Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Qualities I Admired in 2008- Honesty, Creativity, Compassion (Part 2?)

Some of the worst memories have to do with the loss of trust, autonomy, innovation, caring ... it's like being in a closet with a pillow over your head (arruuggghhh!@#$%)... the best memories are like these...

1. Tee Emm's email signature item... "If you think email is dead, let's facebook."

2. Neil Christy's definition of Christmas (and he was kind and thoughtful enough to not spell it Xmas)... "forgive forget forever."

3. Debra Bowen's natural way of helping us to understand what's happening in California. She is one of the coolest politicians I have ever met.

4. Gregory Boehnlein's ability to make people go nuts around him because of the endorphin overload he causes with his different getups and pictures.

5. Brian West's thought-provoking Facebook statuses such as "the most dangerous position in which to sleep is with your feet on your office desk." Lish Siaji is another ... who I admire his writing ability whether in the form of his status, notes, blogs, whatever... some people just got game.

6. I love to read Lee Hopkins' blog at He's one of the first persons in my Facebook network, and I'm thankful.

7. People like my friends Arshi Masood and Lisa Johnson who are clear, transparent, non-judgmental, open, accepting, truthful, refreshing... they would NEVER betray my trust. Arshi and Ayaz were the first team members of Super Technologies, Inc. in 1999. Arshi designed our Supertec logo. Ayaz and he were fantastic salespeople. Imagine selling a dialup Internet phone adapter for $1800 USD! (Lisa has been one of my best friends since we were in the notorious Zeta Phi Delta at Pensacola Junior College.)

8. Many in Asterisk and Freeswitch developers' and enthusiasts' communities who are my friends, who help me "think-tank," who accept me, and who refute the rumors that I am Rehan's blonde alias ... LOL. Just a few to mention of the many (again, I totally appreciate, in fact, so much ... that we sponsored the Asterisk Developers' Area at Astricon 2008 and Cluecon First Night Party in 2007, not a tiny price!)... Jim Van Meggelen, Max Glucksmann, Kevin Leacock, Christian Renaux, Arfeen Muhammad, Simon Rowland, Fred Posner, Sergey Okhapkin, Mike Clark, Bill Miller and the list could go on and on.

BTW, my hair is brown now, and my husband's is blonde. We did that after we'd been at Chili's too long for lunch, then walked over to Target, and the dye was on sale for $6.99 per package with free shampoo and conditioner.

Free to be honest, creative, and compassionate. Let's dance, everyone!

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