Wednesday, July 30, 2008

FIFTEEN Educational Tracks at ITEXPO West 2008

Want to see real accomplishments of your telecommunications goals whether you are a consumer, student, open source or IPTV enthusiast, smb, sme, carrier, itsp? The TMC team are real people who really talk to you about your needs and follow up with what you will see is the best Internet Protocol-related communications event for 2008.

This year's ITEXPO West 2008 features fifteen distinct educational tracks, including nine that offer a professional certification from TMC University upon completion: Microsoft OCS, trixbox training, SIP Trunking, Reseller Solutions, Voice Peering, FMC/Mobility, Open Source, IP Network Security, Unified Communications, SIP, Software as a Service, SIP in the Contact Center, and Next-Gen Call Center Management. Apply for a TMC University scholarship to take courses at ITEXPO West 2008.

See for yourself. I encourage you to download your personal copy of the
complete event brochure here:

As a decision-maker in the communications space whether in your home, university, organization or business, there is no better investment in your company's infrastructure and your career than attending ITEXPO.

Sign up at and then add yourself to the Facebook pre-networking group at ITEXPO West 2008 on Facebook.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Industry leaders take center stage at Mobile Internet World

Mobile Internet World Conference & Expo
October 21 – 23, 2008
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center - Boston, MA

Straight from my email, I can't wait to let everyone know!

Register now and save an additional $200, use priority code: MIWEM1

Join us for the second annual Mobile Internet World Conference & Expo.
The mobile Internet is an untapped $66 billion opportunity. Learn how
to harness your share of this immense opportunity, and how major players including operators, service providers, software and search firms, content and media firms
are collaborating to shape the future of this marketplace.

Here from 150+ executives from the mobile Internet ecosystem including
Google, Intel, Access, Ericsson, Qualcomm, ebay, Yankee Group, Texas
Instruments and others.

Keynotes and speakers include:

- Rich Miner, EVP of Mobile Platforms, Google
- Tony Lewis, VP of Open Development, Verizon Wireless
- Bruce Stewart, VP & GM, Connected Life Americas, Yahoo
- Steve Elfman, President Network Operations and Wholesale, Sprint
- Erik de Kroon, Head of Marketing for Internet Discovery, Vodafone
- Joe Sims, VP & GM Broadband and New Business Unit, T-Mobile USA
- Francesco Rovetta, Director, eBay Mobile
- Sophia Stuart, Director of Mobile, Hearst Digital Publications
- Len Lauer, EVP & Group President, Qualcomm
- Anand Chandrasekher, SVP & GM, Ultra Mobility Group, Intel
- Marcelo Vieira, GM, OMAP Business Unit, Texas Instruments
- Shashi Kavi, CTO Broadband, Internet and Media Group, Ericsson
- Michael Neidhofer, CEO, Netbiscuits

Mobile Internet World Conference & Expo brings together thought
leaders and top executives from the mobile Internet industry. Those
who innovate, embrace new technologies and recognize the changing face of mobile connectivity will be best placed to develop new services and drive the future of the mobile Internet.

NEW Program features in 2008!
- Pre-Conference Workshops will cover hot topic areas:
- 4G World Summit - Led by Yankee Group
- Mobile Applications & Developer Summit - sponsored by Netbiscuits
- Android Developer’s Workshop
- Mobile Internet Executive Roundtable
- Mobile Transactions Workshop
- New England Mobile Summit

Want to raise your profile in this fast new emerging market? With a
minimum investment you can get an incredible amount of coverage &
exposure for your company & products!

Sponsorship and exhibit programs are going fast! I'd love to see you involved!

For more information on participating and to reserve your exhibit
space, please contact Howard Weinman at (617) 259-2313

(DIDXchange is a supporting organization sponsor for Mobile Internet World 2008!)

Answer this IAX2 and/or SIP and DID survey on Facebook

1. Sept. 23 - 25, 2008 Astricon Conference
Sign up at
DIDXchange is sponsoring the Code Zone Reception on Tues PM Sept 23 and also giving a lightning talk with some of you on DIDX and IAX2.

Whether you are using IAX2 or SIP or both, please reply to this survey asap. Just copy the Qs and paste them to me on email or on Facebook message with your name, company, if you have a DIDX account ... include that number, cell phone and email for contacting. Each person who uses IAX2, SIP, or a combination AND also DIDX who answers this survey fully with complete contact information to me on Facebook or my regular email will be entered in a drawing for $100 gas card or a $100 American Airlines voucher.

- do you use IAX2, SIP, a combination, or other? please describe.
- what is the efficiency gain or loss from using IAX2 if you use it?
- how do your IAX2 vs. SIP customers differ in QoS, call setup time, complaints, etc.
- what roadblocks has IAX2 helped you overcome?
- what roadblocks has IAX2 introduced?
- other issues relevant to you and your customer/vendor's use of Asterisk and IAX2

2. Sept 16-18, 2008, Internet Telephony West 2008, Los Angeles, CA
Sign up at for free expo plus passes and discounts on conference passes. See past videos and pictures of past ITWest conferences at!

DIDX is a media sponsor of ITWest 2008 and an exhibitor at booth 153. Please respond with your name, email address, cell phone and DIDX account number if you'd like to meet up for a business development meeting, just for you. Watch for another email about the DIDXchange party during ITWest 2008!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

jaxtr in the works: Jaxtr Wins an AlwaysOn Global Top 250 Award

jaxtr in the works: Jaxtr Wins an AlwaysOn Global Top 250 Award...

Everyone I know, family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances has so much fun using Jaxtr. Their business tool is really catching on, too.

I've visited the Jaxtr headquarters a few times in my rounds of the coolest voip companies around, and I have to tell you, the excitement among the employees (really a team) is catching. How do they do it?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

FierceVoIP's NXTcomm08 Party: Salsa Lessons!


FierceVoIP hosted the Martinis by Moonlight at the Moon at the Palms, an exclusive penthouse nightclub during NXTCOMM08. Lisa-anne Routley of DIDX takes salsa lessons from Max Glucksmann, DIDX member and integrator. FierceVoIP is a great source of insider information and updated news on IP Communications. Another awesome site for IP Communications and everything related to it is

Check out my new blog there, and contact me with new news, interview ideas and more. Let me show the world the nextgen, lucrative, user-friendly, and cutting edge services, products, ideas and events that they will go WOW about.

That's a peek at James Swinger, a telecommunications consultant and friend at the end of the video.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cell Phone for Runners and other Energy Expenders

Really, not joking... a collaboration announced in mid-2007 to be rolled out mid-2008 by Samsung and Adidas. Check it out... at Monetizing IP Communications TMCNET blog.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wateen Educates its Users = Success

Wateen has "taken pains to educate their users on what to expect in terms of coverage and ensure their sales channels also set realistic expectations in the market," says Brian Partridge of the Yankee Group.

Now, that's a concept I want to embrace! It's not about how cool it looks, but what will a product or service do and how it empowers and how to use to successfully meet one's personal and/or business goals. At Ecomm 2008 in Mountain View last year, this was my stance in every discussion I took part in.

Keep a watch on Wateen. They are cutting edge and a great example.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Devil Wears Prada... and I thought I didn't like Chick Flicks

I'm working very late tonight trying to catch-up since I've been out of my office at least 2 weeks of every month starting with ITEXPO West 2008 in January in Los Angeles... the most recent being my visits and breakfast, lunch or dinner meetings or some kind of meetings with about 21 California-based companies a week ago.

Last night I watched

The Devil Wears Prada, but I have to admit I wasn't excited about it because that I'm just not into chick flicks. I apologize to those I offend. I'm happy to be a woman. It's just that movies such as Pretty in Pink, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Steel Magnolias just bore me.

As "Prada" progressed, I found myself drawn into the characters of Miranda Priestley and Andy Sachs. It was so completely fascinating. I saw myself not in Miranda but in Andy. It's the type who has been an overachiever since age 4 months probably, not a genius, just an over-achiever, someone who listens to what has to be done from people like Miranda...

no matter how many things have to be done that the Mirandas demand...

and keeps on trying to pull it all together...

with a smile and a lot of laughter and fun...

what drives the Andys?

What makes the Andys admire and follow the insanely massive number of requests that the Mirandas make of them...

even if sometimes at some point, the Andys say, "Sayonara" to the Mirandas and move on to their own thing?

Does anyone understand? ;-) I think many businesses that capitalize on any one thing + IP (voip or not) = web 2.0 or something other than web 2.0 may tend to get into the above situation and be trying to make sense of it. It's pretty darn demanding.

Hang in there, readers, in whatever your endeavors and dreams are.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

40 New Romanian Rate Centers on DIDX

If your provider is not a member of DIDX, make a suggestion for them to get started, so you as a consumer and/or small business owner can have access to local phone numbers from over 55 countries, giving you another great success tool for new opportunities, markets and revenues! Stay in touch better with your family, friends, suppliers, partners, customers, and remote offices by making sure you have a phone number that is local to them to dial and will ring your computer, cell phone, Internet phone or other type phone. Just send your telephone service provider to

BTW, yes, it's true, has phone numbers available in 40 new cities in Romania.

Steve Cayona Tackles IPSEC Tunnels and Brain Tumor

Thank you, Steve, from all of us. We'll see you every day until you get to your home and working with us. Meanwhile, we'll bring some voip puzzles to the rehab center for you to solve when you feel like it. How's the naked mole rat from the Washington DC zoo doing? Taking good care of it?

More videos of Steve working with us at conferences, etc...

Witches Brew Service using DIDX Services

Steve wins a Nokia N95 at the LiveContacts Blogger Breakfast.