Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wholesale Issue Regarding End-User Details

We sleep, wake up, leave our bed, get ready for work and use some transportation to work (walk, bike, motorcycle, drive car, take bus...). We do this even though we know there is a chance that we can come into contact with danger and get hurt or even killed. We take chances every second of our lives. I'm talking about you and me.

In my daily work with Super Technologies, Inc. we work with thousands of wholesale telephony companies from many parts of the earth. They in turn serve millions of end-users from their local area and around the globe.

Take for example. Several hundred sell direct inward dialing to make up the 17 million phone numbers from 55 countries available for sale on DIDX to the 10,000 or so who buy. The seller also has wholesale customers it sells directly to outside of DIDX.

My question is... does the wholesale direct inward dialing phone number seller require its wholesale telephony company buyers to give them complete end-user information for every end-user it resells to? No. Of course not.

If there is a problem regarding possible criminal use of the phone number by an end-user who is the customer of the wholesale DID buyer who is a customer of the wholesale DID seller...

The wholesale DID buyer will gather the information responding to any subpoena or similar government request for its vendor the wholesale DID seller.

What I am saying here are a few things:
1. A tiny tiny percentage of end-users use phone number in a criminal manner, but that doesn't mean we quit selling phone numbers. A tiny tiny percentage of the food I eat makes me sick, but that doesn't mean I quit eating food.

2. If there is evidence that shows a phone number may be used in a criminal manner, authorities normally send a subpoena requiring contact information and sometimes CDR, etc. of the end-user.

Super Technologies, Inc. does have a potential abuse reporting process listed at We have automated the ability to upload the subpoena or government inquiry via the DIDX dashboard of each wholesale telephony member.

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