Thursday, October 30, 2008

Direct Inward Termination, Common Telephony Search Keyword

Just noticed that the key words phrase "Direct Inward Termination" is being used more and more in searches that land on my blogs, so I asked several to explain what it's all about. I'll add more answers as I get them in the coming year. This blog is meant to be INTERACTIVE and COLLABORATIVE. ;-)

John Cirner of TalkMotion: Suzanne, in the 15 or so years I worked in the PBX hardware industry we would associate "direct inward termination" as the programmed association of a DID number to a specific device. Applications such as DID to fax machine or DID to system port (or modems in the old days) for remote programming interface, would be common applications.

Delwar Hossain Khan, member of Freedom2Speak and Ecomm: "I have not dealt with telecom for years now but as far as I remember DID is an old telecom term, referring 2 a particular feature of PABX system, when caller seizes a trunk port, gets a 2nd dial tone and connects with the destination number(usually a Pabx extension port).

If we consider the international telecom network as one PABX system, this could be a simplified explanation.

Submitted by Michael Bowen, running coach for Emerald Coast Racing Team.
Glossary on Higher Ground, Inc. web site:

A combination of features between the central office of the telephone company and the PBX. It allows a party calling into a PBX to be directly connected to a station associated to the number dialed, without the assistance of the operator. ...

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cell Phone Discussion 1: Sony Ericsson

Sorry didn't mean to cut this guy's discussion of his new cell phone Sony Ericsson on Du mobile service in Dubai, but at least you hear his key thoughts about it compared to his Nokia.

Any time we try a new gadget, it's tough to learn the new processes. It happened when I switched from a Tandy 1000 HX to the Mac Classic and then to a Gateway PC and then to Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Asus Linux Ubuntu and Dell. (I've kept the last 2, still using.)

And from Kyocera on Virgin Wireless to Blackberry on Verizon and now very happy with the Nokia E61i on AT&T... except SMS fees and expensive global roaming. Don't do it! :-(

I've got another video to add soon where users are describing experience with IPhone, Nokia E61 and Blackberry while in Dubai. We had just finished an evening of the DIDX Dinner and Desert Safari.
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Compare/Contrast McCain and Obama's Economic Policies

The following are not the opinions, statements or beliefs of Super Technologies, Inc.

Have you read all the blog posts regarding the upcoming USA elections? Wow, it is absolutely exciting.

I'd like to respond to one that I just read which was attempitng to summarize Obama's economic policy by stating that as a restaurant patron, he would not give the waiter a tip and instead, give it to a homeless person down the street.

Not quite, but I'll give proof at the end of this post.

My thoughts:

Seems the McCain economic policy...might be...give the $10 tip to the manager in the hope it would stimulate more business for the restaurant and more income for the waiter. Trickle down economics.

Here's what the Obama campaign is saying about the tax plan:
1. 95 percent of workers receive a tax cut of $500; $1,000 for
working couples/families.
2. Tax cuts for low- and middle-income seniors, homeowners, uninsured, families sending a child to college or looking to save and accumulate wealth.
3. Cut corporate taxes for firms that invest and create jobs in the United States, and provide tax credits to reduce the cost of healthcare and to reward investments in innovation. No capital gains tax for small businesses.
4. Dramatically simplify taxes by consolidating existing tax credits.
5. No family making less than $250,000 will see their taxes increase. Families making more than $250,000 will pay either the same or lower tax rates than they paid in the 1990s. Tax relief for middle class families is larger than the revenue raised by tax changes for families over $250,000.

The full details are located at:

Here's a comparison between McCain's and Obama's positions, taken from the attachment:

...Both candidates pledge to lower taxes overall, but the key point to the debate is who will be paying the bills.

Sen. Obama favors tax cuts for middle-class workers and tax increases for top earners -- families that make more than $250,000 and individuals making more than $200,000 a year. He wants to extend most of the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts, but raise the top two marginal rates to 36% and 39.6%.

Sen. Obama wants to eliminate taxes on seniors making less than $50,000 a year and to provide a "Making Work Pay" tax credit of 6.2% of the first $8,100 in wages (about $500) for individuals earning less than $75,000 a year. Outside analysts estimate that the top 1% of wage earners would see an average tax increase of $19,000.

Sen. McCain wants to permanently extend all 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts, raise the personal exemption for each dependent from $3,500 gradually over several years to $7,000 and keep the top tax rate at 35%, leaving "upper-income taxpayers" with "the most to gain under McCain's plan," according to a report by Deloitte Tax. The nonpartisan Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center estimates that the top 1% would see a tax cut of more than $125,000.

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Schuyler Deerman EMEA Digium and DVComm's Sabu Thomas and Deepak Mahtani

Aughh! My Du mobile service in Dubai cut this off before Schuyler Deerman (Digium EMEA Manager) and the guys from DVCOM (Sabu Thomas and Deepak Mahtani) could finish their discussion of participating in Gitex 2008 in Dubai. We (DIDXchange) were about 8 booths down from them in the Zabeel Hall.

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British Voice Exchange, Collaboration among Competitors

Listen to of British Voice Exchange, a group of 20 or so companies who buy/sell/trade termination. I met at Gitex 2008 in Dubai. The video is at

Frank Rentz and I predicted back in early 2005 that collaboration among competitors was one of the best new ways to help entrepreneurs and small to large-sized businesses to increase ARPU, ROI, innovate and achieve the impossible today. He noted entities such as Paypal, Arbinet, DIDX (yes, it's ours), Frost & Sullivan, credit card systems from China to the USA, Collaborative Software Initiative, and eBay. British Voice Exchange is a smart effort and I wish them the best!

One of my favorite things to do at conferences that Super Technologies, Inc. (our company) sponsor via our DID/DDI media channel on TMCNET and participate in by exhibiting or giving a presentation... is to capture on video... interviews and discussions of interesting, innovative individuals, groups and businesses. You can find my video galleries on ...

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one

The following are not the opinions of the company Super Technologies, Inc. but instead they are my opinions.

The bad thing of war is, that it makes more evil people than it can take away. Immanuel Kant
The elegance of honesty needs no adornment. Merry Browne

I appreciate you so far, Barack Obama, and you are the candidate I will vote for the President of the United States of America:

1. For producing real specific plans for how you will lead our nation when you are President

2. For promoting with your rhetoric the idea of expectation of all at all income levels to produce and not look for a free ride (i.e. not more welfare checks but more jobs, not more bailing big business but holding them accountable)

3. For not canonizing all of us who have been complaining about the decisions that have been made by many of our leaders, about the lies and coverups, and about the insistence on rescuing the rich and ignoring the poor and middle class. Remember the incentive checks? I would much rather have the government give that $600 incentive check to the local Scenic Hills Elementary than to send it to me. In fact, when I return to the USA around Nov. 5, that is what I am going to do with it myself.

4. For have an obvious understanding of Earth, a planet with not just one nation on it but approximately 190. (And if you believe in God, remember He said "For God so loved the world," not just your church, your family, your neighborhood, or just the USA.)

5. For inspiring and renewing pride, hope, ideas, acceptance of *responsibilities, real action and patriotism in me for our world, our country and man and womankind

6. For having a great memory of history, literature, politics, books in general and sharing those memories with us in your every day speech

7. For making it obvious you love your wife and family

8. For going to the people of every financial status, ethnicity, religion, gender and more for support instead of lobbyists

9. For causing people in the remotest areas of the world and richest areas of the world to have a new hope for the USA for the possibility of an intelligent, honest, progressive, big picture and small details thinking kind of leader

One of the sad signs of our times is that we have demonized those who produce, subsidized those who refuse to produce, and canonized those who complain. By Thomas Sowell

And I see Barack Obama as turning these sad times around. We are a nation of people smarter than the leaders of the past eight years thought and think.

* responsibilities: a good topic to blog on soon

Monday, October 27, 2008

Nigerian Language Discussion at Astricon

Always fascinated with foreign languages, hearing them spoken, learning to comprehend them and understand the world in a new way...

Adetola Ogunsan from Voicenode is a DIDX member. We met face to face at Astricon where we had a great discussion about Nigerian languages and what to eat in Lagos.

He speaks Yoruba. Listen in at Viddler and learn how to say good morning in that language.

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VoIP-Related Industry Trivia: Go Ahead and Play

See how many of these answers you can get correct. You can also Facebook email me your suggestions for additional trivia.

1. Who in the telephony, especialy VoIP telephony industry or IP communications industry are known for wearing Hawaiian print shirts?

2. Who wears polos that include "Free Hugs Day" on the back?

3. Who wears fake moustaches?

4. Which Mobile VoIP app service provider has a background in LCD touch screens?

5. Which VoIP security expert started a podcast on that topic in October 2005?

6. Name at least one online video streaming website we can use on a mobile phone through Internet.

7. Which website among the following enable you to upload as much as 500 MB video at one time:, Viddler, Youtube and Zippyvideos?

8. What CTO invented Virtualphoneline in 1999 and DIDX in 2005?

9. Which mobile VoIP application is based in Canada, includes IM and voice, and integration with social networks?

10. Which mobile VoIP application's company has $20 million in venture capital, finally plans to monetize via targeted advertising, has both voice and IM?

11. Who runs the VoIP users conference?

12. Who used to sing Mustang Sally with the band at around the end of every conference party?

13. There is a company that has the initials J. C. whose CEO is known for his black cowboy hat and is a hero among RLECs and ISPs.

14. Who does this describe? He was dyslexic as achild, couldn't read or write very well, sold computers out of his college dorm and later got busy and successful in wireless Internet. The top level support his company provides has resulted him being able to offer the most expensive service in the St. Louis market.

15. Who founded the first magazine focused on VoIP and is the chairman of the VoIP industry's leading trade show, drawing 1000s of participants from as many as 121 nations in one week.

I will add more trivia on a regular basis. Have fun showing off your VoIP-related trivia IQ.

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Tinu's Challenge to Set Bad to the Bone New Year Goals

Tinu shared with her network of friends on Facebook her goals for 2008 and what she has learned from the past. She asked that anyone tagged respond with his and hers. It took me until Oct. 27, 2008, and I guess these are for my/your/our 2009 however it applies. (I always loved Tinu's cool Facebook current status remarks.)

My shortlist of goals, a conglomeration of personal, intellectual, and professional goals is not to be afraid of being myself. As a teen-ager, I only paid attention to my Spanish and journalism classes. Other than that, I was concerned with rolling up my skirt just high enough to fit in with the other hippy girls at Encinal High in Alameda. I knew there was something missing: intellectual stimulation and challenge. I wasn't in Girl Scouts anymore ;-).

During my college years, I was still consumed with looking good and going to parties. As a teacher, I did an about face and reveled in the courses I taught: English, Internet research, school newspaper and yearbook, morning school news on TV, gifted studies, civics, American history, and community service. I don't remember any mirrors in my house in fact.

Then, I hit 40 which was a slightly dark time of my life. It wasn't my age. I loved my 40s and am enjoying my 50s even more. The black hole I fell in was good for me though. Anyone know what I mean? Best of all, now that I am out of it, I am constantly challenged professionally, intellectually, and personally like I always craved.


1. Continue to focus on the inside and not the outside of myself and others. Do not be swayed by those who say I should wear more makeup, wax my upper lip, laser-treat the sun damage on my neck and who knows where else, and straighten my hair. I like how I am and I like how you are. Now, let's talk about what we've been reading, observing, and doing lately.

2. Enjoy the art of language, arranging a collection of words in a way that dances, slips, or dives off the tongue or keyboard. Be aware that some would like for me to KISS (keep it short and simple)... okay, for them, I will, but for others who enjoy, aw, what bliss.

3. Read more books, listen to more podcasts, and watch more documentaries, movies offline and online and find others who will love to discuss them with me or at least give me the opportunity to observe discussions. Blog on those bloggable topics.

4. Try to get along with people who I need to get along with and have a hard time getting along with.

5. Show, not just talk about the appreciation I have for my colleagues, my customers, my husband, my family, and my friends.

6. Remember that the best way to be great is to not think I am great and to treat every person: friend, colleague, customer, supplier, and family member with respect and care because that is how I want to be treated.

7. Take and give criticism with thought, and do not be afraid of either.

Tinu, let me know anything we can work together on. I'm glad I met you.

(Facebook has an RSS feed of my blog and this note is listed there at I've tagged a few people who are bloggers so maybe they can set goals/resolutions and be as late as I was or later if they wish. ;-) In fact, I encourage any and everyone make a list of goals on their blog. Pass it on.)

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mark's Blog: Mobile Services

Mark's Blog: Mobile Services

Thinking a couple of Mark's posts add more info to my earlier post on this blog where a lady friend of mine shared with me an awesome Mobile VoIP Apps Comparison Matrix.

Some say a few apps were skipped on the matrix such as Rebtel, GoogleTalk, MobileMax, and perhaps several more... but maybe there will be #2 matrix? Anyone game to compare/contrast with a neutral POV? It will probably help if you are not in the USA, since phones that support voip or sip agents are rarely supported by US carriers.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How Do you Respond to Micro-Management

Are you guilty? Am I? How do you react to those who micro-manage you and others around you? I'd love to compare experiences.

It happens in any circumstance: family, friends, workplace, industry, nation, globe ... micro-management... my Dad even admits today that he was guilty of this at times as a father.

Yikes, I laugh my head off when I watch this:

How do people typically respond to micro-management? Any combination of rage, apathy, helplessness, withdrawal, and loss of creativity and pro-active nature.

Former President Theodore Roosevelt once stated that, "the most effective executive hires good peole and then has the good sense to stand back and watch them do their work."

More articles on this topic:

My favorite...

Listen to Jim Collins warn against it... at

Thought to self: be careful in this area because 1000s of telecommunications companies (as well as other industries) out there have leaders, owners, managers who do not micro-manage; their "teams" are dynamite, this filters to the customers, and their services rock. They will outperform you and me. Their team is more likely to thrive. Their customers are more likely to stay and refer others.


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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bilal's Relatives in Mexico Motivate Him in Mobile Career

If anyone knows Bilal, please help me out on the name of the UK MVNO business that he recently sold and exactly how to spell his name. I think he's in my Facebook network, not sure. This was one of 100s of interviews I took while traveling through UK, UAE, Pakistan and Japan this past year.

He is in my Facebook network. One day after posting this blog, I add his name: Bilal Khalid Qanungoh. I still need the name of the UK MVNO that he sold.

Corrections I just received: Bilal does not have relatives in Mexico but is concerned about helping Mexican immigrants to the USA to stay in touch with their relatives in Mexico. As an entrepreneur he sees Mexico as an excellent potential market for telecom services. His UK MVNO was OPAL Mobile, which has been acquired by TOPAZ.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Response to My Request to Compare Mobile VoIP Apps

I received this comparison/contrast matrix in response to my request for users and providers' comparisons/contrasts of mobile VoIP applications. Happy to get more comments, facts and opinions.

It covers Ebuddy, EQO, Gizmo, Fring, Mig33, Nimbuzz, Skype, and Truphone.

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Welcome to No Rules Telephony I: David Duffett at Astricon

David Duffett discusses regarding telephony, the old rules where we came from, open standards even back then in 1999, being boring, being remarkable and business advantages of open source telephony.

Talks about rules that have been busted. Chocolates flew everywhere. Ask Draython Savoi after he stated, "But I already am remarkable."

David Duffet has quite an interesting variety in his professional portfolio. One, he is known as one of the easiest to understand Asterisk Bootcamp instructors.

Part II of David Duffet's talk at Astricon on Youtube on my Astricon playlist.

I need to figure out how to turn the volume up while recording from my Nokia E61i. So for now, the only way to hear it well, is to put on a headset and turn it up.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Get Inspired: Start and Grow that Idea! Jehan Ara, PASHA

Jehan Ara is a lady I admire for the joy she shows in every action of her life. She is the president of the PASHA, Pakistan Association of Software Houses. She did a couple hours of research to discover Pakistani startups and shares with ITCN Asia her findings in the video on Youtube,

She describes one group that started using Google to spread the news of their ideas on the web and now have investment from Adobe Systems and a local investor in Pakistan.

Two young kids with a dream set up a job offer and search site with video. They raised and sold out for 2 million rupees. Others told them they shouldn't have done that, but they said they were not short on ideas. They just needed some money.

IT is not just IT. It merges with media and more, so that the sky's the limit for entrepreneurial activities. She mentions Qureshi from Wateen's term technology convergence.

She mentions Systems Limited, a very old Pakistani company that is morphing with the times. They started in software and are now expanded to financial and retail.

This is not just about Pakistan. It's about the world of innovation inside of each of us. Listen in for more and be inspired, no matter where you are. Solve an every day problem with Internet protocol-based communications tools. Start a business.

Websites and Tools for and about IP communications startups, ideas, blogs, and more. No fluff like pyramid marketing, business acronym hades... all real specific help.
1. Check out the blogs I like on the right side of this blog.
2. Oops, what happened to
4. In Ireland
6. Start your own Facebook page and get fans at
7. Get your message out with video at,
8. My business partner Rehan Ahmed has a cool set of tools at
Our DIDXchange has pointed entrepreneurs to the 5000 application and some have won! Check out the Chapman Innovations! It should be YOU and YOUR company next.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sorry but EthnoFrigginCentrism Costs Big Bucks

There's a trend that I wrote about in my TMC blog at

You and I lose financial, professional, social and personal opportunities because of our prejudices. I get about 900 - 1000 emails per day that are not spam.

On average 10 per day have some racial, gender, geek vs marketing types, religious, ethnocentric slurs, or lifestyle prejudicial statements and judgements. I bite my nails, get angry, as I realize what is being lost because of...


I've seen quality people not get hired because they are Mexican, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, female, Caucasian, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and so on. Whiskey tango foxtrot, Oscar?

I've seen Japanese vs Chinese, Europeans vs the rest of the world, Americans who will stick with Palin no matter what she is found guilty of, Pakistanis versus Indians, Saudis and Argentinians perceived as stuckup; geeks versus people who are not included among the geeks because of the way they speak, where they are from, their gender, their religion; men looking at women in technology as fluff and background, women believing it...

Or just any homogeneous group so tight-knit who keep talking about innovation and wondering why it is not happening. FACE IT. IT's YOU and ME who ARE GUILTY.

Carlos Mencia's verbal noises say it all, "Dee dee dee." Or to borrow from my favorite tech geek, my husband, "If you're not offended, you're not listening."

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Son on Being a New Daddy

I love this guy and his wife who I consider my daughter! He's talking about what it's like being a new Daddy on Scott and Sarah met when Sarah got the part of Lady Macbeth in Macbeth and Scott got the part of a messenger. Now, Scott teaches music and drama classes at a local high school. Sarah is an English and drama teacher.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Update Mobile VoIP Apps Comparison/Contrast Anyone?

True, this comparison of Gizmo, Truphone, Talkster, and Jajah is over a year old... still quite interesting. Anyone see anymore comparisons of mobile apps (voip)? I'd like to see Fring, MobileMax, eqo, Groovytel (kind of a free self-serve voice in on mobile voip apps), Yeigo, Nimbuzz, and some of the others added since 2007. Customer service, ease of installation if applicable, ease of use, flexibility, and features like voice in, voice out, IM, etc.

I just listened for the second time to interviews with Boaz Z. of Fring, James T. of Truphone, and Tam of eqo and as a result asked Martyn Davies, when are you guys going to conduct more Bending the Needle interviews????

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hobsin & Holtz Report and Voip Users Podcasts

Wow, I like these...
**, the Hobsin & Holtz Report
** podcasts of James Tagg of Truphone, Dan York, Pat Phelan of Roam4Free, Jeff Pulver, Bill Tam of eqo, Boaz Zilberman of Fring, and Alec Saunders of Iotum.

My Ipod is full now alongside John Mayer*, Louis Armstrong, Sarah Bareilles, Geekspeak, etc.

* His blog is at

Monday, October 06, 2008

I hope...

Some of the things I read, I hope I am never guilty of doing the same.

I hope that I read everything that matters carefully.

I hope that I will do my best to treat colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners, and friends with the respect that I want in return.

I hope that I will NEVER let my personal life interfere with my professional life and that I do not allow negative emotion to rule any of my responses to anyone.

If you are in charge of anything, remember... too many rules and excuses and fabricatioins really um... help, my Dad is a preacher, ok, they suck.

I hope. Time to sleep.

Mobile Applications Development Workshops: Netbiscuits, Android

Pre-Conference events on Tuesday, October 21 at Mobile Internet World 2008 in Boston, Massachusetts listed below, and don't forget to sign up this week by Oct 10, 2008 Friday to get the extra $100 off:

New England Mobile Summit
Mobile Ecosystem has developed a special program to showcase some of New England’s next generation wireless companies, and bring together the leaders of our “mobile ecosystem” with more than 2,000 individuals attending Mobile Internet World in a provocative discussion of how New England can remain one of the world’s great centers of wireless innovation.
Runs 1:30am to 5:30pm
More info:

Executive Summit
The 4G Executive Summit 2008 leverages the extensive research conducted by Yankee Group and will provide you with an unique insight into the market potential for 4G broadband services based on 3GSM/LTE, Wi-Fi and WiMAX technologies.
Runs 9:00am to 5:30pm
More info:

Mobile Applications and Developers Summit
Sponsored by Netbiscuits
As mobile devices and platforms proliferate, the mobile web will become a dominant means of reaching the internet. Few enterprises have yet embarked on building out mobile internet based web applications, and fewer still have figured out their mobile internet website strategy.
Runs 9:00am to 5:30pm
More info:

Android Developers Workshop
Join Google’s own Justin Mattson, to understand Google’s strategy for its Android platform and how to build Android applications. The workshop opens with an introduction to the platform and includes two increasingly technical sessions on Android Development. The day closes with a fireside chat with the Android team.
Runs 1:30am to 5:30pm
More info:

See more IP communications related global events sponsored by DIDXchange at our Events site as well as our DID/DDI Channel on TMC.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Nihari, Telecom Billboards, and Empowerment of Internet

Thanks to, we were finally able to upload a copy of my presentation given at ITCN Asia 2008 in Karachi, Pakistan where 127,000 individuals attended and around 200 exhibited. I was definitely excited about the opportunity to speak among Asia's brightest telecom, government, technology-related minds.

Pakistan is a trend-setter in telecommunications. Its Wateen provides countrywide WIMAX, the first in the world to do this. PTCL offers countrywide IPTV, another world first. The price of a call to the USA from a Pakistan cell phone is around 1 cent per minute and SMS is commonly used, included in your package. Ufone, Chinamobile (I used Zong while there, great deal), Mobilink, and other cell phone services offer more services at lower rates than any cell phone services in the United States.

While in Pakistan, I visited with each of these companies at their offices as well as Telenor, Telecard, Hazara Telecom and more.

My stop in Pakistan was one of many stops around the world in August 2008 where my goals were to visit current and potential clients, suppliers, and the world's telecommunications think tank. Next time, I'm bringing my colleagues Steve Cayona, Anna Hollis, Sergey Okhapkin, and Lisa-anne Routley and any of the others who are ready for a global trip.

The presentation is at Other videos of other speakers are listed on my TMCNET blog, Youtube, and Google.

(One last item, as mentioned by me at Viddler, I apologize for my comment about Chinese and Vietnamese accent on English. If I could take it back, I would.)

Friday, October 03, 2008 Enables up to 500 MB Uploads

My colleague from Super Technologies, Inc... Imran Ahmed posted on his blog at about Viddler. Now, I want to share the wealth with you!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

DIDX Pavilion at Gitex = Gold

Check out the offer for DIDX members (wholesale wireless and wired service providers) to get their complimentary exhibit in the DIDX Pavilion at Gitex in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. See the DIDX Blog.

Members should login to their DIDX account, click the INBOX to see the details and apply before Oct 6, 2008.

All right! Rate your vendor, no joke

Check my TMCNET post at Suzanne's Monetization of IP Communications blog of if you don't have time, just go to this URL at and rate your vendor or service provider.