Monday, October 27, 2008

VoIP-Related Industry Trivia: Go Ahead and Play

See how many of these answers you can get correct. You can also Facebook email me your suggestions for additional trivia.

1. Who in the telephony, especialy VoIP telephony industry or IP communications industry are known for wearing Hawaiian print shirts?

2. Who wears polos that include "Free Hugs Day" on the back?

3. Who wears fake moustaches?

4. Which Mobile VoIP app service provider has a background in LCD touch screens?

5. Which VoIP security expert started a podcast on that topic in October 2005?

6. Name at least one online video streaming website we can use on a mobile phone through Internet.

7. Which website among the following enable you to upload as much as 500 MB video at one time:, Viddler, Youtube and Zippyvideos?

8. What CTO invented Virtualphoneline in 1999 and DIDX in 2005?

9. Which mobile VoIP application is based in Canada, includes IM and voice, and integration with social networks?

10. Which mobile VoIP application's company has $20 million in venture capital, finally plans to monetize via targeted advertising, has both voice and IM?

11. Who runs the VoIP users conference?

12. Who used to sing Mustang Sally with the band at around the end of every conference party?

13. There is a company that has the initials J. C. whose CEO is known for his black cowboy hat and is a hero among RLECs and ISPs.

14. Who does this describe? He was dyslexic as achild, couldn't read or write very well, sold computers out of his college dorm and later got busy and successful in wireless Internet. The top level support his company provides has resulted him being able to offer the most expensive service in the St. Louis market.

15. Who founded the first magazine focused on VoIP and is the chairman of the VoIP industry's leading trade show, drawing 1000s of participants from as many as 121 nations in one week.

I will add more trivia on a regular basis. Have fun showing off your VoIP-related trivia IQ.

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