Thursday, August 30, 2007

Junior Network Engineer Job at NACSE

To all NACSE Members, Associates and Colleagues:

As an FYI, more and more jobs are being listed by NACSE. By next week, all new Job Listings will be found in the Members Only Section. Please be aware of that change. In the meantime, here is an brand new listing.

More to follow. Time to update your resumes.
The NACSE Office Staff Carol Cribbs

Junior Network Engineer Applied Trust Engineering is looking for an individual who is passionate about network engineering to join our team, based near the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, CO. Consult with local clients on IT networking projects and operations, with phases that include design, implementation, assessment, and management. Individuals need to be highly motivated and eager to learn.

Completion of a 4-year degree is required. A BS or MS in Computer Science, Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering, or ECE is strongly preferred. Knowledge of Cisco enterprise routing, switching, and security platforms is required. Networking certifications strongly preferred, such as CCNA orMCSE certification. Some hands-on experience as a network engineer i spreferred. Excellent troubleshooting, planning, time management, multitasking, and communications skills required.

To apply, please post your resume to our site (only necessary once!):
Be sure to mention that you learned about this opportunity through NACSE! After you've applied, feel free to follow up with Tracy Williams, Technical Recruiter Applied Trust Engineering - - 303.245.4542 -
Security - Performance - Availability - Incident Management

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Win 500 Ohio, USA DIDs for SIP Solution at Internet Telephony West 2007

Free expo tickets and discount conference passes at
Location: Los Angeles, California Sept 10-12, 2007!

You don't want to miss this exciting event...

Monday September 10, 2007

9:00am- 3:45pm - Reseller Solutions Day Room 502A

10:00am- 4:00pm - Ingate’s SIP Trunking Workshop Room 501 AB

3:15pm- 4:15pm - Keynote Presentations Petree Hall, 1st Floor
- Mark Spencer, President - Digium
- Norman Stout, CEO - Inter-Tel

4:15pm - 6:00pm - Exhibit Hall Open

6:00pm - 8:00pm - Exhibit Hall Grand Opening and Welcome Reception
Sponsored by Aculab, featuring complimentary food & drink

8:00pm - iSuite Prize Package Giveaway
Presentation Theater, Exhibit Hall
Win a prize package including a new iPhone, iBook, iPod, and Apple TV.

5:00pm- 7:00pm - Executive Showcases
Presentation Theater, Exhibit Hall
5:00pm - Mansour Salame, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Contactual
6:00pm - Mike Donoghue, VP Sales, Americas, Aculab

Tuesday September 11, 2007

8:45am- 9:45pm - Service Provider Shootout
Petree Hall, 1st Floor
Panelists include: 8x8, Covad, Embarq, EarthLink, GlobalTouch, Verizon, Worldgate

9:30am- 4:30pm - Ingate’s SIP Trunking Workshop Room 501 AB
- 9:30am-12:00pm - Enterprise Security and VoIP
- 12:30pm - 2:45pm - Beyond SIP Trunking
- 3:00am - 3:45am - Network Architecture Design for VoIP

9:30am- 11:00pm -
How to Profit from Selling Hosted VoIP in SMB Market
Sponsored by Vocalocity Room: 501 AB

10:00am- 11:00am - Keynote Presentations
Petree Hall, 1st Floor
- Donald E. Brown, M.D., Chief Executive Officer, Interactive Intelligence
- Susan A. Johnson, Senior VP, Business Development, AT&T

11:00am - 6:00pm - Exhibit Hall Open

12:30pm - 1:30pm - Luncheon Presentation Room: 515
Featuring Gunner Helliesen, Voop
(presentation open to all, but meal for paid attendees only)

1:00pm- 6:00pm -Executive Showcases
Presentation Theater, Exhibit Hall
1:00pm - Alan Percy, Director of Business Development, AudioCodes
2:00pm - Chuck Rutledge, VP of Marketing, Quintum Technologies
3:00pm - Todd Landry, Senior Vice President, Sphere Communications
4:00pm - Jason P. Talley, CEO, Nuvio
5:00pm - Marisa S. Viveros, Director, Global Leader for Converged
Communications, IBM Global Technology Services

5:00pm- DIDXchange booth 134 - Prize giveaway of 500 Ohio, USA DID direct inward dialing phone numbers for 3 months. (To be eligible to use on with a SIP solution.)

5:00pm- 6:00pm - Networking Reception
Exhibit Hall
Sponsored by AudioCodes

6:00pm - 6:05pm – ‘Tricked Out’ Toyota FJ Cruiser Giveaway
Presentation Theater, Exhibit Hall

Wednesday September 12, 2007

8:15am- 11:00am - Voice Peering Workshop
Room 501 AB

11:00am- 12:00pm - Keynote Presentations
Petree Hall, 1st Floor
- Nick Jensen, President and Chief Executive Officer, Dialogic
- Bryan Martin, Chairman & CEO, 8x8, Inc

While at ITEXPO, please visit the sponsors on the exhibit floor:

Diamond Sponsors: Aculab, Atacomm, Cisco

Platinum Sponsors: Iwatsu, Sphere Communications, Comverse, AudioCodes, 8x8, Inc, Inter-Tel, NetxUSA, Fonality, Interactive Intelligence, Samsung, ABP Tech, Tech Data, Nuvio, Dialogic.

Gold Sponsors: Global Touch, NetSapiens, Ixia, CyLogistics, Sangoma (nice t-shirts at Cluecon, thanks, Sangoma), HBF, Communicado, Dash 911, Vocalocity, IPitomy, BorderWare, iKnowWare, Dice, Adtran, Dirigio, 911 Enable, Quintum, Genband, Sansay, Grandstream

Supporting Organizations: DIDXchange

Media Sponsors: Internet Telephony, FierceVoIP, TMCnet, NETWORKWORLD, Communications Developer Conference, IMS Magazine, Unified Communications, 23-31 Communications, Customer Interaction Solutions, Telecom Reseller, itp global, ITtoolbox

Association Sponsors: IMS Forum, SIP Forum, Enterprise Communications Association,
SIP Trunk Network

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

X Rated Battery Charging

Prelude to X Rated Battery Charging...
Why do I blog sporadically? Because I don't want to be like Charlie Brown's teacher. I want to say something that people just might want to read.
The print cartridge and electronics battery industry are determined to take your fun money and waste your time. The time I take to place an order for ink, new cartridges, refurbished cartridges, and/or batteries online and then replacing dead ones, I could be showing someone how to use Gizmo Project, Jaxtr, RebTel, FWD, or Virtual Phone Line... or collaborating on a press release with a DIDX member or studying for my VoIP classes on NASCE... or tossing virtual frisbee with Muneeb, JoJo, Lisa, Rehan, Michael, Ahsan, Arfeen, Sarmad, Talha, Imran, and the team at work... I mean I could be doing something worthwhile.

In 1998, I sat with my friend Tamako Wada in Tokyo, Japan, a 64 year old female teacher who can hit a mean baseball. I mentioned something kind of silly, "I wonder if there is a way that we can charge things up with our body heat?"

X Rated Battery Charging...

And this morning, wow, very cool. "Gadgets That Run on Body Heat... All of you warm-blooded folks may have the advantage with this new technology. You may soon be able to power your cell phone, PCs, and other electronics by tapping into your own body heat, and you don't need to be pedaling a stationary bike, walking the treadmill, or otherwise working up a sweat to do it. You can just sit there, couch potato style, and generate enough body heat to keep your gear going...

the research originates from the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, where they are developing special circuits that use body heat. These could lead to battery-less cell phones and medical monitors that draw energy from their users.

The new circuits utilize the principle of thermoelectric generators (TEG) made from semiconductor elements..." See the complete article at

(Alec Saunders, I saw your Facebook status. Don't just look at the treadmill. Do something more useful. Use that body heat to charge up your electronics.) Bring it on, bring on this technology. I want it!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Someone Wants to Buy from you at Internet Telephony West 2007 Conference

Internet Telephony West 2007 (free expo tickets and discount conference passes!)
Los Angeles Convention Center
Sept 10-12, 2007

7,500 attendees are already registered! 70% are CXO's and top management who are ready to make decisions on the spot. They attend, sponsor, exhibit, present and/or attend:

1. To gather information
2. For business development
3. To find new products and services that will effectively meet their needs
4. To buy
5. To find channel/reselling opportunities

Enterprises, solutions providers, carriers, developers and entrepreneurs will be searching to strengthen their business, projects, and inventions.

Sept 10, 2007 (Which is also National Hug Day)
4:15 PM - 8:00 PM
Exhibit Hall Open with networking reception in the hall sponsored by Aculab.
iSuite prize package including a new iPhone, iBook, iPod and Apple TV will be randomly given away in the exhibit hall!
DIDXchange booth 134 (it was 356, not any more) will have a 500 DID prize for eligible entrants who have a soft switch and who are able to complete

My advice is to wear a polo that has your website or your company name that clues other participants as to who you are on the back in BIG ENOUGH LETTERS to see. I'll be wearing mine. Why? People from all over the world will be here. They want to find you. You will stand out in the ocean of dark blazers.

There are a few exhibit spaces left, and I do recommend getting involved. Why? Our Alexa stats rose tremendously just prior, during and post Internet Telephony West exhibitions/conferences. You can call Dave Rodriguez today (203) 852-6800 x146 today, or email to reserve your space before the last one is gone.

Exhibitors at ITEXO meet with thousands of top level decision makers actively looking to spend money wisely. It's kind of like having hundreds of high-level sales meetings over a three day period. See the exhibitors' floor map.

And that is just part of the reason why former exhibitors rave about ITEXPO. After our last event, nearly two-thirds of exhibitors said they got more quality leads at ITEXPO than at any other event. It truly is unlike any other show in the industry. We really enjoy IT Expo events! Pics from the last show...

P.S. Any runners at this event? Message me on I need to run early every morning. It's more fun running with others than on my own.

P.S.S. The scent over Internet of this page would be coffee and mostly men's cologne because for every 50 men, there will be one woman, (a norm at VoIP events).

P.S.S.S. Not just free hugs but also free video interviews about your IP company and how you use DID (direct inward dialing phone numbers) or how to plan to use them this year

Facebook a Place Where You Listen Passively and Intelligently

I found Rodney Rumford via my friend Tinu Abayomi-Paul. Rodney Rumford says re: Facebook, "It allows me to listen... all the information I can consume through the mini-feed... I am able to passively and intelligently listen to people's behaviors and what's interesting to them and what they share and what they do... I have the ability to respond to those issues that are immediately relevant to that person."

Right on, brother! Sounds like a time-saver in a world where time is one of the most valuable commodities.

See and listen on Facebook...
You will need to login or sign up to view Rodney's video. His home is

My response to Rodney's video:
Understanding the value of using Facebook type communications in my opinion does not have much to do with how old we are. It has more to do with how well we deal with change, our learning style, and how much we are willing to experiment. Ex: I know 3 who are over 70 who are playing with FB as if it were a sandbox full of toys. I know a few under 20, who feel a distrust towards it and so won't even check it out.

There is a wonderful alternative newspaper in the Pensacola area who raved for the longest time about how the under 40 were the ones who are tech-savvy, who are really interested in improving their world. You might as well sweep the rest under the bed. Wait, what about the INDYs like me??? I am not dead yet. Thanks for your talks, Rodney. ;-)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Official Google Blog: Google Labs India

Official Google Blog: Google Labs India Very cool! I only ask that Google give the same attention to the other country next door whose Independence Day is the same day. I know several 100 excellent IT experts who work with Google applications, API, etc., i.e., groovytel, in both countries: India and Pakistan. Hindi and Urdu are close. Love to see comments here from both countries of your valid contributions to Google. Please include the valid URL to support it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Congratulations to Half of You by Google

Google is an enabler, no doubt. I use the Reader, Checkout, Picasa, Gmail, Docs, Blogger, Adsense, Adwords, etc. etc. etc. I admire the accomplishments of Google. Not one day goes by that I don't invite someone to use a Google service.

I also congratulate India on its 60th Independence Day. My wishes of good fortune go out to Gary, Ketan, Amin, Sana, and more of the 1000's of friends and partners I and my business have in India!

I only want to ask, what about the other half? Pakistan? I personally wish India and you Pakistan a good life safe from harm, full of meaningful forward-thinking accomplishments that bring peace to the region and the world. The two of you can compliment each other and the world well in doing such.

Monday, August 13, 2007

No Talent: Solution Providers Despair Over Job Seekers

We do not take any credit for writing this article. We believe the article holds pertinent information to IT companies. We have requested that the link in the middle of the actual be repaired soon.

No Talent: Solution Providers Despair Over Job Seekers
DATE: 17-JUL-2007
By Deborah Perelman

Ask a channel executive if it's hard to get good help these days and get ready for an earful.

Just when the need for qualified IT technicians is greater than ever, the talent pool is thinnest, according to channel employers and analysts. Observers attributed this to a number of reasons, including a hangover from the dot-com bust of a few years ago and the spate of layoffs it caused, a mismatch between the actual skills of applicants and job qualifications, double-digit drops in college enrollments for computer science majors and the inability of channel companies to attract recruits who would rather work for IT vendors with recognizable names.


Exacerbating the problem is that as technology in such areas as wireless and VOIP (voice over IP) becomes more affordable, it fuels demand. And while that is a positive development, it also makes the need for IT talent even more acute.


(See the complete text at article.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Blog Day 2007, Global Bloggers Collaborate

December 2006, Jeff Pulver, anything and everything over IP guru, VoIP Daddy, and friend of millions, started the Blog-Tag. It's in honor of Blog Day which was invented by Nir Ofir in 2005 "with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries, cultures and areas of interest.”

Love to see global bloggers participate, so here's how it works.

When creating your BlogDay blog entry, try to follow these instructions:

1. List five Blogs that you find interesting and if you can tell, include the city/country where they are from.
2. Identify five Bloggers to tag to join in this game with you. I recommend emailing the bloggers you tag to give them a heads up of you tagging them.
3. Use the tag: BlogDay2007 in your blog post.
4. (Optionally): Contact the owners of the blogs you shared as your "blogs to take a look at."

I invite you to read these voices in Miami and Pensacola, Florida; Karachi, Pakistan and not sure about Christine yet. I read these blogs regularly, have much respect for them.

1. Florian Seroussi of Miami, Florida and Israel

2. Rich Tehrani of Miami, Florida

3. Rick Outzen of Pensacola, Florida

4. Tariq Mustafa of Karachi, Pakistan also known as the Father of Pakistan Blogging

5. Christine Herron

I’m tagging the following people who always have something interesting to share and asking them to join in this game of BlogDay Blog-Tag: Rehan Ahmed, Muneeb Iqbal, Andy Abramson, A Conglomerate of Authors at Karachi Metblogs, and Michael Bowen.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007 FAQ in Chinese

FAQ page:
常见问题 - 用户手册

Q: Virtual Phone Line 能做什么?
A: Virtual Phone Line 可以给你提供一个全新的号码,并将其转接到你现有的号码或者你的IP 地址及IP PBX系统。
这个新号码可以是任何国家任何地区的。你可以选择多个新号码。一个给你朋友用,一个给家人用,一个商用。 Virtual Phone Line 适用于打进的电话。

Q:Virtual Phone Line 是怎么样运作的呢?
A: 它的运行跟电话转接很象。假设Virtual Phone Line是一个新电话号码,任何地方的,那么你就可以将这个号码转接到你现有的号码上,就象你在其他国家有了一个虚拟的家或办公室。

Q:我可以将Virtual Phone Line转接到我的手机上么?


A :在你那里无需任何安装。Virtual Phone Line 做所有转接的服务,我们可以将打进你新号码的电话转接到你已有的号码上。现在您可以在免费注册测试

A:不用地区号码的价格是不一样的。而且根据转接号码的地区,价格也是不一样的。你可以在 查看费用。



A: 当你买了一个Virtual Phone Line号码后,并且想把它转接到PSTN或者手机号码上时,你需要付转接到本地号码的落地费,可以从你的帐号中扣除。比如你买了一个伦敦的号码,想转接 到你美国的手机号码,那每次有人打你的伦敦号码,你就要付4美分每分钟转接费。但是如果你转接到一个IP地址的话,那么接听这个电话就不收费。转接号码和 落地号码是一回事。


Q:我可以把我自己的号码放到Virtual Phone Line/LNP上么?
美国-首次$35 - 以后每月$9
加拿大 - 首次$50 - 以后每月$9
英国 - 首次$150 - 以后每月$9
法国 - 首次$150 - 以后每月$6

Q:没有信用卡我可以用Virtual Phone Line么?
A:可以。可以用银行转帐或者西联汇款($25银行转帐手续费)。 西联汇款详情
最近存款为$100。 如果账户余额为0,账户会自动暂停,号码也会终止。

Q: 我会有实体发票么?
A: 没有。为了以最低的价钱提供出色的服务,你的月租费和其他的账户活动都可以在Virtual Phone Line网上看到。账户信息24/7可用。如果要保存,很简单,您只需打印出来。

A:只要登录帐号,点击 联系我们,写上您的详细问题。我们会及时处理,目前不接受邮件或电话支持。

A:是的。在头30天内取消,我们会取消您的激活费(不包括月租费和国际通话时间)您可以登录帐号,点击 我的号码, 然后删除 你不要的号码,就不会再有这个号码的帐单了。


A:如果要转接到Zone 2 的号码,用户的信用等级必须是3星(***)
如果用户试图转接到Zone 2 的号码,他会收到一封邮件说明目前用户的信用等级是2。3星::如果您想转接到Zone2 的号码,那么您必须是3星或者以上的等级。我们会打电话给您的信用卡发卡银行确认您的信息,一经确认,我们会通知您的信用等级升到3星。
4星::要买Zone3的号码,您要提高等级。怎么样呢? 扫描您信用卡正反面并发送到, 一旦收到了您的信息并经银行确认,您的帐号会自动升级

1 扫描您信用卡正反面
2 银行给您信用卡最近的帐单,附有地址
3 您的照片,驾照或者身份证,能展示您的照片,姓名和地址的
发送以上的文件到 ,然后我们会提高您的信用级别,让您自由使用我们的服务。

A:已是用户的只要登录并Email us。 还不是用户的话,请用Contact Us,或发送邮件到。 我们知道一旦你尝试使用Virtual Phone Line,您一定会喜欢上它!


Q:在哪里下载Google Talk
常见问题 - IP地址转接

Q:我应该加哪个IP地址来接电话?或者电话是从哪个 IP地址打来的?

A: 有的,请参照

A:用 或者 来检查号码接听情况
1 先在 或者 上注册
2 把号码转接到Free World Dialup 帐号,例如, 或者Gizmo帐号上,比如,。 这些会在24hrs内生效,因为Free World Dialup 和Gizmo会有操作说明。
3 打你买的号码
4 在反过来检查通话质量。
Updated August 6, 2007

Shamefully Commercial Blog Post

You know you're groovy. We know you're groovy. Kelly shares with you in Chinese how to Try a free Number on! Groovytel lets you get local phone numbers from USA and set them to ring to many different instant messenger programs.

See how to get in the psychodelic groove and buy the local phone numbers from the cities where your friends, business partners, and family are. Forward them to your instant messenger ID's. Get the calls on your computer or even cell phone via the Groovytel service on your favorite IM program.

More news TBA, dude! ( is one of the 6500 powerhouse Internet Protocol-based communications companies using DIDXchange for DID direct inward dialing phone numbers from up to 55 nations.)

In One Sentence He Screwed it all Up

Raising a child, growing a VoIP or anything over IP business, and keeping friends are exciting and rewarding. But how do we handle failure?

I learned how from my son when he was a toddler. Some of our favorite things to do together were putting puzzles together and building structures with Legos and Lincoln Logs. We would finish a masterpiece and step back to admire, and then pow! My son would knock the thing of beauty to smithereens, laughing.

Today, I spend several hours trying to rebuild a customer's trust or a friend's broken heart, and pow! A colleague or family member can in just one sentence... smash the "masterpiece" to smithereens.

Should I laugh? Because maybe I am guilty of the same thing sometimes when, in one sentence, I throw it all away.

(Now, what scent should exude from this post? I think the scent of Frootloops in chocolate milk or maybe a lemon. Aw, scent over IP, when will it be mainstream?)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Being 17 in the mid 1950's, My Dad and Mom

A special place in time. My mother's step-father, my Uncle Raymond Lombard, Sr., my Dad, my Mom, and Uncle Raymond's wife (my Aunt) Doris Braley. (Scent over Internet some time this year. Mashing up with global friends on the topic... I think the beautiful scent of this page would be lilac and cream soda.)