Farihan Akhtar, she's the one whose been active with Live Blogging at various events these young men and women in total have participated in recently.)

The gentleman with the glasses like mine shares on the home computer should be in a location where all family members can view it at the same time even, if they wish. He says parents should talk to their children. (Jamal Ashiqain is a photographer, blogger, and active socialite.)

At, you will hear the young man discuss the fact that With new social media, there is an opportunity to interact with adults and young people all over the world for meaningful, positive, safe communications, but there is also a potential for harm to children. Parents should become familiar with using technology and social media themselves. (Anmar Yasir is co-founder of

The Internet is a common place for seeking education and information, but many children have too much freedom with says the blogger at (Munir Usman owns a small software development firm.)

Start a campaign in the schools where teachers, parents and children learn how to become aware of how the Internet can be used says this guy at (Talha Izhar owns a software development firm.)

Anyone can participate in this particular discussion of how to protect children in cyberspace by creating a video and uploading it to or and tag it with World Telecom Day, Protecting children in cyberspace and not just on May 17, 2009, but anytime.

And thanks... Jehan very much for showing us the site that does a pretty good job of sharing information, awareness and tips on this topic.

All videos will be added in a special playlist on Viddler, Youtube and

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Fariha Akhtar said...

Thanks for mentioning about our videos. I hope to see ideas discussed in the different videos you have linked to, being implemented as well..and oh I'm the young lady who's emphasizing to teach both parents and children. :)