Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wateen Educates its Users = Success

Wateen has "taken pains to educate their users on what to expect in terms of coverage and ensure their sales channels also set realistic expectations in the market," says Brian Partridge of the Yankee Group.

Now, that's a concept I want to embrace! It's not about how cool it looks, but what will a product or service do and how it empowers and how to use to successfully meet one's personal and/or business goals. At Ecomm 2008 in Mountain View last year, this was my stance in every discussion I took part in.

Keep a watch on Wateen. They are cutting edge and a great example.

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Anonymous said...

Yes it was a good education to users.
With this education end users able to
achive their goals in business.
The VoIP/TDM Routes Marketplace

The VoIP/TDM Routes Marketplace