Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yes Men and Women, Quality vs Quantity... Social Networking 2008 (Part 1?)

It's 6:39 AM on Dec 31, 2008, and I don't have much time to blog. It's New Year's Eve. I have a slightly nervous feeling like I haven't done everything this year I should have. Actually I feel like that all the time. It keeps me hopping!

You all have helped me, influenced me, inspired me ... more than you know. In fact, as always this is about YOU (not me).

Quality rules. Quantity for the sake of quantity is wasteful. The quality of my social and business networks on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter rock. I don't collect people ... (thanks, Charles Wu, for that discussion, you are one of the great quality). Meaningful interaction that is natural and and not forced, I love.

Time is everything to me and you. What was I thinking?

When you critique me, my familiy, my company, my team... fairly, I grow. In fact, I discussed with Muhammad Bilal, Syed Talha Izhar, Bilal Khalid Qanungoh, Riccard Cirello, Binodan Sarma, Peter Radizeski, Ali Hadi and Rehan Allahwala these questions on Facebook after watching Marley and Me:

Who really listens to you?

Who is really interested in what you have to say and wants to truly collaborate with you?

Who in your life makes you feel extraordinary?

We need those who make us feel extraordinary but not good to have all YES people around, right? What do you think?

I will memorize this answer: Binodan Sarma at 12:28pm December 26
Couldn't agree more Suzanne... All 'Yes' often smell of disdain and uncared under the garb of 'Loyalty'... :)

AMEN, brother Binodan!

What else is cool and full of quality in my social/business networks?

The women in voIP group on Facebook, no women's lib about it... it's just absolutely exciting to see what other women are accomplishing in our industry and the opportunities to collaborate are very cool: Megan Zoback now with a bluetooth headset co., Ilissa Miller and Jaymie Scotto with Jaymie Scotto and Associates, Hina Iqbal Siddiqui of Super Technologies, Inc., Jessica Ruiz (just had a baby and worked as translator for Supertec at conferences in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Italian), Catriona Harris (just had a baby, is with Vantage Communications, and is a great Twitterer), Susan Hancock of Intelliverse, Ksusha Carmes (a good inspiration for being happy that we are women), Brooke Afick of Bezeq (I have to meet this lady!!!!)...

Karen Campagna of Cisco (who is a BLAST to hang out with, very cool!), Monica Dytko Haley of VoicePulse (who has really interesting, creative Facebook statuses), Tehila Frenkel of Russtel S.A. (and one of my lovely Jewish friends), Connie Terwilliger (always young, fun to be around, great voice), Lynda Starr of Vantage Communications (can't wait to her give a presentation at a conference), Carrie Hartford of IPSMARX (a lesson in professional character), Eliana Gonzalez of Verizon Europe (I'm taking Spanish lessons incognito from her wall... actually I'm taking lessons in Urdu, German, French, Malay, Hebrew, and Spanish from several on Facebook, same method ;-), Anne Stobaugh of San Diego, Isabel Gonzalez Cancela of Belgacom ICS, Dunia Campos of Ultracall (an inspiring entrepreneur and a blast to hang out with), Jenny Callicott of Celtrek and Global Roaming (smart, tons of fun to work with and hang out with, we won't forget Dubai!)...

Sheryl Breuker of Stardust Global Ventures (an inspiring and smart evangelist for effective voice innovations and unified communications), Laurie Kennady Hilt (excellent support for conferences, hire her!), Ekram Megdiche and Najia Yahyaoui of Acropolis Telecom (great professional attitude to work with), Joann Varello of Crossfire Media (fun to hang out with and one of the few who will run with me), Beth Hoskin (dynamite at conferences), Kathleen Reed of Sangoma (extremely effective marketing director, must be a mega-multi-tasker), Anne Tredway (a mind full of the history of telecom, fun to hang out with), Zhu Jessica (remember the Golden Gate Bridge!), Nora Ouchen and Sandrine Roullet of Acropolis Telecom (I'm looking forward to meeting),and also Cassandra Hamilton, Susan Kurzyniec Tlacil, Maria Teresa, Elesabeth Salemi, Nanette Monty who I haven't met yet but am looking forward to.

It's 7:16 AM. I must get to work. I hope to continue this discussion, soliloquy, whatever you want to call it ... soon.

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Monica Haley said...

Great year end blog Suzanne! Thank you for keeping the line of communication open for women in VoIP with your all your networking efforts. I have a feeling you get more done in one hour than I do in a week. :) Happy New Year