Wednesday, August 06, 2008

SmartBooth™ Tool with NXTcomm08, very effective

Bdmetrics provided the SmartBooth™ in the myNXTcomm portals very effectively. I finally got the chance to view the statistics and to make further contacts with current clients and customers as well as those showing potential interest. It's been madly busy with friends in need and business of DIDX and Supertec.

These companies used the SmartBooth™ tool like I did. I like it. NXTcomm08's goal was to increase the number of quality leads that NXTcomm08 yields and help turn those leads into sales. (The other thing I liked about NXTcomm08 is that they stayed in touch with us DIDXchange as their media sponsor beginning one year before the June 2008 conference and are still in touch. They treat their sponsors whether media or other with respect and appreciation. Another conference that does a great job at this is ITEXPO.)

Click on the Performance Statistics and see:
1. Number of targeted attendees my company reached through SmartBooth: 1,865

2. Number of attendees who included my company on their Event Plans through SmartBooth: 1,592

3. Number of attendees that viewed my company's products and services online through SmartBooth: 1,401

We're flattered, but even more important are excited about collaborating with partipants of NXTcomm08 in together moving our and their businesses forward to ... in the end... make more global end-users happier than ever!

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