Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pulvermedia and Digium to Produce AstriCon Sept 23-25 Arizona

Wow, this is so cool. I remember my small seat on the Open Source Round Table at IEXPO West 2005 with Alan Percy of AudioCodes, Charles Studt of VoEX, Ron Lott of Sun Microsystems, William J. Rich of Pingtel Corp., Chris Lyman of Fonality and Mark Spencer of Digium. I had to drive the highway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles in a rental car with an automatic transmission. (My cars have always been manual.) I had just learned I'd be speaking on this panel that day and was composing my thoughts about everything over IP. When I arrived in L.A., I understood why the car wasn't moving up hills very well. The emergency brake was on all the way. Hmm... What's so cool? Check this out.

Pulvermedia has partnered with Digium to produce their annual gathering of the Asterisk Open Source Telephony community, otherwise known as AstriCon. Now in its 5th year, AstriCon 2008 will take place in Glendale, Arizona on September 23 - 25, 2008.

Some may feel a bit digitally smug and insist that paying one's employees a salary and paying your bills do not mix with open source, that it's only for geeks. What's a geek? Tell me what they look like. They look like me and you, and I being of the non-digitally smug am realistic. I want to do it all; get the payroll to the SuperTec team, pay the bills, and be a part of empowering the world with exciting communications opportunities that are possible because of open source.

If selling or buying products or services and mixing/mashing up in the exploding open source IP telephony market is part of your company´s growth strategy, you'll want to tap into and leverage the audience that will be at AstriCon.

Please visit the AstriCon 2008 web site to learn more at

Today marks the official opening of the event floor, for companies who wish to reserve space, sponsorships and event marketing opportunities. Don´t miss this limited opportunity to join us in September; space and sponsorships are in short supply so please contact Christopher E. Erb, COO of Pulvermedia Events to take active part in AstriCon 2008.

This time, I'll take the emergency brake off. See you at Astricon. DIDX will participate and build community at this gathering, for sure. We can't wait!

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