Monday, December 01, 2008

VoIP Dead? eJamming Free Beta

Yesterday, I awoke early, pulled on a sweatsuit and drove to the Bayview Community Park with my husband. He took off running. I can't. I'm still suffering from a combination of post-marathon injuries (almost a year now) and shoulder problems (probably from dragging 2 huge suitcases full of company brochures and a backpack with 2 computers in it, all in the name of saving money on shipping).

So, I walked around and around the park, listening my Ipod Classic's list of voip podcasts, Geekspeak podcasts, and a little John Mayer or Gnarls Barkley sprinkled in. I switched over to 88.1 WUWF (national public radio) and heard about eJamming. My son is a strings teacher at a local high school. I am only good at harmonizing with my dependably alto voice.

"Need a skilled guitarist in Honolulu? Not a problem, Want a professional banjo player who listens to Slayer? How's about an arranger whose talent will get you on American Idol? Looking for a teacher to improve your chops? Search for them!"

Click on eJamming and sign up. This takes voice over Internet to an all new level!

"What's coming up? JamCastLive! - eJamming®JamCastLive is a live streaming webcast of your eJamming AUDiiO session going out in real time to whomever wants to listen -- even on cell phones -- and hey you can even get paid for it!"

Read about reduced latency, overdub, and stereo mixdown to .wav files: eJamming AUDiiO introduces the WORLDWIDE VIRTUAL RECORDING STUDIO // 2008-05-29.

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