Thursday, May 21, 2009

Closing your VoIP Company, Have Some Integrity

FCC says VoIP companies cannot just shut down without reasonable notice. Many are angry about this, believing this is just one more instance where a government department is interfering with the public Internet and entrepreneurship in general, but a quality company, whether VoIP-related or not should do the right thing when they know they have to go out of business; give a notice and even better, help their wholesale and retail clients through the transition as in for example, LNP.

Examples are Digilinea suddenly was not available via phone, email or any method of communication. They appeared to be such a strong company. They had an excellent customer service team. Something must have gone wrong, but when they "disappeared" with no notice, it hurt a few dozen thousand wholesale clients and millions of end-users. There are other companies who have done almost the same, and when we, the IP communications industry tried to port their numbers to other qualified providers, they were not helpful and in some cases, threatened all of us. WT hmm... O?

A company who did the right thing was I3 Networks. Their CEO informed everyone with plenty of advance notice and did everything he could to help all clients to have the smoothest transition possible when it had to close shop. That's integrity.

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