Sunday, August 30, 2009

Conference Swag that Lives on, Mobile Purses

Mobile Pouches are a Hit for Advertising

Believe me, our company has tried all kinds of swag conference giveaways from DIDX or Virtualphoneline booths at conferences around the world. Top 4 with the first one as the most popular to least.
1. Mobile pouches, useful, look great!
2. Coffee mugs
3. T-shirts
4. Pens

When we have success in any way in business, we at Super Technologies, Inc. are ready to share the idea, process, plan, or whatever it is. We believe in the open source type sharing and contribution by and among all. So... we offer to you the opportunity to order mobile pouches from our connection at Handycrafts. They are $2.99 (USD) each, but if you place the order and say that you want them to say real tiny somewhere "powered by DIDXchange" and that you heard about it either on Suzanne's Blog or the DIDX blog (say which please), then we'll cover the $2 cost and your final cost will be only $.99 cents (USD) each. They are beautiful.

You can order at If you don't get an answer within one business day, message me on FACEBOOK. Click my Facebook profile in the upper-right corner of this blog.

... browse some of our team's other blogs at and You're welcome to comment, contribute, and collaborate any time.

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