Wednesday, March 26, 2008

NXTcomm08, the DNA for all Things Broadband (Code DIVS)

That's what people are saying, the tools inside the nucleus of broadband communications industry that carry the all-important genetic information of innovation.

Las Vegas is the location for NXTcomm08 JUne 16-19, 2008. (Two times in one year for me... I'm in LV Mar 30 - Apr 5 for CTIA Wireless!)

So why did DIDX decide to be a media sponsor for NXTcomm08?

Why? We know we will be in touch with those who have expertise in the following areas that we and our DIDX partners are interested in:

* Mobile marketing and advertising tactics
* Lifestyle devices
* Enabling technologies
* Internet video
* * Entertainment and business applications (Oh, you mean technology can actually accomplish something? ;-)
* Triple and Quadruple Play
* IPTV ... (Thanks to my friend Karen Campagna of Cisco, I'm a little educated on this now.)
* High-grade VoD
* Value-added services
* Licensing
* User generated content
* Digital Rights Management
* Content creation
* Digital Cinema
* Green products and technologies and the Green Pavilion
* Billing, fulfillment, customer support, service delivery and network management in the OSS/BSS area

A free exhibits plus pass entitles You To:
* The entire NXTcomm08 Exhibit Floor
* Every single NXTcomm08 keynote speaker
* All NXTcomm08 programming(special free conference sessions each day, that's great!)
* Each NXTcomm08 Special Interest Session
* The entire InfoComm08 exhibit floor (Cool! Two shows in one!)

The free exhibits plus pass is available through June 15, 2008 when you enter the code DIVS. ($195 after that) So please don't wait. You might as well go ahead and register yourself now at with the DIVS code.

As media sponsor, Super Technologies, Inc. shares information about the most exciting events around the world that we believe our 9000+ wholesale communications partners on DIDXchange are interested in. Members receive the information from us via event logo, events page, weekly newsletter, daily portal announcements, Facebook events, blog posts, press releases, and video and pictorial recordings during the events.

P.S. See you next week Mar 30 - Apr 5, 2008 at CTIA Wireless. We're at booth 7035 for DIDX, representing our 9000+ global wholesale partners who buy, sell and trade direct inward dialing phone numbers. CLECs, voip companies, wireless operators, and more, you're welcome to join at

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