Monday, December 08, 2008

Junior Achievement, Linking Arms, YMCA

Put a few young enthusiasts together with some encouraging adults and you just might get some of the world's next IP communications' innovations, right here in Northwest Florida! We at Super Technologies, Inc. want to thank the children and classrooms we are collaborating with via the Junior Achievement program.

Another group we strongly believe has the right formula for helping families is Linking Arms, Inc. They not only help families, but the families are expected to participate in helping others, and they do. They emphasize self-respect, concern for others, getting education, securing jobs and what it takes to make that happen whether it's a warm coat, a ride to the local junior college, a day care program, homework help, payment for the home gas or electric bill so every can take a shower...

And last we have much respect for the Downtown area of Pensacola YMCA where for example, the homeless are able to workout and take a shower and much more.

These three organizations: Junior Achievement, Linking Arms, Inc. and the YMCA are groups that Super Technologies, Inc. enjoys collaborating with ... not just during the holiday but all year around. We do not buy into the media hysteria of economic crisis. We believe in helping those right next door wherever possible and keeping it positive.

Feel free to post what groups you enjoy giving your assistance and encouragment to on your blog or here on this blog's comments area.

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