Monday, December 01, 2008

Live demo of Mobile WiMax Connection at ISPCON

ISPCON in San Jose let us see first-hand the Mobile WiMAX Tower from Alvarion in San Jose, CA. They set up 3.65 GHz connectivity within 12 minutes. How? With a laptop using a wireless card provided network access to the exhibition floor from a few blocks away. BreezeMAX 3650 offered base station transmission to the small CPE in the Alvarion booth. Really!

The PtP link enabled visitors to the Alvarion exhibit to access the Internet. Visitors were able to get information and sign up online to take advantage of bulk discount pricing by becoming part of AlvarionCOMNET, designed exclusively for WISPs.

A short walk to the terrace of the McEnery San Jose Convention Center enabled onlookers to view the Mobile WiMAX Tower in the parking area down the street. Retracting the Tower to tow it off at the end of the day was just as fast and simple as the setup.

I've got a video somewhere in which I recorded some of the visitors at their booth discussing the demo. Where is it???? Find out more about WiMax and rural development at Alvarion.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever find the video? said...

I spent about 30 minutes looking for this video, still cannot find it.