Sunday, October 12, 2008

Get Inspired: Start and Grow that Idea! Jehan Ara, PASHA

Jehan Ara is a lady I admire for the joy she shows in every action of her life. She is the president of the PASHA, Pakistan Association of Software Houses. She did a couple hours of research to discover Pakistani startups and shares with ITCN Asia her findings in the video on Youtube,

She describes one group that started using Google to spread the news of their ideas on the web and now have investment from Adobe Systems and a local investor in Pakistan.

Two young kids with a dream set up a job offer and search site with video. They raised and sold out for 2 million rupees. Others told them they shouldn't have done that, but they said they were not short on ideas. They just needed some money.

IT is not just IT. It merges with media and more, so that the sky's the limit for entrepreneurial activities. She mentions Qureshi from Wateen's term technology convergence.

She mentions Systems Limited, a very old Pakistani company that is morphing with the times. They started in software and are now expanded to financial and retail.

This is not just about Pakistan. It's about the world of innovation inside of each of us. Listen in for more and be inspired, no matter where you are. Solve an every day problem with Internet protocol-based communications tools. Start a business.

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