Tuesday, July 01, 2008

40 New Romanian Rate Centers on DIDX

If your provider is not a member of DIDX, make a suggestion for them to get started, so you as a consumer and/or small business owner can have access to local phone numbers from over 55 countries, giving you another great success tool for new opportunities, markets and revenues! Stay in touch better with your family, friends, suppliers, partners, customers, and remote offices by making sure you have a phone number that is local to them to dial and will ring your computer, cell phone, Internet phone or other type phone. Just send your telephone service provider to www.didx.net.

BTW, yes, it's true, DIDX.net has phone numbers available in 40 new cities in Romania. http://blogs.didx.net/2008/07/romania-didddi-in-40-new-rate-centers.html

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Anonymous said...

We are noticing how much you encourage the members od didx. Thak you suzzane.