Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Telecom Industry with a Running Problem ;-)

Michael Coffee and Alex Adams with Commetrex at VON.x Spring 2008 in San Jose. We discuss Peachtree 10K in Atlanta we should run together sometime. (Me and all my wows, gotta change that! My DIDX team tells me I say that 50 million times a day.) Maybe some scuba diving? We definitely want to organize some morning runs during telecommunications conferences for all of us telecom industry members who have a running problem. ;-) Let's start a group Telecom Runners or hmmm... got any ideas for a cool name for the group?

It would be a great way to share with each other the races we plan to participate in and to organize morning runs during conferences... Besides most of us have to sit at a desk all day on a PC, cell phone, and voip phone. We need to run!

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