Friday, October 19, 2007

Muslims Jews Christians Atheists Buddhists Collaborating?

Copied directly from refreshment for souls tired of people using religion as a front for committing crimes against each other...

"Please Tell Us An Interfaith Success Story!
It started as a joke yesterday - but like most jokes it has a ring of truth.

I received a volunteer award from the YMCA - so I was telling my kids.

The Young Mens CHRISTIAN Association gave an award to an Orthodox Jew for teaching a course to a class of mostly Moslem students.

While teaching at the Y - I read a community paper for the Moslem community, articles included families, making a living, dealing with secular influences, extremists, the wider communities opinions . Anybody who has read a community paper recognizes these articles. Change in a word or two and the articles could have appeared in the Jewish Community paper.

Today's newspaper had an article about a fellow at U of T wanting a Halel food for Moslem students. While U of T created a restaurant that served Halel certified food - it also served Alcohol in the same location. The fellow made the point that kosher restaurants serve kosher and Alcohol; it would serve both groups.

LinkedIn has people from many different countries. Many of these countries are at war or significantly distrust each other. I bet that there are people within these countries that are connected - and others trying to find ways to connect.

There are many more stories of people of deep religious convictions finding common ground.

Please share your stories here.

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