Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How Do you Respond to Micro-Management

Are you guilty? Am I? How do you react to those who micro-manage you and others around you? I'd love to compare experiences.

It happens in any circumstance: family, friends, workplace, industry, nation, globe ... micro-management... my Dad even admits today that he was guilty of this at times as a father.

Yikes, I laugh my head off when I watch this:

How do people typically respond to micro-management? Any combination of rage, apathy, helplessness, withdrawal, and loss of creativity and pro-active nature.

Former President Theodore Roosevelt once stated that, "the most effective executive hires good peole and then has the good sense to stand back and watch them do their work."

More articles on this topic:

My favorite...

Listen to Jim Collins warn against it... at

Thought to self: be careful in this area because 1000s of telecommunications companies (as well as other industries) out there have leaders, owners, managers who do not micro-manage; their "teams" are dynamite, this filters to the customers, and their services rock. They will outperform you and me. Their team is more likely to thrive. Their customers are more likely to stay and refer others.


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