Friday, March 14, 2008

Turn a Webpage into a handset: Rethink at Ecomm 2008

I'd been reading Tim Panton on the Asterisk-biz list and met him in person at Ecomm 2008. A refreshing positive communicator. Not one to dis every other poster. Really impressed with his knowledge and decided to record him describing what he's up to.

He's turning the web page into a handset, by embedding a lightweight cross browser softphone into web sites and mashing it up with the rest of the site.

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Too bad there is so much noise in the background, but Ecomm 2008 was really humming... btw,'s solution is entirely standards based.'s unique interface does not rely on Adobe Flash like many competitors, providing enhanced flexibility in deployment and simple integration with key web standards like DHTML. Worth paying very close attention to.