Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bilal's Relatives in Mexico Motivate Him in Mobile Career

If anyone knows Bilal, please help me out on the name of the UK MVNO business that he recently sold and exactly how to spell his name. I think he's in my Facebook network, not sure. This was one of 100s of interviews I took while traveling through UK, UAE, Pakistan and Japan this past year.

He is in my Facebook network. One day after posting this blog, I add his name: Bilal Khalid Qanungoh. I still need the name of the UK MVNO that he sold.

Corrections I just received: Bilal does not have relatives in Mexico but is concerned about helping Mexican immigrants to the USA to stay in touch with their relatives in Mexico. As an entrepreneur he sees Mexico as an excellent potential market for telecom services. His UK MVNO was OPAL Mobile, www.opalmobile.co.uk which has been acquired by TOPAZ.

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