Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tom Cruise DIDX booth Spring Von.x and Digium Asterisk World?


no, that was not Tom Cruise at the DIDX booth in Miami Beach, but he does look like him. We want to see you at Digium Asterisk World and VON.X in San Jose, California. DIDX is exhibiting, sponsoring and planning a DIDX networking event. You can sign up for free expo passes and discounted conference passes at and Enter DIDX to get the special passes, and we want to see you there.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Interactivity, International Appeal, New News Make ITEXPO Rock

What really stood out to me about ITEXPO East 2008?

1. How they promote truly interactive communications and involve and reward their participants, exhibitors, and sponsors! Check out the testimonial area at

2. Our DIDXchange exhibit needed some super glue for a middle panel. Konstantin and I picked some up, returned to the exhibit and discovered that the expo team fixed it for us. A double big wow! Talk about a double whammy reason to exhibit there...

3. I was introduced to the extreme importance of rural local exchange carriers during the "The State of IPTV" presentation of Karen Campagna (of Cisco). Their customers embrace new technologies that others in larger urban areas scoff at. They not only embrace them, over 60% of them recommend others to use the services they are using such as IPTV. Check out the videos in the ITExpo East 2008 playlist on Youtube or type in Karen Campagna in the search area. I'll be uploading 2 other IPTV videos soon from other speakers during the IPTV panel session.

4. Michael Genaro, Maureen Gambino, Rich Tehrani and several others on the TMCnet "team" exhibit the kind of professional, warm, accessible aura that makes participants come back again and again and to recommend others to do the same. (There's no shameful feeling about being eager to develop business and no digitally smug attitude as is sometimes evident with other "IP leaders.")

5. The event drives international companies to participant, and DIDX as well as most other new Web 2.0 kind of technologies are looking for that!

6. I wish I had thought to say these things when I was asked what stood out to me in the video interview recorded of me on the last day, but I was coming down with the flu, and couldn't think logically.

7. I was amazed at the Mobilemax offering. Perry Navleka gave me the opportunity to interview him in the beautiful canvas of palms in front of his hotel in Miami Beach. Do a search on his name in Youtube to see why I'm recommending ILECS, CLECs and other providers looking for new ways to reach more customers, keep them, and be on the cutting edge.

8. Last, you'll be happy to know that when I was asked by Mark Hewitt and TMCnet on my video interview, who are our big customers? I answered correctly. We power 8000+ ILECs, CLECs, RLECs, Instant Messenger Providers, Social Community portals, large nonprofit organization, and government organizations in 90 countries with millions of DID they can buy and/or sell to each other. We do all the work in the middle. But I did not name any because we are the support structure. We do not want public credit. We want our customers to be the stars and always have.

Please keep checking on Youtube as I add several more videos there for this event and at for the ITEXPO East picture gallery where you'll see more ..., but I forgot to bring my digital camera to the Lucky Strike DIDX party. We had only one picture from that from a team member, but the quality just didn't make it.

But... we had some super guests hanging out together: GlobalPops, Digium, Rich Tehrani and others from TMCNET, Mark Hewitt and his colleague, Celtrek, Konstantin Galperin, RNK Communications, Fonality, and several more. A strike here and there had the whole bunch cheering like we were at the Super Bowl! We want to do this again next year at ITEXPO East if it's in Miami. Any co-sponsors out there? Email me at

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Warm Miami, ITEXPO East 2008, and Facebook Friends Presenting!

Perfect combination! INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO East 2008 begins on Wednesday.

Register for a Free VIP Pass online now for access to the three free workshops, as well as the exhibit hall, keynotes and networking receptions on Wednesday and Thursday. Registration in person will incur a $50 fee.

Workshops that definitely rock for you like SIP Trunking, Voice Peering, and new
opportunities for resellers. All are free with your VIP Pass.

Having just arrived in Miami from what I think is freezing Pensacola, I am thrilled that I am about to go for a run tonight Tuesday in my running shorts, then back and shower for a dinner meeting with a very cool voIP company. It's a secret!

Thousands of attendees are coming here from the U.S., Canada, Latin America,Europe, Asia, Middle East... To date, attendees from 74 countries have registered to attend, and I believe there are only around 190 real countries on eartth!

Here's an updated day-by-day breakdown of the valuable content at the event:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008:
9:00 am - Breakout sessions*
9:00 am - TMC University Training: Using SIP to Build Enhanced Services*
9:00 am - TMC University Training: Microsoft OCS*
9:00 am - trixbox Open Communication Training Courses*
10:00 am - Reseller Solutions Day Workshop
10:00 am - Ingate's SIP Trunking Workshop
4:15 pm - KEYNOTES by Broadvox, 8x8, Inc. (Packet8), and Fonality
6:00 pm - Welcome Networking Reception in Exhibit Hall
Sponsored by Aculab.

Thursday, January 24, 2008:
8:00 am - Breakout sessions*
8:00 am - trixbox Open Communication Training Courses*
8:15 am - Voice Peering Fabric Workshop
8:30 am - Ingate SIP Trunking Seminars
9:45 am - KEYNOTES by Nortel, AudioCodes, and Mitel
11:30 am - EXHIBIT HALL OPEN (Hall closes at 5:00 pm)
4:00 pm - Networking reception in exhibit hall sponsored by Ontario Canada
4:45 pm - Bose SoundDock(R) and Apple iPod Giveaway (You must be present to win)

Friday, January 25, 2008:
9:00 am - Breakout sessions*
9:00 am - trixbox Open Communication Training Courses*
11:00 am - EXHIBIT HALL OPEN (Hall closes at 2:30 pm)
2:30 pm - 2008 Mustang Convertible Giveaway (You must be present to win)

*Fees required to attend conference sessions & training courses.

Visit for complete details. Visit with me at DIDX booth 934, at the receptions, listening to keynotes and of course, Karen Campagna of Cisco (State of IPTV, Friday - 01/25/08, 12:30-2:15pm), Dan York of Voipsa (8:30-9:45am on Thursday, January 24th titled "Seminar/myth 1: VoIP is not secure"), and Bill Miller of Digium and Scott Hilton of 3Com (The Current State of Open Source (EI-03)Wednesday - 01/23/08, 11:00-11:45am) give some very interesting presentations.

I'll be taking pictures and filming videos and taking pics to post on photo galleries on Picasa, Facebook and Youtube about why people are participating in ITEXPO and what makes their company boomshakalaka!

Thank you, Michael Genaro, for your template. ;-)

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Facebook Voicemail Application from FWD, cool!

My head is spinning with 100s of ideas of how to use Facebook's application Voicemail by FWD (

Elevator speech, happy birthday or get well message, sales pitch, wedding proposal, persuasive political message, playing games... wow.

I used it to send a Get Well message to Michel, a Happy Birthday message to a family member, a response to a poem written by my friend Sarah, and my explanation of why I am supporting Barack Obama for President. The last one is part of my presentation made about Voicemail on Youtube. Free your voice!

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Facebook Apps that Rock #1: Free Conference Calls

There is a bit of static on this video, my apologies, but the message is clear. facilitates collaborations and mash-ups we dreamed of, spoke about, listened to ridicule about and now are becoming extremely successful and rewarding realities.

More reviews soon of Facebook applications that use voice over Internet as a boomshalaka component.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Personalized Media Monitoring Service of Meltwater News

What Made Meltwater News Stand Out to Me


• Meltwater News has 58,000+ sources. They’re adding about 300 new ones per week (by comparison, Google News searches 4,500 sources, and eWatch searches slightly over 10,000).

Personal Service:

• Direct access to your representative Joey Greenwald when questions arise or when modifications to the account need to be made.
• System is custom-tailored to your needs.
• You have control of your account and how that information is delivered.

Time Saving:

• Archive Capabilities (the ability to archive articles in a concise and organized manner)
• Distribution Capabilities (employees save time distributing information throughout your organization)
• Translation Capabilities, ability to translate most European languages as well as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean with more being added. (Can't wait for the last 4 to be complete.)

Complex Searches:

• Complex Boolean Search Capabilities (delivers refined exact search results to find the needle in the haystack)
• Pinpoint Geographical Searches (create search agents or one-off searches on topics in specific regions, domestic or internationally)
• Unlimited Keyword Searches (can use an unlimited amount of keywords in your search agents)


• Graphing Capabilities (ability to graph, measure and compare your media exposure and/or competitors separated by country, region, state, or value – positive, negative, or neutral)
• Matrix Tool (useful tool that will help you locate the EXACT sources in which you are mentioned in an extremely easy and concise way)

Value Creation:

• Save Time, won’t need to jump through several different systems, because now you will have it all in one!
• News Brought to you, with the creation of search agents your news is delivered in easy to read morning and/or afternoon reports.
• Stay Ahead, since you are saving so much time reviewing your media, you can use that time and information to keep ahead of your competitors!
• Access to a user-friendly interface, so you can go into the system whenever you like.

I have truly enjoyed use of this product at Meltwater News. I have my own special login, with tools for extra detailed search and analysis of my own company and all other interests of mine on the net. Joey provides the kind of personalized service we've been looking for, and I wanted to share this with others.

You can reach Joey at ...
Joey Greenwald
Sales Consultant, San Francisco
Ph: 1-415-829-5924
Fax: 1-415-829-5936

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Open Source Community Stories

Do you believe that your solution, company, mashup, or project needs attention? The best place to start is with Rich Tehrani and the team. One of the most popular areas of TMCNET is the Open Source Community at

What's hot in development tools, open source and applications... latest news in open source PBX... white papers, forums... it's like being in an open source library of congress.

An article by Rich Tehrani titled "Cellular and Open Source Services: A Recipe for Growth" highlights predictions, tools, applications, and services for real market growth in the telecom/video/IP communications industry.

"Suzanne Bowen is CEO of Super Technologies, Inc. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Suzanne, and as always she offers a very interesting take on the VoIP industry, where we stand, and most importantly, where we’re headed," I quote Rich.

Thank you, Rich. I go to sleep at night and can't wait for the alarm to ring at 5 AM to start another day of inspiring, supporting and growing enterpreneurs with what our company offers. I need an alarm, or I'd get up earlier.

More surveys such as the following by Rich Tehrani are at, Bullish on Fixed Mobile Convergence and MobileMax's 2008 prediction? You'll see more and more with their social community ID added such as Facebook, Ning, Linkedin, and Plaxo Pulse to their business cards. Mine had that last year until our graphic designer accidentally left it off. They'll be at booth 833 at ITEXPO East Jan 23-25, 2008 in Miami, Florida, not too far from DIDX booth 934.

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fonality trixbox Training at ITExpo in Miami

Jorge Rodriguez is just one of the many successful businessmen who have participated in the trixbox training. Listen to this video about his making more money in one year than in his whole life setting up internet-protocol based PBX. I have to say I appreciated his sincerity and have since the date of my filming him at ITEXPO West 2007, met some of his customers who are contact centers and small businesses.

Fonality trixbox Open Communication Training Courses at ITEXPO intensive three-day classes prepare you to install, administer and support trixbox and PBXtra Systems. Register for the classes here at

Sign up to attend ITEXPO East 2008 in Miami, Florida now at and tell them Suzanne at DIDX (direct inward dialing exchange) sent you. You can also add yourself to the event after that at, and while you're at it, add me and everyone in the VoIP industry who uses Facebook to your Facebook network. I think you'll love it. (We'll be at booth 934 at ITEXPO East 2008.)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Contact Centers: Awards and their Suppliers at Internet Telephony East 2008

Contact centers are still poised to be a must have and more so in 2008. My post here will focus on contact center opportunities at Internet Telephony East and also the's Top 100 in the World Awards 2008.

The Marketing Corporation (also known as is known as one of the most comprehensive archives and opportunities for contact center training, white papers, conferences and more. Internet Telephony East Jan 23-25, 2008 in Miami, Florida will be the place to start 2008 in technological style to partner, buy, sell, learn, share, and exhibit every successful way. (DIDX, global wholesale direct inward dialing exchange is exhibiting at # 934 and is proud to be an association sponsor of IT Expo East 2008.)

Awards... do you know of a contact center who uses innovative, empowering strategies for success? Have they reduced the bottom line and increase ROI for themselves and their customers? Are they really great at inbound and/or outbound service? Turn them on to the Contact Center World's Top 100 in the World Awards 2008. will travel the globe once again in search of the Top 100 in 2008. Have you ever thought of being awarded a trophy or medal for what you do, in recognition of your business, your staff, and your own work? Ever thought of the recognition received not only by customers and clients, but by your peers, even your competition? Those who attended the 2007 awards have many stories to tell about the challenge, the networking, and the triumph of winning, and being named the Best of the Best for 2007. Hear more from past winners here.

Apply now at CONTACT CENTER WORLD TOP 100. And... see you at ITEXPO East Jan 23-25, 2008 in Miami, Florida.

Contact Center World is hosting the awards. TMCnet is hosting ITEXPO East.

Y Prospero Año y Felicidad from Super Technologies

Super Technologies, Inc. is a company of extremely mobile team members who travel to information technology conferences and expos while working. We're from all over the world: China, USA, Pakistan, UAE, Poland, Mexico and more. We enjoy working together to provide support tools to the 1000s of wholesale Internet protocol-based companies. We are extremely proud of those companies as they power some of the world's largest, coolest, and/or most practical platforms and solutions we have ever seen. And we know, we and you ain't seen nothing yet!!!!

Happy New Year to you.

See you around the world at VON Mexico and more at

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Vandalize and Terrorize in the Name of What?

A few days ago I posted a few lines concerning the assassination of Benazir Bhutto to point readers to an online television site DawnTV that offers Pakistan-related news up-to-date, quite often before any other online source (audio, video and/or text). Dawn is famous for welcoming more and more innovative technologies.

I was in the middle of a voice over Internet teleconference (participants using Gizmo Project, FWD, Truphone, and more) a few days, and one participant mentioned some thought-provoking pictures of young Pakistanis' vandalism and you may call it... terrorism against their own fellow citizens. Why do people do this? Do the victims appear anonymous and not real, like those in a video game? Is it because there is no one stopping the "bullies?" Do the "terrorists" feel it is their right? Is this a form of frustration release? Why this form of release?

You can participate in a conversation of questions, hope and search for positive action at Maybe listen to U2's Bono and Pavarotti's words and please don't be silent.