Thursday, October 09, 2008

Update Mobile VoIP Apps Comparison/Contrast Anyone?

True, this comparison of Gizmo, Truphone, Talkster, and Jajah is over a year old... still quite interesting. Anyone see anymore comparisons of mobile apps (voip)? I'd like to see Fring, MobileMax, eqo, Groovytel (kind of a free self-serve voice in on mobile voip apps), Yeigo, Nimbuzz, and some of the others added since 2007. Customer service, ease of installation if applicable, ease of use, flexibility, and features like voice in, voice out, IM, etc.

I just listened for the second time to interviews with Boaz Z. of Fring, James T. of Truphone, and Tam of eqo and as a result asked Martyn Davies, when are you guys going to conduct more Bending the Needle interviews????

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amir kiani said...

Nice comparison of Mobile VoIP Apps. Yesterday i was reading news regarding a Mobile VoIP (Vopium availble now for Blackberry. i found that its also a very good Mobile VoIP Applications if you compare its cost. Much lesser then the others.