Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Comments by Jeremy McNamara about DIDX

Jeremy McNamara is a highly respected member of the global Asterisk business community. In fact, I remember him being highly praised at the 2005 Astricon in Garden Grove, CA. I was proud to meet him.

He has posted his opinion concerning DIDX's being chosen for the Digium Innovation Award for service providers 2007. I've responded on his blog and will also copy my comment here.

Dear Jeremy,
We should not have announced the award early. We should have left that to Digium itself and we apologize for doing so. It was just so exciting!!! We don’t abuse those who use DIDX.net. We do our best to serve them with their needs to buy and/or sell DID. Some time in 2005, I believe, we bought a few DID from your company and resold them to our consumer and small business customers on www.virtualphoneline.com via our servers in Houston and Tokyo. We did not sell them to DIDX members. We routed them only through DIDX to our own Virtualphoneline consumer platform not for sale to other DIDX members.You accused us of selling to them to DIDX members and refused to see the facts.

We pay a total of 100’s of thousands of dollars to those DIDX members who sell DID on DIDX now. In turn those DID that are sold are made available for sale to the DIDX members. The members include governments, CLECs, wireless operators, business consultants, social community portal providers, and other entrepreneurial and/or nonprofit organizations. We are a business helping other businesses, paying salaries for 30 or so very hard working employees, and doing our best to promote DIDX.

We already settled the mistake we made with you Jeremy McNamara in 2005 and 2006. Jeremy, please don’t do this. We never speak bad of you nor of anyone. We just would never do that. It doesn't make you look good.

Suzanne Bowen
Vice President, Super Technologies, Inc. and DIDXchange


Anonymous said...

For the record, the last time I informed Mr. Allawalla to remove NuFone numbers was in very late 2006. -Jeremy

suzanne.supertec.com said...

Thank you, Jeremy, for not posting anonymously, for including your name. I apologize for entering the wrong date for when we removed your DID from DIDX. You did not accept my comment on your blog. I am happy to keep yours on mine. And again, there are 1000's of happy users of DIDX, both for profit and non-profit, both government and private. I wish you had not posted such as rude commentary about DIDX. Again, we would never talk like this about you. We are not as bad as you say. We do a lot of good. And most people know this. :(

suzanne.supertec.com said...

I just checked. To be exact, it was May 8, 2006, we removed Jeremy McNamara's from the for sale pool of DID on DIDX. We do not talk bad about Jeremy and never will. We are really busy working hard taking care of the ITSPs we assist now on DIDX.

Inthegardensources said...

Jeremy sounds like he may really be hanging on to a thread with his own company to post the blog he's chosen.

M Cooper said...

I am posting this to clear up the slander against DIDx. Our company has been very satisfied with the offerings of this very solid and capable organization. DIDx offers a quality service that enables VoIP businesses to prosper from the ability to provision customers from all over the world. The online process works well and the customer support is first rate. We would advise any forward thinking company to sign up and test the service for themselves. We are happy to recommend DIDx them based on our experiences. The negative statement regarding their well deserved commendation is seriously misplaced. They are very well connected in the VoIP world and have earned their kudos. Let the facts speak for themselves. Good luck DIDx.

Daniel Reyes said...

Jeremy McNamara is manipulating this issue. He just censored my comment from his blog. How can you beleive in a person that thinks his opinion is the only truth?. My comment in favor of DIDx has been erased. And I was just stating fact, I never insulted him or something. My comment was:

"In my opinion DIDx is a very reliable company. It is a fact that sometimes in their web page DID's from my company (MCM Telecom) have been sold without being sold directly from us to them. But everytime it is because one of MCM's customer bought DID's from us and then resell them to DIDx. That is perfectly legal and we have no problem with that. DIDx is a great company to do business, and also a good networking source to exchange leads in the telecom industry. They don't charge for that. They think that if you win, sooner or later they'll win too. Do they deserve a price?. Of course they do. Their business modewl deserves a price itself. Technically, the service works with no problem (we have been working with them since the beggining of the year)"

So maybe I exposed McNamara. I may imagine that some of the DID's in DIDx they are complaining about are DID's sold to McNamara's customers that resell them to DIDx. If that happends, DIDx don't have control over it and can be blamed for that. McNamara should specify to his customers that they can't resell the DID sold by his company. I'm not sure, but I think this is why he erased my comment. This guy has something personal with DIDx and is not being objetive in his apreciation.

- said...

To DIDX defense, we have found them very responsive to our needs, well priced and a good service for our company... pre-paid SIM cards.

I think that blogs must work both ways... you can criticize, but you should also present opposing views...that's the reason I am responding here.

didx saved us from Pacwest said...

I never heard of Jeremy McNamara. I have heard of Rehan Ahmed, Suzanne Bowen and Jeff Pulver who are mentioned in Jeremy's blog post and the resulting comments. Those 3 are known for their kindess to others and out of the box thinking. My first impression of Jeremy is petty, grabbing at straws, jealous. Its clear in every word of his blog starting with the OMG WTF. DIDX is no doubt one of the most innovative and effective tools in the telephony field. Everyone is talking about it. They alpa'd way back in 2001 with a few companies. I remember them at Internet World 2001 talking about it. At that time I laughed and thought "They crazy." My final comment is they saved the day for me this year and a few other clecs and itsps I know when didx ported a total of around 5000 DIDs for us to other carriers after Pacwest, Sunrocket and Molten went kaput. The company is solid since 1999 when they started up. They got my confidence.

Anonymous said...

Didx could of ported dids from sunrocket???????? Why didn't someone tell me? Sunrocket shoulda worked a deal with didx stead of 8x8

Rehan Allahwala said...

I have read above, and would like to give out my side of the picture on this page.

I would like to publicly apologize to JJ for anything wrong that I may have done that did not comply 100% to his company's service policy.

I Personally would like to comment that he is a Great Guy, and before DIDX was actually born, Supertec.com ported some numbers to his company, for it's own usage.

The service offered by him was great, the portal was great, and till date I recommend people to use his company if they need a great toll free rate, as still I have not seen anything out there competing with his rates.

JJ also helped me learn asterisk, not as a teacher but as a service provider , by giving the best support he could have for my 20 numbers.

On other comments,

DIDX does offers Porting for US and Canada numbers, if a number goes down for any reason. But in other countries where LNP Is not yet possible, we can not do it, We are also in process of AUTOMATING the LNP process so that more small service providers can use it ( www.numberporting.net)

We offer it as a service to the customer, and not force any one to take it by force.

Some numbers are for as low as 50 cent per month flat, it may not be wanted by the user to be ported to a 3.99$ a month service provider which we offer from Verizon and Global Crossing.

DIDX It is a mixed model of Exchange and Selling model, Users who are buying need to research and then purchase what they are buying.

Buying from a low rating provider may result in service outage by that vendor, but dis reputing DIDX because of them is not fair.

DIDX is a small privately funded company, And the revenue of Supertec.com has been extremely low and the only well funded item we had was our hard work, dedication and long low paying hours for many years.

DIDX It is a service which was born as a need for collaboration between our own services and other service providers, and has never seen itself as competition to any service provider, but always seen it self as a service that allow's the service provider to grow it self in a market where there is huge potential to grow.

A extremely well funded company that I know Paypal has probably the most un-happy customers in the world, but that does not mean that it is a very bad service, it was and Is still needed to drive the e-economy and the difficult screening processes that Paypal have are to protect the majority of the customers and it's business model.

Similarly DIDX may have a few un-happy customers, have had many bumps and service issues, which have forced us to create new processes, and now it is a very stable service, provided that you buy from a good rating vendor.

Entertaining 8500 Telecom Companies trading thousands of numbers a day was NEVER anticipated by DIDx also. I I thought that if we get 50 to partner with us, it would be great.

It was also started as a .ORG because we wanted people to work together, yet , most did not, and I had to make it into a business.

@ Supertec we try to keep Majority Happy, and we will keep on doing that, We just cant make everyone happy, I think many complain to god also before going to bed every night.

I encourage YOU to try DIDX.net yourself , and Signup for a Free account, get 2 numbers at no charge from us to test the service quality, and by your self the best judge.

Rehan Allahwala