Thursday, August 27, 2009

Share your thoughts on Mobile Myths

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Myths to support or debunk:
1: Users want power and aesthetics. Features are everything.
2: What we really need is a Swiss army knife.
3: Focus groups and other traditional market analysis tools are the best way to determine user needs.
4: If it works in Silicon Valley, it will work anywhere.
5: Every application on the planet will be accessible via mobile devices.
6: The industry is converging on a UI standard.
7: Highly usable systems are just around the corner.
8: One underlying operating system will dominate.
9: Mobile devices will be free-or nearly free.
10: Advanced data-oriented services are just around the corner.
11: Shrink your fingers, big buttons and screens are going away

Very interesting question added by Anthony Dubidad of Akendi company.

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