Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thought-Provoking Questions I Revised a Bit for you from TMC

Pick one or more questions and give your answers. Everyone will appreciate the variety in order to understand what businesses are experiencing. Hope to see you at http://www.itexpo.com Feb. 2-4, 2009 in Miami Beach, FL. Join the Facebook pre-networking event area for ITEXPO.

Are you generally optimistic, Pessimistic or realistic?
How many frequent flyer miles have you amassed?
How surprised are you at the global financial situation?
How is your company changing the way it does business as a result?
How have customers reacted to the slowing global markets?
Do you see this time as an opportunity or a rough spot to get through quickly?
What will companies need to do to survive this downturn?
How do your company's products help customers in a slow market?
What do you feel is the strongest segment of the communications space? Technology?
Which would you rather be president of and why? Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Cisco, the United States.
What does President Bush need to accomplish before he leaves office?
What does an Obama administration need to do to help communications and technology become more pervasive?
Will this slowdown present an opportunity to reinvest in your company/market? If so, where will you invest?
Which country will present the largest opportunity for your company in 2009/10?
What device(s) do you use and wish you used?
If Nokia, RIM, Google and Apple devices are stranded together on an island, who survives and why?
If you are exhibiting, sponsoring, presenting, and/or networking at ITEXPO which takes place Feb 2-4 2009 in Miami, describe what you hope to accomplish?
What sorts of companies/people should come to your exhibit if you have one?
Why should customers choose your company’s solutions – and how do they justify the expense to management?
I am a purchasing decision-maker, why do I need to speak with you before I buy?
What is your favorite part of your job?
What do you look forward to in the future and why?

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