Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bionic Arms, Ministry of IT/Telecom and IPTV in Pakistan?

At 1:48 AM CST on Aug, 16, 2008, I am revising the post below with this update... i mixed up NUST project of prosthetic upper limb exhibited at ITCN Asia 2008 in August 2008, with that of the bionic hand presented by students of SSUET a year ago. The bionic hand was actually designed for limb amputees and did not require an actual hand to imitate. It in fact was an attachment for people who have lost their hands. The video I created this past week of the prosthetic upper limb by NUST students was created using either my mobile or my business partner's mobile in hall 3 of the ITCN expo center. I am trying to locate that video.

At 1 AM CST on Aug 16, 2008, I added this post.
Not everyone can take time to leave their office to travel the world and learn from others face to face. I'm taking my office with me in the form of my Nokia e61i with its versatile GSM network and capability of using Shozu, Facebook, Youtube, Blogger, Gizmo5, Google Search, Email, and more through the EMEA region. I'm visiting with friends and customers and making new ones of each, too. I'm learning some French, Urdu and Japanese while I'm at it.

One stop is Karachi, Pakistan at ITCN Asia 2008. Let me share with you several of my discoveries... examples: bionic arms, an interview with the secretary of the ministry of information technology and telecommunications of Pakistan, and a presentation by the CEO of PTCL who is rolling out Pakistan's first IPTV service this past week . Please read and watch videos at my TMCNET blog.

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