Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From Asterisk-Biz List on the Term "Unlimited"

R, your answer is awesome. Bret is sharp, too. I admire both of you for what you do in educating and sharing information and content in a fair and professional manner in the telecommunications industry. Check below and read the complete thread on the Asterisk-Biz list in the Free DID discussion.

>> Today, as you all know, 'unlimited' never means anything other than
>> "limited to an arbitrary amount of resource usage that we can
>> reconcile with our business plan". IOW, service providers need to make
>> money on the accounts, not just provide a service.

> that is not true, that is only true from providers that want to lie to
> customers and claim they are unlimited when they have no intention of
> providing what they advertise.

You're missing one thing: "unlimited" is totally impossible to prove,
ever, by definition, except using infinity as a factor, so I stand by
my definition. :) Unlimited is like saying "the most beautiful...",
it's unprovable.

There are only three true certainties in life: death, taxes and thread
drift on this list.

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