Thursday, October 30, 2008

Direct Inward Termination, Common Telephony Search Keyword

Just noticed that the key words phrase "Direct Inward Termination" is being used more and more in searches that land on my blogs, so I asked several to explain what it's all about. I'll add more answers as I get them in the coming year. This blog is meant to be INTERACTIVE and COLLABORATIVE. ;-)

John Cirner of TalkMotion: Suzanne, in the 15 or so years I worked in the PBX hardware industry we would associate "direct inward termination" as the programmed association of a DID number to a specific device. Applications such as DID to fax machine or DID to system port (or modems in the old days) for remote programming interface, would be common applications.

Delwar Hossain Khan, member of Freedom2Speak and Ecomm: "I have not dealt with telecom for years now but as far as I remember DID is an old telecom term, referring 2 a particular feature of PABX system, when caller seizes a trunk port, gets a 2nd dial tone and connects with the destination number(usually a Pabx extension port).

If we consider the international telecom network as one PABX system, this could be a simplified explanation.

Submitted by Michael Bowen, running coach for Emerald Coast Racing Team.
Glossary on Higher Ground, Inc. web site:

A combination of features between the central office of the telephone company and the PBX. It allows a party calling into a PBX to be directly connected to a station associated to the number dialed, without the assistance of the operator. ...

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