Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Machine 2 Machine Technology at CTIA Wireless and I.T. Entertainment

I admit, I didn't know what M2M meant when I first noted that CTIA Wireless and I.T. Entertainment Conference will have a zone titled with that acronym.

Have you noticed the increasing plethora of wireless positioning technology in 3G networks? Note the mash-ups with global navigation satellite systems, "telematics are re-emerging to offer savings, efficiency, and environmentally sustainable solutions in all major industries."

So, the questions may be... how can this benefit your company and if it is worth it, how do you get started? Berg Insight analysts "estimated that from 37.5 million in 2008, wireless M2M network connections will grow at a compound annual rate of 37.9 percent during the next five years, reaching 186 million connections globally." That is no small number.

Just like in any new technology, you may currently need to buy from a variety of suppliers to put together the big picture. It is causing businesses who never thought they would ever work together to do so such "as fixed, mobile or satellite operators, short-range wireless systems (e.g. ZigBee, Bluetooth, or RFID), hardware (e.g. chips, antennas, modules, and sensors), and software applications that interface with location data and mapping technologies. But as the technology matures, some winning companies will emerge with turnkey solutions."

Gather information about "Smart Telemetry can automate interaction between your assets and your operations.

Topics to include:

•The role of SIM cards and SmartSIM in vehicle and asset management
•Mesh networks, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE & the promise of ubiquitous connectivity
•Maintaining client privacy and security in supply chains
•Measuring return on investment in industrial technologies"

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