Sunday, March 09, 2008

Presidential Campaign Everything oIP Proposals Requested

Have you noticed how successfully the Obama campaign has used the internet to win votes and finances? We have a request for the same approach for a central African presidential election scheduled for 2011 when the requester's candidacy will be announced.

The particular country where the election will be ... does have internet and mobile phones. But these tools are used by the intellectual few (10 Million, 3 million active/daily).

He knows that open source technologies make what was once formidably expensive, now quite affordable, scalable and flexible. He would like to start talking to companies now so he can make his decision soon and have his network up by 2010. Please message me on Facebook with your name, company, website address, email address, and phone number, so I can introduc you to this team.

We realize that there are several members as well as those not participating in, but are well-respected in the global telecommunications over IP industry, who are capable of putting together a comprehensive, easy to use, affordable Internet package to make this a reality. Let's get you introduced to the presidential candidate's team. Alternatively email, attention: Suzanne Bowen re: Presidential Campaign Internet Solution Request.

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