Monday, October 27, 2008

Tinu's Challenge to Set Bad to the Bone New Year Goals

Tinu shared with her network of friends on Facebook her goals for 2008 and what she has learned from the past. She asked that anyone tagged respond with his and hers. It took me until Oct. 27, 2008, and I guess these are for my/your/our 2009 however it applies. (I always loved Tinu's cool Facebook current status remarks.)

My shortlist of goals, a conglomeration of personal, intellectual, and professional goals is not to be afraid of being myself. As a teen-ager, I only paid attention to my Spanish and journalism classes. Other than that, I was concerned with rolling up my skirt just high enough to fit in with the other hippy girls at Encinal High in Alameda. I knew there was something missing: intellectual stimulation and challenge. I wasn't in Girl Scouts anymore ;-).

During my college years, I was still consumed with looking good and going to parties. As a teacher, I did an about face and reveled in the courses I taught: English, Internet research, school newspaper and yearbook, morning school news on TV, gifted studies, civics, American history, and community service. I don't remember any mirrors in my house in fact.

Then, I hit 40 which was a slightly dark time of my life. It wasn't my age. I loved my 40s and am enjoying my 50s even more. The black hole I fell in was good for me though. Anyone know what I mean? Best of all, now that I am out of it, I am constantly challenged professionally, intellectually, and personally like I always craved.


1. Continue to focus on the inside and not the outside of myself and others. Do not be swayed by those who say I should wear more makeup, wax my upper lip, laser-treat the sun damage on my neck and who knows where else, and straighten my hair. I like how I am and I like how you are. Now, let's talk about what we've been reading, observing, and doing lately.

2. Enjoy the art of language, arranging a collection of words in a way that dances, slips, or dives off the tongue or keyboard. Be aware that some would like for me to KISS (keep it short and simple)... okay, for them, I will, but for others who enjoy, aw, what bliss.

3. Read more books, listen to more podcasts, and watch more documentaries, movies offline and online and find others who will love to discuss them with me or at least give me the opportunity to observe discussions. Blog on those bloggable topics.

4. Try to get along with people who I need to get along with and have a hard time getting along with.

5. Show, not just talk about the appreciation I have for my colleagues, my customers, my husband, my family, and my friends.

6. Remember that the best way to be great is to not think I am great and to treat every person: friend, colleague, customer, supplier, and family member with respect and care because that is how I want to be treated.

7. Take and give criticism with thought, and do not be afraid of either.

Tinu, let me know anything we can work together on. I'm glad I met you.

(Facebook has an RSS feed of my blog and this note is listed there at I've tagged a few people who are bloggers so maybe they can set goals/resolutions and be as late as I was or later if they wish. ;-) In fact, I encourage any and everyone make a list of goals on their blog. Pass it on.)

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Tinu said...

I'd love to work together. I'll send you my phone number in FB. Great goals. :)