Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Qualities I Admired in 2008- Honesty, Creativity, Compassion (Part 2?)

Some of the worst memories have to do with the loss of trust, autonomy, innovation, caring ... it's like being in a closet with a pillow over your head (arruuggghhh!@#$%)... the best memories are like these...

1. Tee Emm's email signature item... "If you think email is dead, let's facebook."

2. Neil Christy's definition of Christmas (and he was kind and thoughtful enough to not spell it Xmas)... "forgive forget forever."

3. Debra Bowen's natural way of helping us to understand what's happening in California. She is one of the coolest politicians I have ever met.

4. Gregory Boehnlein's ability to make people go nuts around him because of the endorphin overload he causes with his different getups and pictures.

5. Brian West's thought-provoking Facebook statuses such as "the most dangerous position in which to sleep is with your feet on your office desk." Lish Siaji is another ... who I admire his writing ability whether in the form of his status, notes, blogs, whatever... some people just got game.

6. I love to read Lee Hopkins' blog at He's one of the first persons in my Facebook network, and I'm thankful.

7. People like my friends Arshi Masood and Lisa Johnson who are clear, transparent, non-judgmental, open, accepting, truthful, refreshing... they would NEVER betray my trust. Arshi and Ayaz were the first team members of Super Technologies, Inc. in 1999. Arshi designed our Supertec logo. Ayaz and he were fantastic salespeople. Imagine selling a dialup Internet phone adapter for $1800 USD! (Lisa has been one of my best friends since we were in the notorious Zeta Phi Delta at Pensacola Junior College.)

8. Many in Asterisk and Freeswitch developers' and enthusiasts' communities who are my friends, who help me "think-tank," who accept me, and who refute the rumors that I am Rehan's blonde alias ... LOL. Just a few to mention of the many (again, I totally appreciate, in fact, so much ... that we sponsored the Asterisk Developers' Area at Astricon 2008 and Cluecon First Night Party in 2007, not a tiny price!)... Jim Van Meggelen, Max Glucksmann, Kevin Leacock, Christian Renaux, Arfeen Muhammad, Simon Rowland, Fred Posner, Sergey Okhapkin, Mike Clark, Bill Miller and the list could go on and on.

BTW, my hair is brown now, and my husband's is blonde. We did that after we'd been at Chili's too long for lunch, then walked over to Target, and the dye was on sale for $6.99 per package with free shampoo and conditioner.

Free to be honest, creative, and compassionate. Let's dance, everyone!

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Yes Men and Women, Quality vs Quantity... Social Networking 2008 (Part 1?)

It's 6:39 AM on Dec 31, 2008, and I don't have much time to blog. It's New Year's Eve. I have a slightly nervous feeling like I haven't done everything this year I should have. Actually I feel like that all the time. It keeps me hopping!

You all have helped me, influenced me, inspired me ... more than you know. In fact, as always this is about YOU (not me).

Quality rules. Quantity for the sake of quantity is wasteful. The quality of my social and business networks on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter rock. I don't collect people ... (thanks, Charles Wu, for that discussion, you are one of the great quality). Meaningful interaction that is natural and and not forced, I love.

Time is everything to me and you. What was I thinking?

When you critique me, my familiy, my company, my team... fairly, I grow. In fact, I discussed with Muhammad Bilal, Syed Talha Izhar, Bilal Khalid Qanungoh, Riccard Cirello, Binodan Sarma, Peter Radizeski, Ali Hadi and Rehan Allahwala these questions on Facebook after watching Marley and Me:

Who really listens to you?

Who is really interested in what you have to say and wants to truly collaborate with you?

Who in your life makes you feel extraordinary?

We need those who make us feel extraordinary but not good to have all YES people around, right? What do you think?

I will memorize this answer: Binodan Sarma at 12:28pm December 26
Couldn't agree more Suzanne... All 'Yes' often smell of disdain and uncared under the garb of 'Loyalty'... :)

AMEN, brother Binodan!

What else is cool and full of quality in my social/business networks?

The women in voIP group on Facebook, no women's lib about it... it's just absolutely exciting to see what other women are accomplishing in our industry and the opportunities to collaborate are very cool: Megan Zoback now with a bluetooth headset co., Ilissa Miller and Jaymie Scotto with Jaymie Scotto and Associates, Hina Iqbal Siddiqui of Super Technologies, Inc., Jessica Ruiz (just had a baby and worked as translator for Supertec at conferences in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Italian), Catriona Harris (just had a baby, is with Vantage Communications, and is a great Twitterer), Susan Hancock of Intelliverse, Ksusha Carmes (a good inspiration for being happy that we are women), Brooke Afick of Bezeq (I have to meet this lady!!!!)...

Karen Campagna of Cisco (who is a BLAST to hang out with, very cool!), Monica Dytko Haley of VoicePulse (who has really interesting, creative Facebook statuses), Tehila Frenkel of Russtel S.A. (and one of my lovely Jewish friends), Connie Terwilliger (always young, fun to be around, great voice), Lynda Starr of Vantage Communications (can't wait to her give a presentation at a conference), Carrie Hartford of IPSMARX (a lesson in professional character), Eliana Gonzalez of Verizon Europe (I'm taking Spanish lessons incognito from her wall... actually I'm taking lessons in Urdu, German, French, Malay, Hebrew, and Spanish from several on Facebook, same method ;-), Anne Stobaugh of San Diego, Isabel Gonzalez Cancela of Belgacom ICS, Dunia Campos of Ultracall (an inspiring entrepreneur and a blast to hang out with), Jenny Callicott of Celtrek and Global Roaming (smart, tons of fun to work with and hang out with, we won't forget Dubai!)...

Sheryl Breuker of Stardust Global Ventures (an inspiring and smart evangelist for effective voice innovations and unified communications), Laurie Kennady Hilt (excellent support for conferences, hire her!), Ekram Megdiche and Najia Yahyaoui of Acropolis Telecom (great professional attitude to work with), Joann Varello of Crossfire Media (fun to hang out with and one of the few who will run with me), Beth Hoskin (dynamite at conferences), Kathleen Reed of Sangoma (extremely effective marketing director, must be a mega-multi-tasker), Anne Tredway (a mind full of the history of telecom, fun to hang out with), Zhu Jessica (remember the Golden Gate Bridge!), Nora Ouchen and Sandrine Roullet of Acropolis Telecom (I'm looking forward to meeting),and also Cassandra Hamilton, Susan Kurzyniec Tlacil, Maria Teresa, Elesabeth Salemi, Nanette Monty who I haven't met yet but am looking forward to.

It's 7:16 AM. I must get to work. I hope to continue this discussion, soliloquy, whatever you want to call it ... soon.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

WISPA Conversation, Animal Farm in Jan. '09

Jack Unger, the FCC Committee Chairman and WISPA Board Secretary, received The 2008 WISPA Outstanding Contribution Award at ISPCON 2008 in San Jose.

Elizabeth Bowles is President and General Counsel of Aristotle Inc., a nationally-recognized Internet, Email, and Application Service Provider as well as an award-winning web design and interactive media firm.

Watch and listen to these two wireless Internet service provider experts summarize what's up at ISPCON! on Suzanne Bowen's Viddler channel.

Jack shared some thoughts condensed here ... a key goal for WISPA at ISPCON is for WISPs, the media and the government to understand the importance of the television white spaces and to provide wireless (not dialup) Internet access to residents and businesses in those areas.

Anne Tredway of Super Technologies, Inc. asked Jack, "How many bands are in that white space?"

40-50 television channels...

L. Elizabeth Boyles (very interesting speaker at ISPCON) explains that WISPs have been shut out of so much spectrum by decisions made by the government.

Check for more about the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association.

They are also the sponsor of...

Wireless Beehive Manufacturing "Animal Farm"
Jan 14th-16th, 2009
Utah State Fair Park
155 North 1000 West
Salt Lake City, Utah

Looks interesting!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Televoce CEO on Social Networking at Bloggers' Breakfast

Today's blog is courtesy of Anne Tredway and Bryan Coburn.

Watch the video at

Ed Prentice of TeleVoce was one of the small group attending the DIDX Blogger Breakfast during ISPCON. He's focusing on social networking. He remembers Comdex where the hall was so noisy that you couldn't tell how bad the quality might have been during voip demos. He discusses what Skype has done for consumers and small businesses and the fact many don't admit to that fact.

We go on here to summarize this video. Please click and watch and pass on the great clip! ... The SIP community was thinking that Skype couldn't work because it wasn't SIP. But people don't care what a solution is made of. They care what it will do for them.

Ed states that he is learning much from the Facebook world and thrilled to see that Suzanne Bowen and the gang were hosting a bloggers' breakfast during ISPCON at the Il Fornaio. Ed says, "I'm a secret fan of yours. This is great."

(Aw, you have made Suzanne's day, Ed!)

The group asked Ed, "What had he noticed about social networking that most effectively helps you move your business forward?"

Answer: "This is a revolution... we started contemplating as far as all the communications expertise I have ... quit trying to force something into this world... first application we did on Facebook called Poke the Pope on Facebook. It's a tool to learn the system. What we haven't done yet is to figure out how you should take advantage of social networking? ... One of the things you have to do in the social networking world is how do you keep 'them' motivated? ... I found someone who is good at leveraging social networking."

Ed Prentice continues, "When you talk to people in causes (on Facebook), they don't understand the concept of capitalism. All they have is a tincup and they walk around holding their tincup."

This reminds us of the kids who sit in front of Wal-mart with a tincup stating they need funds to go to camp or be in some t-ball play-offs. Not a very good impression and there are better more effective ways of completing this task.

Bring in corporate sponsors instead of thinking how much money will we have left when we are done donating.

Matthew Hardeman asked if by causes, did Ed Prentice mean philanthropic? He mentions that Ed and other social networking entrepreneurs are giving companies and causes another great venue to publish their work.

Ed thinks that social networking is very game-centric. He remembers his meeting with Facebook developers where this fact hit home. Ed is an engineer product designer and finds games concept on Facebook stimulating. How do you make people want to invite others to play the game? Suzanne Bowen and Jeff Pulver were the two key people on Facebook that he sees using it effectively.

See the video recording Suzanne made of Jeff sharing his social networking vision on Youtube.

Thank you from Super Technologies, Inc. and DIDX to Matthew Hardiman of IPiFony, Ed Prentice of Televoce, and Bryan Coburn (the video recorder of this session) at the Bloggers' Breakfast during ISPCON.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seize the Moment by friends of Suzanne Bowen

Suzanne is not able to type for at least a week which must feel like one of the worst punishments she could have. She is a good writer and loves to write. She thrives on accomplishment, doing the right thing, and getting as many right things done as possible with quality performance. She's her worst critic, too; believe us on that one. (One of us typing this post for her is her ex-student Teonia Burton.)

But since she can't write this week (the doctors say), we will write for her, her friends. Her husband Michael Bowen just gave her a wonderful book for Christmas The Last Lecturer by Randy Pausch.

The book's words remind us very much of Suzanne.

You will often hear Suzanne say things like:
"Time is more important than money."

"All we have is time."

"Seize the moment."

"When you write, write as if you want everyone on earth to understand the meaning, not just the intelligentsia or the morons, but those and everyone in in between."

"When all hell breaks loose, smile and think of your mom and dad or your new grandchildren."

"Look for the best in everybody."

"Don't let them see you sweat. In other words, care but don't care too much."

"Stop wasting your time complaining and get to work."

"Make friends with your competitors and collaborate with them in business."

"If I have to talk on the phone, I might as well be walking around the park (for exercise and fresh air) at the same time. This way I will give the guy or gal on the other end my complete attention. Yikes, but they will probably wonder why I'm breathing so hard."

Perhaps we'll write for her again this week in as close to her "voice" as possible. "Grab that there moment, y'all," as we say in the Deep South.

* She has a business travel injury that resulted in tears in her shoulder muscles and dislocated right shoulder. But, believe us, she'll be back at work Monday Dec. 29, 2008 sharp at 7 AM or earlier when her doctor says that she can.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BRAVO to SUPERCOMM 2009 for International Visitors' Assistance

I traveled 22 weeks of the year 2008 visiting with friends, partners, clients, and potentials all three at conferences around the globe. For me, that was easy because I have always been a USA citizen.

But... many of the brightest entrepreneurial minds are not in the USA. They are citizens of other countries, and it is our loss in the United States to not have opportunity to share, teach and learn from them right here in conferences on our soil.

SUPERCOMM has a complete page dedicated to helping those international businesses and individuals to more easily participate at

The one thing I question is why only focus on Spanish, Japanese, French, and German? Even so, the page is very helpful to anyone in any country to get involved and participate in SUPERCOMM 2009 in June at the McCormick Place in Chicago, Ill! Don't forget to add yourself to the Facebook event networking area at

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thought-Provoking Questions I Revised a Bit for you from TMC

Pick one or more questions and give your answers. Everyone will appreciate the variety in order to understand what businesses are experiencing. Hope to see you at Feb. 2-4, 2009 in Miami Beach, FL. Join the Facebook pre-networking event area for ITEXPO.

Are you generally optimistic, Pessimistic or realistic?
How many frequent flyer miles have you amassed?
How surprised are you at the global financial situation?
How is your company changing the way it does business as a result?
How have customers reacted to the slowing global markets?
Do you see this time as an opportunity or a rough spot to get through quickly?
What will companies need to do to survive this downturn?
How do your company's products help customers in a slow market?
What do you feel is the strongest segment of the communications space? Technology?
Which would you rather be president of and why? Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Cisco, the United States.
What does President Bush need to accomplish before he leaves office?
What does an Obama administration need to do to help communications and technology become more pervasive?
Will this slowdown present an opportunity to reinvest in your company/market? If so, where will you invest?
Which country will present the largest opportunity for your company in 2009/10?
What device(s) do you use and wish you used?
If Nokia, RIM, Google and Apple devices are stranded together on an island, who survives and why?
If you are exhibiting, sponsoring, presenting, and/or networking at ITEXPO which takes place Feb 2-4 2009 in Miami, describe what you hope to accomplish?
What sorts of companies/people should come to your exhibit if you have one?
Why should customers choose your company’s solutions – and how do they justify the expense to management?
I am a purchasing decision-maker, why do I need to speak with you before I buy?
What is your favorite part of your job?
What do you look forward to in the future and why?

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Anyone have experience with voip/gsm gateways?

Click to Linkedin to view this question and answer!

Anyone have experience with voip/gsm gateways? Tell them Suzanne sent you!

You might know that voip gsm gateways allow you to send sip traffic to any of the many sims aboard a gateway. It can thus least cost route the particular call to the best carrier and the best plan of that carrier for the call at that time. If you have any experience with this, please share the set up details, best gear, and if it actually works. Are there any data on how carriers treat such traffic. Can it work for SMS?

Question created by Phillip Mobin

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Delhi Could Be Your Next Stop - Innovative Speakers

The 17th Annual 17th Convergence India in New Delhi, India is accepting white papers and bios of speakers on the following topics...

Outline of the Conference programme on different tracks are as follows:

Telecom Tracks:

• Next Generation Network
• Telecom Services & Applications
• Enterprise Applications & Solutions
• WiMAX Evolution

Mobility Tracks

• Technology Strategies for 3G and Beyond
• Deveopling Mobile Communication in Rural Areas
• Wireless Broadband
• Mobile Convergence

Broadcast, Cable, Satellite, Entertainment Tracks

• Creating the Business of Infotainment
• DTH/IPTV/Mobile TV
• Digital Media & Mobile Entertainment
• Creation, Management, Delivery of content for the entertainment industry

Information Technology Tracks

• Information Technology in the SMB environment
• E – CRM / ERP / SCM
• Data Storage Management
• Managing IT Infrastructure

Information Security Tracks

• Information Theft- Security issues, Strategy & Challenges
• Database Management for the Enterprise
• Theft Management
• 360 Degree Data Security

This list is not exhaustive and if you believe you have a contribution of value to the Indian market, please don’t hesitate to offer your proposal. See the contact information at the end of the Submissions Deadline page.

Check out the conference schedule and contact and we'll see there. Our DIDX is a media partner via our TMCNET channel DID/DDI.

The event is produced by:
Exhibitions India Pvt. Ltd.
(An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company)

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Old People Like Me and Technology

No, can't be! I just read Jay Deragon's blog post on the eMarketer report Boomers' Online Attitude.

Where is Rick Outzen, editor of the Independent News (online and hard copy)? I want him to read this article about boomers having the largest slice of online. I even wrote a letter to the editor of that lovely Pensacola area newspaper my thoughts and observations on this because I was tired of seeing text that basically was saying that those over 40 or maybe even over 30 are over the hill, useless, and not one bit innovative, and that we all need to spend our efforts encouraging the young and letting them grow the future.

Ok, so I've done my time and am still doing it. ;-)

I was a teacher for 17 years, a mom for 26, and I've spent many an hour working with young people in my profession. I don't mind, but hey, let's give credit to all. In fact, I know a young man named Max Arnold who is looking for a job, and he is the one cool enough to talk about Senior Citizens and VoIP at eComm 2008 here on Youtube. I gave him the idea during a discussion at eComm, and he flew with it.

From the synapsis on eMarketer... "Younger boomers (ages 44 to 53) act more like Gen X online. They watch more video online than older boomers and are avid texters. They participate in social networks—though not with the fervor of their children. All boomers, however, prefer e-mail to instant messaging."

Among my global circle of friends, partners, clients, suppliers, family who are sometimes more than one of those nouns in one, most are early and curious adopters of new technologies. My Facebook network always amazes me. I learn so much from them, and most are age 30 - 60, no joke! I should do a full analysis of this sometime.

I am considered a boomer and I prefer IM to e-mail any day and do participate in a couple social networks many minutes per day as a tool to help myself accomplish my philosophical, professional, intellectual and personal goals, way more than my 26 year old son does. Work is play. Play is work. Both are challenging and technology helps both to be so.

Ok, back to work!

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Obama Broadband Policy Podcast on Facebook

Obama Broadband Policy on Facebook application Calliflower Dec. 11, Thursday, 11 AM EST
Here is a link to the podcast event:

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Facebook Announces Grant Winners in October 08

I can't I didn't read this until now and for those who have not, read on Mashable.

The 25 winning applications for fbFund each received $25,000 to use toward developing their idea. The same applications will compete for five $225,000 prizes that will be awarded in December 2008. Facebook – along with venture capital firms Accel Partners and Founders Fund - will distribute up to $10 million to developers.

(Lisa J., this one's for you!) Pongr - Pongr is a mobile price comparison service that lets you check prices online and at nearby stores.

The 25 winning apps are available on Facebook, Iphone and/or other online sites.

BTW, Facebook will not sign NDAs for fbFund.

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Monday, December 08, 2008

Junior Achievement, Linking Arms, YMCA

Put a few young enthusiasts together with some encouraging adults and you just might get some of the world's next IP communications' innovations, right here in Northwest Florida! We at Super Technologies, Inc. want to thank the children and classrooms we are collaborating with via the Junior Achievement program.

Another group we strongly believe has the right formula for helping families is Linking Arms, Inc. They not only help families, but the families are expected to participate in helping others, and they do. They emphasize self-respect, concern for others, getting education, securing jobs and what it takes to make that happen whether it's a warm coat, a ride to the local junior college, a day care program, homework help, payment for the home gas or electric bill so every can take a shower...

And last we have much respect for the Downtown area of Pensacola YMCA where for example, the homeless are able to workout and take a shower and much more.

These three organizations: Junior Achievement, Linking Arms, Inc. and the YMCA are groups that Super Technologies, Inc. enjoys collaborating with ... not just during the holiday but all year around. We do not buy into the media hysteria of economic crisis. We believe in helping those right next door wherever possible and keeping it positive.

Feel free to post what groups you enjoy giving your assistance and encouragment to on your blog or here on this blog's comments area.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Integrity is Proven When the Going Gets Tough

Just a simple blog post from a simple woman ... whether we go through...

1. bankruptcy
2. losing a loved one
3. feeling jealous
4. going out of business
5. can't keep a promise we made
6. making difficult decisions... this or that
7. when we are caught doing something wrong
8. when we are criticized (this is the one I have to work on)
9. when things are not what we thought they are
10. when people make fun of us
11. when people ignore us
12. when people brush us off
13. when people judge us by something other than our actions such as appearance, religion, nationality, etc.
14. when we are denied something we really want

... the best way to prove our integrity is to keep our heads up and communicate and tell the truth. Hiding is cruel, bad business, and low. Don't run away. If you have to leave, at least make it as easy as possible for those you are leaving: wholesale customers, family, neighbors, country, retail clients...

I added this post just now as I think back over my own life and over our years in business as Super Technologies, Inc. I need to get back to work on some articles, conference items, networking with DIDX members, and smiling about Steve Cayona's new announcement of remission from lung cancer. Aloha, Steve!!!

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Monday, December 01, 2008

Live demo of Mobile WiMax Connection at ISPCON

ISPCON in San Jose let us see first-hand the Mobile WiMAX Tower from Alvarion in San Jose, CA. They set up 3.65 GHz connectivity within 12 minutes. How? With a laptop using a wireless card provided network access to the exhibition floor from a few blocks away. BreezeMAX 3650 offered base station transmission to the small CPE in the Alvarion booth. Really!

The PtP link enabled visitors to the Alvarion exhibit to access the Internet. Visitors were able to get information and sign up online to take advantage of bulk discount pricing by becoming part of AlvarionCOMNET, designed exclusively for WISPs.

A short walk to the terrace of the McEnery San Jose Convention Center enabled onlookers to view the Mobile WiMAX Tower in the parking area down the street. Retracting the Tower to tow it off at the end of the day was just as fast and simple as the setup.

I've got a video somewhere in which I recorded some of the visitors at their booth discussing the demo. Where is it???? Find out more about WiMax and rural development at Alvarion.

VoIP Dead? eJamming Free Beta

Yesterday, I awoke early, pulled on a sweatsuit and drove to the Bayview Community Park with my husband. He took off running. I can't. I'm still suffering from a combination of post-marathon injuries (almost a year now) and shoulder problems (probably from dragging 2 huge suitcases full of company brochures and a backpack with 2 computers in it, all in the name of saving money on shipping).

So, I walked around and around the park, listening my Ipod Classic's list of voip podcasts, Geekspeak podcasts, and a little John Mayer or Gnarls Barkley sprinkled in. I switched over to 88.1 WUWF (national public radio) and heard about eJamming. My son is a strings teacher at a local high school. I am only good at harmonizing with my dependably alto voice.

"Need a skilled guitarist in Honolulu? Not a problem, Want a professional banjo player who listens to Slayer? How's about an arranger whose talent will get you on American Idol? Looking for a teacher to improve your chops? Search for them!"

Click on eJamming and sign up. This takes voice over Internet to an all new level!

"What's coming up? JamCastLive! - eJamming®JamCastLive is a live streaming webcast of your eJamming AUDiiO session going out in real time to whomever wants to listen -- even on cell phones -- and hey you can even get paid for it!"

Read about reduced latency, overdub, and stereo mixdown to .wav files: eJamming AUDiiO introduces the WORLDWIDE VIRTUAL RECORDING STUDIO // 2008-05-29.